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  1. Malmo has a very beautiful waterfront and an old town center. It’s the burbs that are shit.

    • Does that mean that everything is okie dokie as long as one is upwind of the burbs of Malmo? A little leaven, leavenith the whole loaf.

      • TBH it’s nothing as decisive as France. The place is going to blow up. They have a political mechanism (run off) that is designed to thwart nationists. If Le Pen wins somehow it’s a miracle if she loses the possibility of a right wing revolt becomes real.


        • Wouldn’t it be poetic if France had a right wing revolution and, this time around, unleashed Nationalist ideas on Europe?

    • Much like American cities, if you can charge extra for the view/ambience you can lure a monied class to your area. The dregs then are forced to the shitzville areas of your towns and endevour to continue its rot. Some countries do the dregs to the max!

    • Hmm….scary stuff. Why aren’t the Lefturds in the West pushing for sanctions against South Africa just like there were during the Apartheid era? Again there’s appalling hypocrisy favoring the non whites which many of us are getting pretty damn sick of.
      Many of these whites should have seen the writing on the wall when Apartheid collapsed and just got out of there. Black majority and black rule…how did they think it was going to end up?
      Some advice- relocate to Australia,North America or Europe while you still can and let the blacks fend for themselves.
      White lives matter.

        • Exactly. We’re making two fatal mistakes :- not breeding, and allowing invasion of our space. It can only end in tears.
          In the next ten years we’ll be approaching a fork in the road we’re we’ll need to choose between rising up for our survival or collapsing in a devided heap. The former involves standing up, standing together articulating our positions properly and demanding government that serves the people, not the third world.
          Of course there’s much more but that is a start.
          Instead of having our backs, current Western leaders are just spinless and its no longer good enough.

      • “While you still can”.

        You can’t. That’s the reality for most White South Africans. Those who could (including me), did. It takes luck, connections, qualifications, money. If you’re a tradesman over age 50, with dependent parents and a mortgage, you’re stuffed. Nobody wants racist White South Africans, and yes, it sucks to be you, but you deserve it because Apartheid.

  2. Off topic, but related- DNC elects a latino as Chair of the Party who then nominates a Black muslim as “Deputy Chair” shortly after his victory. Perez offered the newly created position of “deputy chair” to Ellison, which Ellison accepted.

    Pretty soon liberal whites are going to figure out that they’re the minority in their own Party. This will cause a racial awakening in significant numbers.


    • Let the Jews and darkies drive out remaining moderate and blue collar Whites. Will the White leftist retards ever figure out that they aren’t welcomed either? Oh well, no matter.

      • The UnWhite Leftards are brain-and-soul-damaged beyond repair. They will apologize for Dat White Debbil Priv-ledge even as the Orcs are devouring them.

    • Not quite how it works – as I have 30 years experience in University Lib, mixed race, undocumented sanctuary places in New York and Chicago.

      As long as everyone including Jewish Leftist women like the last DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz have some area that’s theres, the Lib Left still makes White males, Conservatives the enemy only they are somewhere else – even if it’s on another continent. Usually it’s just the suburbs so their causes to make equal spending in inner city public schools and the wealthiest still mostly White suburbs.

      The various identities in the Left don’t turn on each other at the top unless there is some cataclysmic event like Al Sharpton leading Black mobs to “Kill the Jews” in the Crown Heights Brooklyn pogrom of the early 1990s.

  3. About “Diversity” that scam is meant to demoralize whites (obviously) and if diversity is applied to non-whites they too will react in a negative fashion and then this country will be Yugoslavia to the tenth power.

    Doubt me then ask a colored to celebrate diversity of the “other”, few of them can even fathom the need to play the game, most will become angry as they rightfully think you are negating their identity.

    In short, asking the coloreds to celebrate diversity is big time poisoning the discourse.

  4. The triumph of Trump has enraged the never trumps and magnified the lefts’ hate for traditional Americans. The leftist libs in all of their manifestations are coming after the Trumpians in a death match whether we want it or not.

  5. Unfortunately, I think the Tim Pool Malmo investigation conclusions will be less damning than we would hope for. Of all the journalists in the world why the fuck to PJW send one from Chicago? PJW could send him to Raqqa or Mogadishu and Pool would report “I was expecting much worse”.

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