The False Narrative: Her Name Was Jessica Lynn Mills

So this happened last night in Houston:

“When a gray Jeep slammed into Edward Scott’s white Ford Explorer and sped off Monday night, the Houston man did what some other frustrated drivers would do in a similar situation: He gave chase.

Scott was in the car with his 29-year-old wife, Jessica Lynn Mills, and the couple’s two young daughters. He told CBS affiliate KHOU that he’d known his wife since middle school and that they’d been together for the past decade. He described her as his “best friend” and “soul mate.” …

Scott told KHOU that he followed the Jeep into a strip mall parking lot in an attempt to get a license plate and trade phone numbers with the driver.

It would turn out to be a fateful decision, one that will forever alter Scott’s family.

Once inside the parking lot, Scott pulled his vehicle “alongside the Jeep and told the driver he was going to call police,” according to a statement released by Houston police. …

“The Jeep’s driver then produced a handgun and fired more than once, striking Ms. Mills,” the statement added. “He then fled the scene.”

Police said Mills, who was struck in the back, was treated by paramedics and driven to a hospital, where she died minutes later. …

Police described the two suspects involved in the shooting as black males, between 16 and 20 years old. …”

Jessica Lynn Mills was murdered in front of her two children – an infant less than 6 months old and a 3-year-old – who were themselves nearly killed in the incident.

Note: The SPLC has condemned the CofCC for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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  1. When will it be recognized that the initial fender-bender is a purposeful provocation and these are premeditated hate murders.

  2. Shouldn’t have pulled up beside him. Get the license plate number and call the police. Deport the Jews, the Africans and the Mexicans. The Pedros are now going so far as to say it’s there country not ours.

    • I agree that pulling up beside them with a wife and two small children was a mistake.The license plate is on the rear of the car. Get the number and make the call. I am not saying he deserved to have his wife shot but that was a tactical error.

      And all these animals need to be culled.

      • Surely you can’t insinuate that I mean this,”…he deserved to have his wife shot…”, bit just to make it clear I’m not in ANY way saying he should have had his wife shot for misjudging the situation. I’m merely pointing out that none of us should do the same. The ,”no one would do this”, is incorrect because he did.

        • I was in no way insinuating that. I understood your point and was elaborating on it a bit.

  3. Another victim of racial diversity. Only a civil war and total cleanup of the system will cure this. Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Asians and Mexicans don’t belong in white nations and are dragging them down to their ( third world) level. Political deviants who allowed this to happen did not foresee the long term problems their short sighted policies would create. Weren’t the Jim Crow laws in place to prevent this type of behavior? 60 years ago they knew they’re place… and its where they should still be.

  4. Poor judgement. He foolishly put his family in grave danger.
    Part of being a responsible parent is recognizing the potential for danger involving your loved ones. Risk vs. reward principle.

      • Come to one of Hunter’s events in Alabama or Mississippi. Chances are good that I’ll be there. You can even try calling me a derogatory name like “fag” in person, though it will be admittedly harder in person than online with my boot on your windpipe.

  5. Shouldn’t have gone to Subway anyway, they just found out it’s the worst by far of the whole industry in serving fake “mystery meat.” Their chicken isn’t chicken, it’s half soy fillers.

  6. Sounds like a nigger atrocity story that could have been avoided had he used better judgement.

  7. “Jessica Lynn Mills was murdered in front of her two children – an infant less than 6 months old and a 3-year-old – who were themselves nearly killed in the incident.” Meanwhile crackers do the same fucking thing and are ignored.

  8. The lesson is harsh. If you’re not armed, with a firearm in your hand ready to bring into action is less than two seconds, you are WRONG in that situation.

    That the victim brought his wife with him into that danger is reprehensible.

    I don’t have half as much sympathy for the victim I’d have if he’d been responsible.

  9. Do you think the dad was racist?

    Do you think the mother encouraged or discouraged him from pulling up next to them?

    Also, I’d just like to point out some of the vibe I’m getting IRL. I was at a gun shop a few weeks ago. A yamulke wearing 50ish customer was in there buying an automatic pistol. He looked like their accountant though.

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    I’ve never seen em around these outlets before and I think the shop owners were not too keen to see them.

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