Tom Perez Elected DNC Chairman

This is the new face of the Democratic Party.

Tom Perez, right, was elected DNC Chairman yesterday afternoon. He defeated Keith Ellison, left, an Afro-Muslim identitarian who he chose to be Deputy DNC Chairman:

“Former Labor Secretary Thomas Perez—the candidate backed by the Democratic Party’s establishment—was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee on Sunday, as its members chose a close ally of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to lead the out-of-power party in the era of Donald Trump.

Perez defeated Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the favorite of many progressives, and a collection of lesser-known candidates in a vote of the 435 committee members who participated in the balloting in Atlanta. Perez won on the second ballot after coming a single vote shy of capturing the simple majority needed in the first round of balloting. The final two-way vote was 235-200. In a bid to head off a revolt from Ellison backers, Perez immediately moved to name his rival as deputy chairman, which the party members ratified by acclamation. …”

These two are charged with the task and winning back the rural White working class voters in the Rust Belt who defected from the Obama coalition to President Trump.

Tom Perez made the rounds on the Sunday shows this morning:

Perez’s plan is to rebuild the Democratic Party by appealing to its “values” which have alienated and driven off White Democrats across the Heartland for decades now. Needless to say, I don’t see it happening. The Democrats suffered huge loses under Barack Obama and he had a sort of cornpone Midwestern charisma going for him that is utterly absent in Perez and Ellison.

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  1. Almost as good as Ellison winning the chairmanship. The hispanic negro won, the muslim negro came in second and is now vice-chairman.

    This is going to be fun.

    • The Vice Chair is only a consolation prize and Ellison and his BLM supporters who were used to being put into the drivers seat with great deference by simpering White liberals like Sally Boynton Brown know it. Look at how sullen Ellis looks. He is livid and it shows.

      The contest was so close that it could have easily gone the other way which makes me curious as to why Ellison wasn’t allowed to win and Perez wasn’t given the Deputy Chair. Obama and then Clinton were pushing the whole Black Lives Matter meme to the wall and doubling and even tripling down when It was clear that even the more progressive Whites in their party were looking pained and rolling their eyes.

      In any case, Ellis losing to Perez is very significant. By purging the Whites from either of the positions, it does not look like the Democrats are serious about wooing back the Working Class Whites who defected to the Republicans. Indeed, they are merely furious with them and only want revenge. So they have handed it off to the biggest Non-White demographic there is and it looks like that demographic is not as small as TPTB would like us all to believe. This election of Perez over Ellison seems to indicate who the New People are that the Democrats are electing and it ain’t anyone whose Black Life Matters.

      To show solidarity against White racists, Blacks often marched with Hispanics carrying “Make America Mexico Again” and joined them in taunting Whites with their own demographic replacement. I guess they should have visited Mexico and studied its caste system to determine which group would end up at the bottom and the last in any line for any goodies. I wonder if Ellison is beginning to see the handwriting on the wall?

      • You do understand that Perez is also a negro?

        Yes, perez is significant, but it’s significant from the fact that Perez is a Obama man. That means Obama has his hand in the direction of the Democrat Party.

  2. Perez looks to be what Steve Sailer terms a “Conquistador-American”, i.e. a more-or-less entirely white hispanic.

  3. “Perez defeated Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the favorite of many progressives.”

    Oh Hell, now they’ve going to blame it on Tennessee, or Alabama, or North Dakota.

  4. I’m glad to see the democrats are pushing their anti White, anti American agenda further and further to the left, something that will marginalize them to the point of becoming nothing more than the party of coastal urban elites and welfare leeches.

    • Most certainly a converso. Funny that just like the top dogs in the Turkish secular leadership were from a sub cult of Islam related to the expelled from Spain

  5. The new face is still Hillary’s faction.
    They are now cucked – Democucks?
    This will insure that they keep the money spigot from Soros, Wall Street, and the Technorati billionaires open, as well as the panic-ed letters “Trump is about to send LGBTQs to concentration camps” letters from the DNC, but will be as effective as the Bushes and the rest of the cuckservative, Inc. group has been.

    You will likely see the “Feel the Bern the city to the ground” faction turn against them as heretics are considered more evil than pagans.

    As to Ellison as deputy, this is as silly as a Jeb! – Trump ticket.

  6. LOL, time for everybody to break out a huge bag of popcorn, watch the freak show and enjoy.

    This is where DATGOY, the Dark And Terrible God Of iron-Y (H/T to Compulsory Diversity News) strikes again in so many ways it’s funny as all get out.

    The vote between Perez and Ellison should have been close, but with Ellison being backed by Bernie Sanders and Perez being backed by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Perez should have won decisively. IOW, Ellison should have made a respectable showing, but lost and quietly gone back to Congress. But the vote was such a squeaker that there was a couple of times that the Perez Team thought that Ellison would win.

    What was really a delicious irony was that even though they were deposed, it was still the Whites who had to cast a deciding vote (and that was probably why Perez, figuring the Whites made up the establishment, would go with him as the establishment candidate). But then the vote degenerated into Team “La Raza” Perez and Team “Black Lives Matter” Ellison lobbying the Whites for votes, with the latter thinking he had the majority of them in the bag.

    I use the term “lobbying” very loosely. If history is any indication both sides probably proceeded to Mau Mau the Whites for votes no doubt indicating major retaliation and dire repercussions if they voted for the other side. So basically, a lot of Whites like, most notably, Sally “My Job is to Tell Whites To Shut Up and Listen” Boynton abstained from voting for either side until they saw what everyone else did. And then most of the holdouts voted for Perez.

    Contrary to the lip-service they are paying to their alienated working class White voters, Democrats still fervently believe that Demography is Destiny (which is why they feverishly worked to change their country’s demographics to one that would always vote Democrat). The White population’s demographic percentage (but not numbers) shrunk a lot in 2010. The Black percentage saw slight shrinkage, but the Hispanic/Latino percentage increased about twenty-five percent from 2000. Methinks that number was reflected in the number of Hispanic/Latinos who showed up to make sure they were represented in divvying up the spoils left by the ouster of the Whites.

    However, Perez’s vote was so underwhelming that it made his victory quite the squeaker. Look at how livid Ellison (and no doubt his supporters) are. Faced with PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) 2017, Perez could not pick his own henchman as Deputy Chair. He had no choice but to pick Ellison, but if you look at how sullenly the smoldering Ellison is sulking, the DNC may be too busy putting out the fires of an internecine Black Lives Matter versus La Raza race war. We have the respective heads of two warring Non-White racial factions charged with the responsibility of wooing back the working White voters who defected to Trump if the Democrats hope to get back into power much less hold on to any national power they have.

    The Anti-White bias is so strong with the Democrats that any moderate and/or Heartland Democrats that are not purged will be so alienated that they will walk away. That will only leave the Goodwhites who feel guilty about all kinds of stuff and are too timid to pull the trigger and support one side lest it mortally offend the other.

    In a fit of pique, the petty Democrats decided to get vindictive over their working class White constituents voting Republican. So now they seek to punish any Whites they could by purging them from any and all positions of leadership they held or may yet hope to hold in the DNC. Yet White Liberals were the leadership who would ignore their own group’s racial interest in deference to everyone else. The Whites were the only hope of easily unifying the so-called Democrats of Color even if it was against the other Whites in the Republican Party.

    DATGOY strikes again!

  7. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I expect the Negroid Muslim may have been better because like Obama it PROVES OUR POINT

  8. Ellison’s expression is priceless! He was so sure he got the DNC Chair nailed down what with the White Guilt Vote probably siding with the Black Lives Matter Contingent. I guess the La Raza Contingent swamped them both.

    What’s wrong, Keith? Weren’t you all on board with “Make America Mexico Again?” Are you seeing the handwriting on the wall? Are you getting “woke” to just what “Make America Mexico Again” means for people like you? Are you beginning to feel like a Useful Idiot yet? Enquiring Minds want to know.

  9. The Democrat Party is the non- White, anti-White party. Any Whites who stay in that party that hates their guts is nuts.

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