Belligerent With Beardson: CPAC Your Bags, Richard Spencer

My notes:

1.) Beardson is an emerging brand. He’s learned something from PJW and Cernovich. Very smart. We need to take what they are doing and adapt it for our own purposes.

2.) Richard Spencer was banned from CPAC because four governors were speaking and the press was more interested in interviewing Spencer than covering their boilerplate.

3.) Paul Joseph Watson: Conservatives R Real Homophobes.

4.) Conservatives: Dems R Real Racists.

5.) Richard Spencer 1, CPAC 0.

6.) Depeche Mode is the official band of the Alt-Right. WTF man? It is the Beach Boys.

Note: The Daily Stormer dedicated Fashwave Friday to Depeche Mode.

7.) Beardson challenges Richard Spencer to a debate on Beach Boys vs. Depeche Mode.

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  1. California and parts of America before the Mestizo invasion.

    I remember listening to these songs while drag racing up and down the boulevards in my GTO, picking up girls, going to drive-in movies, meeting at local hamburger joints, awesome smell of Zippo lighters and packs of Lucky’s rolled up in shirt sleeves of a muscle shirt, side burns and duck tails before they went out of style.

    We sere silly, would fight but not kill each other and were more naive and innocent compared to kIds today.

      • Always think of this scene of what the globalists did to flyover country when they play the Beach Boys. Towns wrecked from stealing our jobs and turning the blacks loose to be blacks.

        • Michael Moore has not aged very well but he has always been a talented filmmaker. My rule of thumb is that anybody hated by basic bitch cons is worth looking into.

    • I was the younger brother of your generation, and I missed out on all the cool stuff you did: because by the time I was a teenager, it was all leather moccasins and bellbottoms and long hair and hippies… blah!


  2. Neither DM nor the Beach Boys, but White Zombie.

    Rob Zombie covering Blitzkrieg Bop is indisputably the song of the Alt-Right.

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