Civic Nationalism Is For Whites Only

I didn’t care for “New Trump.”

I see that I wasn’t alone either. We spent several hours yesterday evening angrily reacting to the news that President Trump was open to “comprehensive immigration reform.” There wasn’t anything about that in the Joint Address, but he broached the subject of an immigration deal.

At the outset of the speech, President Trump condemned “hate,” mentioned Black History Month and addressed the news that threatening calls had been made to Jewish community centers. There was an overwhelming negative reaction to this in my Twitter feed. The President has never once addressed the problems of the White community, but we are supposed to believe that Jews getting a few crank calls are a national crisis worthy of being included at the top of the State of the Union address.

It was a classic example of Jewish privilege. They have so much disproportionate power and influence in the media that their interests and concerns are routinely pushed to the forefront of the national agenda. It has been going on for so long now we don’t even notice it anymore. President Obama had nothing to say when OUR graves and monuments were being vandalized in the summer of 2015. He even went to Charleston to lend his support to those who were doing it. He never showed any concern for the White community. Why is President Trump celebrating Black History Month? Why is he signing executive orders to shower HBCUs with billion of dollars? If we are all going to be “one nation” because we “bleed the same blood,” why are Jews and blacks allowed to carve out their own big fat exceptions?

We’re also tired of hearing about the victimized blacks in Chicago. Why don’t they stop shooting each other? Why don’t they stop hating police officers? If they are so miserable and forgotten, why don’t they vote out their leaders? No one is stopping them from doing this. Instead, we are reminded again and again about the violence in Chicago, but not a word was said about the blacks who tortured the White kid in Chicago while thousands of other black people watched it on Facebook Live. We’re so politically correct that we can’t talk about these people in any other way but as “victims” when in reality they are victimizers who have made Chicago less safe than Afghanistan.

The worst line in the Joint Address was “education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” It has been 67 years since the Brown decision and racial gaps haven’t disappeared in integrated public schools. We have squandered countless billions of dollars on the futile effort to close racial gaps. By the 1960s, only the South had racially segregated public schools. Integration is much older in other parts of the United States where the racial gaps have persisted for an even longer period of time. To my knowledge, no country anywhere in the world has succeeded in closing the racial gap in test scores. And yet, the sole purpose of our education policy remains our national mission folly to elevate blacks.

This is what is so aggravating: the party line coming out of Washington is that we all must embrace “civic nationalism,” but clearly that is not the case. In reality, the Trump administration is pleading with Whites to embrace civic nationalism, but otherwise seems perfectly willing to maintain the status quo. Yesterday, we saw that meant signing new executive orders to promote women in STEM and shower HBCUs with federal dollars. President Trump is dealing with blacks, women and Jews as groups with collective interests. Indeed, our whole education system is geared toward the needs of the least intelligent group in the country. To be perfectly honest, if you aren’t in the age range to collect Social Security, you can’t remember a time when that wasn’t the case, which illustrates how little has changed.

What about the interests of White people? That is still a verboten subject. As long as that remains the case, I see no reason to stand and clap and pretend what we saw last night was the best Trump speech ever. On the foreign policy front, we have seen with Michael Flynn’s exit a retreat toward the same old neoconnery. On the immigration front, we are hearing that a new push for comprehensive immigration reform might be in the works. We’re also finding out that “civic nationalism” means every other group in the United States except for Whites has retained their customary privileges.

Civic Nationalism is for Whites only. That’s why you see the media and mainstream conservatives handing out plaudits. What they all saw in the speech was a return to the status quo ante.

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  1. Good article. You’ve explained my own feelings better than I could have.

    I am very discouraged after last nights speech. I am in wait-and-see mode but that speech worries me a great deal.

    • On the upside, Mr. Longstreet, President Trump is unpredictable.

      On Monday, he may offer a travel ban.

      On Tuesday, he may save the dreamers.

      On Wednesday, he may ban immigration altogether.

      We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  2. Trump has some good points, but be careful with what you support as you could be setting yourselves up for disappointment.
    He has never stated that he’s anti gay, anti Jewish or anti black and pro-white.
    Even if he was…and very well could be in secret….he is still constrained by, and caught up in the system.
    Its the system itself thats well overdue for an overhaul. Every Western nation has the same problem….srt up for disconnected elites, rather than everyday people.

  3. Brilliant response Mr. Wallace. This is the best argument I’ve seen for a response to the State of the Union address.

    • As you said, Mr. Saint – it’s a ‘State of the Union Address’ … not a ‘State of The Confederacy Address’.

      • Which Confederacy exists, only when the Yankee NEG needs a scapegoat or something to feel superior to.

      • I got a theory. It hit me last night.

        The Puritans saw themselves as chosenites, especially beloved of God, above all others. With an historic mission handed down from on high, to reform the World. They felt themselves to be persecuted by outsiders, and in turn, persecuted outsiders. They spread this philosophy all across the North, to Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. Then by ship to the West coast. Hence the ridiculousness of the proverbial family from Boston, moving west in a covered wagon. They went by sea. In short, they became like Jews. Which is why they behave like Jews. The similarity between Puritanism and Judaism is astonishing. The Jews didn’t corrupt the Yankee. On the contrary, they found a kindred spirit. That’s why so many settled in the urban Northeast and Chicago. They simply said to Mr Yankee; “Move over, I’ll drive for a while.” There was really no need for assimilation. Thus, we have Lena Dunham, and many like her, individuals with both Jewish and Yankee heritage. It’s why the “Vagina Hat Ladies” take orders from their more intelligent Jewish leaders. They’re sympatico. They’re of the same Judeo-Puritan mind.

        • Yes, Mr. Owen – you’ve nailed it!!!!@#$%^!!!!

          Jews and Puritans (New Englanders – and Liberals of the same stripe) share identity baset on long experience and, also, on how they project their self-imagery onto the world.

          And now you have found the seed for the 51st Yankee State – Israel – the most powerful northern state, along with New York (home of Jewish culture) and Massachussetts (home of the Puritan geist)


        • The complexity of dealing with the Jew England culture is that they, apart & together, have such mammoth egos.

          Everybody has pride, but, they? : it’s staggering…

          • I don’t believe it’s pride. It’s arrogance and a whole lot of vanity. Hence their anger over Southern secession. Which was a rejection that wounded their egos deeply.

          • Call it what you want, Mr. Owen.

            When you, politely, tell a New Englander or a Jew you don’t quite agree his values, after they question you as to why such a bizarre thing might occur, often times the reaction you get from them is that they want no more part of you.

            At any rate – you see it laser clear.

        • Also, this, Mr. Owen – because both cultures are so egoistick, they both wish to influence other cultures.

          Whenever they find a culture that is somewhat closed, or very much closed to their influence peddling, or any, the work to usurp and or overthrow it.

          You see this everywhere the two cultures have gone, both separate and apart – from how they reacted to post Gulf War I Hussein’s Iraq to Castro’s Cuba, to current North Korea, from the Jim Crow South to Soviet Russia.

          The Jew England cultural geist wants everything open to them so that they can dominate everything.

          However, they sell this to the world as ‘freedom’, ‘openness’, ‘diversity’, human rights’, ‘multiculturalism’, and ‘democracy’, when, in fact, it is imperialism, usurpation, and totalitarianism, and, failing any of that, just base influence peddling, and unjustifiable meddling.

  4. A women-in-STEM EO, to boot? Good lord. Well, if we’re going to throw away money trying to educate black America, we might as well waste a little more trying to lure women into something they have no interest in, too.

    Those two orders are papercuts, in the grand scheme of things, but if those cuts are followed by longer and deeper ones, and left to fester, we will have a real problem.

    Hopefully the media will finish fellating him soon. He apparently needs a reminder of where his priorities should lay.

    (On a side note, do we have any idea what he discussed with Jake Tapper and Chris Wallace et al at that recent meeting? I can’t help but wonder if he might have struck an “agreement” to soften up his platform in exchange for better press)

  5. Rready for my analysis?

    Okay, here we go —

    He threw the dog a bone, 18 months later than the average candidate would have done.

  6. Since men have an unemployment problem, the solution is subsidizing more female STEM hires. Trump is trying to survive and he sees the knives out for him. He would be foolish to believe his enemies will ever let him off the hook for what he’s already done. First Flynn, now they are targeting Sessions.

    A man shouldn’t trust his female relatives.

  7. I remember years ago, my dad was watching C-Span. A black Congressman was making a speech in which he mentioned something about Civilisation. At which point, my dad said; “What do niggers know about Civilisation?”

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