Live Thread: 2017 Joint Address

After causing a major scare over “comprehensive immigration reform” this afternoon, President Trump seemed to back away from the idea in his address to the nation tonight:

Here’s the whole speech:

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  1. Once or twice during the presidential campaign, as I recall, there was this sort of thing, i.e., a vague report that Trump was to make a public statement that would trouble his supporters.

    • I remember those as well, and they always turned out to be fluff. I’m still nervous, though. But he of all people knows not to cave in to the opposition when cutting a deal.

    • What if he was just waiting to get in before the full reveal?

      What would have happened in the election had he moved towards Amnesty?

      • That’s possible, Afterthought. At the moment, all that can be said, I guess, is “We shall see,” as Mr. Wallace has said in the present blog entry.

  2. At least Bush waited till September to do 9/11, Trump is/could be betraying us and the golden toilet in Trump Tower is still warm!

  3. Cable news network contemplate the state of duh union. Local regular programming station a circus zoo gyration.

  4. Trump may scold congress resulting in 2 options. Congress submits to Trump or congress bucks him which will be the beginning of a Nationalist/Populist split with the 2 parties.

    Or he could cuckout.

    • One and or both of the parties, Mr. Saint, are notlikely going to survive the Trump Administration…

  5. He’s already strengthened ICE and made it easier for law enforcement to detain and deport illegals which is happening.

    He might soften his stance because all the Demonrats and a good portion of the GOPe are begging for some sort of amnesty.

    He needs McTurtle and Lyin’ Ryan to help him with his agenda.

    Both have been slow as molasses in getting his appointments confirmed and implementing his proposals.

    If he tosses them a few bones it wouldn’t surprise me but being a wheeler dealer he probably has a few aces up his sleeve… I hope.

    • Trump, and even the Republicans have to realize that amnesty is electoral death. You just can’t go there. Tom Cotton knows it, he’s trying to cut levels in half and stop chain migration.

  6. An irrational wave of anger is a great demonstration reaction to any hint of betrayal and Amnesty. Make it crystal clear what the consequences will be. Even if it is fake news.

  7. Remember that despite the polarity in the country and culture, the government is not polarized.

    The GOP has both Houses, the Executive, and is poised to reshape the Judiciary. The GOP dominates at the State level as well.

    Where is the payback to the voters, the base?

      • It always is, Miss Denise; and what’s troubling about it is that cynicks often laud themselves for their faithlessness, by a selective accumulation of facts.

        My uncle was a world famous scientist who had the temerity to tell me ; don’t trust scientifick reports, because they are not objective.

        When I askt how that was, he answered : ‘Junius, the study compiler chooses what questions will be askt, to whom to ask, and then, once the information is compiled, he adjusts it to support the conclusions he had before the study began.’

        • Alright, M’am- you call him a ‘crypto’.

          For me he is a Northern bozo.

          If the speaker makes one more remark about our great flag, I may blow my very civil stack…

          • I agree, but, for now, he seems very much installed.

            That said, even if he went, Miss Denise, what would be the point?

            The speakers previous were as godawful, and worse, as Ryan – not as people mind you, but, a politicians.

            The JewEngland Government system produces some very scary people.

  8. I hope not, Bannon and Miller have to be advising him against “comprehensive immigration reform” maybe he thinks he’ll throw the left a bone for the 750,000 DACA kids, but the left will take that as weakness, he’ll give them that and get and even more obstruction from them. I say phase II of the illegal alien crackdown should be going after those that are a public charge. Find out who owes on all these unpaid hospital bills, check their status, and if a wetback, toss them out ASAP.

  9. Wow, you should have seen Mitch McConnells pale face as Trump wants to end unskilled immigration.

  10. Uh oh, he believes in that Devos’ voucher non-sense. Community Organizers will be sure to organize all the Laqueshas into signing up all her little bastards for vouchers to all the Parochial Schools the left wants to defile. School Choice will bite conservatives on the ass.

  11. No betrayal. But our reaction was appropriate to even the hint of one. There can be no ambiguity.

  12. Every-one- call the Demons that walked out. Call their offices, and tell them that America saw them for the TRASH they are.

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    College educated GOP White women love that stuff.

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  14. Can Joe Manchin, Senator of West Virginia, be persuaded to switch parties? An extra vote would defang McCain some.

  15. Tucker Carlson on Fox News commenting on the Democrats’ response: “They found the only person in Kentucky who didn’t vote for Donald Trump.”

  16. In a shocking move, Democrats opt for a White Southerner to deliver their response to president Trump.

    That said, Governor Bevins is either a scalawag and a half, or just plain deaf to his own words; this because much of the polite barbs he aimed at our man was double or triply applicable to President Obama.

          • Oh, I see, M’am.

            And yes, he was, despite the fact he sent me the right aural and visual signals, spiritually wretched.

            Scalawags are scary, aren’t they? – including those sitting behind him.

          • It’s quite a dilemma for me, Miss Denise, because Jesus Chryst is my Lord & Savior.

            Yet, you have absolutely no idea how similarly I feel to you – perhaps, even, BEYOND you.

            That said, in recent years I have come to realize that you and I are far from being lonely, on this score.

  17. Amnesty cave?

    How many times has the ‘fake news’ reported that Trump was going to say/do this or that and it doesn’t happen?

  18. If Trump will just build the wall we’ve got what we need. When he is gone and this nation splits apart that wall becomes the South’s wall…

  19. That afternoon rumor about “compromise” and “reform” turned out to be the mother of all head fakes! Beautiful!

    Hopefully, this signals Trump is taking back the word “reform” to mean something worthy of the term!

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