The Anti-White State of the Union

Much has been made in recent weeks about how the Deep State is striking back at President Donald Trump. But deeper than the Deep State and more fundamental to twenty-first century America’s foundations is the Anti-White State. We got a taste of it in Trump’s joint address to Congress last night.

The media with which Trump has battled bitterly is largely positive on his speech – a bad sign if ever there was one. The hostile Van Jones of CNN has even praised it. The New York Times called it “an optomistic vision” and Politico called it “normal,” “polished” and “disciplined” – high praise from a reliably anti-Trump website.

Thankfully, the speech did not offer a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens, the amnesty which we were warned is coming from the Trump administration. That may be ahead but it wasn’t mentioned last night. And the warning makes it possible for Trump’s base and we on the Alt-Right and the Alt-South to remind him where his bread is buttered and that our support is not unconditional. Many of us voted for Trump specifically because of his anti-immigration proposals. Any back track on that would mean a loss of support.

What did Trump’s address actually contain? It started with a reference to Black History Month and condemnations of “hate and evil,” of threats against “Jewish community centers” and “Jewish cemetaries.” There was no mention of the recent horrific attacks by Blacks on White women (see here and here) in the South or the extremely high Black-on-White rape rate in the United States. Later, Trump accredited his win in 2016 to support from “families of all colors and creeds” even though his win has almost universally been recognized as due to his strong support from White working families in Middle America, Dixie and the Rust Belt. He referenced “our friends and allies in the Muslim world” even though his campaign was based in large part on defeating “radical Islamic terrorism” and banning Muslim immigration to the United States. And he also mentioned “our unbreakable alliance with the State of Israel.” Finally, he spoke of the educational needs of “African-American and Latino children” without noting the millions of poor White children in America – many of them trapped in failed heavily non-White schools.

This was a speech for what Occidental Dissent has called “Black Run America” – a system run not largely by Blacks but for their benefit and the benefit of non-Whites in general at the expense of White people. This was a speech for the Anti-White State.

Trump mostly neglected his base. He pandered to groups that have strongly opposed him and sounded different than the man we came to know and love on the campaign trail. Of course, this was a different setting. But he did not have to go to the rhetorical extremes that he did. It won’t get him more non-White votes. And the good press he got for the speech will evaporate almost immediately as the “opposition party” gets back to work publishing attacks on Trump and White America.

Note: Daily Stormer has a much more positive analysis of the speech.

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  1. If President Trump can get immigration completely closed down, for decades, I would accept amnesty, for those already here, as an acceptable trade.

    Any other kind of amnesty would be very painful to countenance, for reasons too obvious to state.

    • ‘ I would accept amnesty, for those already here, as an acceptable trade.’

      How many is that?

      • I don’t know, Ernest, but, I can tell you this – however many it is, would pale to the number that The New England Government will be bringing in, over the next 50 years.

          • We are in that, already, Ernest – so, get a several decade breathing space could turn that around – just as it did between 1923 and 1964.

          • We did not get any, Celestial, however, that was because none was attempted.

            Now, hear this : I supported Trump because I believe in him.

            I see that he is very courageous, very straight about who he is, and resolute about attempting to fulfill promises.

            If he puts forth a presidential ban on all immigration, I would believe in it.

            In conclusion, I, too, like you, am sceptical about the ability of the Jew England Government to stop one of it’s favourite compulsions – overturning sovereign governments and then playing Santa Claus with our resources.

            That said, if Trump puts forth something concrete, I will trust it.

    • We don’t need to compromise. They all need to be deported. I’m not opposed to temporary work visas, but nothing in the form of a path to citizenship.

      • Unfortunately, Ronnie, at best there will be a compromise; and, at worst, and more likely, just more unending and permanent immigration.

        This is how the New England mindset works – everybody else’s land for someone else. No culture can exist exist their set of ideas. If you don’t agree, you are a hateful curmudgeon that must be demonized.

        I wish I could see it some other way.

        Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Accepting amnesty in hopes that it will lead to closing down immigration would be like telling a gang of rapists that they can anally rape you if they promise that it’s the last time they try something like that. Just about anything that Trump does can be undone by the person that comes after him. Millions of illegals can’t be “undone” in the same way.

      • Well, then you are making a point all Southern secessionists say ; the system is beyond reform

        Only secession is possible.

        I believe that, yet, I will not,e the majority of my fellow Southerners disagree with me, and wish to dream about reform.

        As that is the case, and as Trump is in office, if a ban on any immigration is announcet I would see that as a good thing.

        If it is not, then I would see that as bad.

        As Mr. Bannon is in the mix, I rather suspect that any immigration compromise would revolve around limiting or closing immigration, and his opponents would want something in return.

        Thank you for your thoughts.

      • Not that I know of, Reckonings.

        Reagan did not conceive of America as a White Nation, but, as a land of opportunity for individuals of any law-abiding stripe.

  2. Dear Mr. Cushman,

    I’ve said it many times here, when folks, here, started jumping up and down that Trump was going to be an enema for what they regard as a Jewish dominated society, that he is not only NOT anti-semitick, he is a Jewified WASP New Yorker, and does, in fact, like Jewish culture.

    Furthermore, President Trump has no problem with any race, the only people he regards as unequal being those who dislike him.

    President Trump is a Northern urbanite, and his whole idea of Americana is baset on the notion of fairness, which, in turn, is baset on the notion of what a person does, not who his parents were.

    I assume that you knew this, when you were supporting him, as you are far too astute for me to think otherwise.

    That said, he is, vertently and in-, doing many positive things for Southerners, and I think you know what they are.

    Unfortunately, as long as we, Southerners, agree to be JewEngland Government submissives, it will be this way – that gradually we will be outnumbered in our own lands.

    Secession, and, most likely, war are the only alternatives.

  3. No, Pres Trump delivered a great speech last night. What would you have him do. There is going to be a time period when he must bow to the three false modern gods…blacks, gays and women. He simply cannot avoid it right now. The jewish issue he must attend to as well. They have massive influence and he needs to recognize it. I imagine that once he has gotten full control he may be able to stop playing politics and just focus on serious matters.

    And if you really think about it he used the blacks and the antisemite remarks to send a message to the punks in the room with him to lay off the hate towards himself and his cabinett. He put them across the barrel several times last night. He placed them in positions they had to acknowledge him by speaking in the only language they understand….and forced their response or they would have trashed themselves totally in front of the american public…..the dems did a good job destroying themselves last night and the president drew them out into precarious positions that exposed them….anyone who was not sure got convinced last night as to who the dems really are.

  4. Well if we stand back and look at the speech with our special decoder rings you could surmise there is an underlying message. The theme? “I will make things better for whites by fixing the non-whites problems”.

    In theory this is true. Would it be better for us to be able to walk down a major metropolitan inner city with employed minorities with dads in the household?

    To me, the speech sounded liked “make america great again by fixing the problems of our weakest link”.

    Sounds like the newl deal from a different angle. Can it work? I highly doubt it.

    What he is attempting socially is the same thing the neocons attempted politically/militarily, giving some one something they, on their own, are not willing to achieve.

    Merritt based immigration was about the only thing of mention that was historically ground breaking.

    As a Populist, he did achieve one thing, he, while mildly, openly lambasted the democrats. I don’t think anyone has done this to my recollection.

    Now before we get too judgemental, just think of the speech Hillary would have gave.

        • Yes Junius, if we breakdown his speech, the subject matter has all been said before. Help blacks, protect Israel, help veterans, do something about crime, spend more money on the military, help women and fix education. Nothing new.

          The one thing that was different? Reduce immigration. If we are to presume Trump is not an idiot, then we must acquiesce to the fact he has a strategy.

          Trump wrapped an idea offensive to the opposition in a plethora of rehashed feel good rhetoric. It is my contention this was his end goal. It is part of his negotiating method.

          I will watch for this strategic use of meaningless ideas to inject the actual goal.

          • I agree with you, Mr. Saint.

            I think President Trump is trying to lay the groundwork for closing immigration, and or severely limiting it, without incurring huge political damage to both his administration and the ability of the GOP to hold the control they already have.

            That is why I think he holds out DACA and Amnesty as bait; that, ultimately, he will trade allowing millions who are already here, in order to get the Dems on board to accept the closing down of immigration.

            In such a proposal, he places them into a vise, as in : reject it, and be seen as not caring for those of their constituency, who know they have been badly hurt by continued uncheckt immigration, or accept it, and cut themselves off from importing the power base they use to subvert White Society.

            Once the Dems are on board, the gates can be closed.

            I agree with you, as well, that his technique of negotiation is lost on many of his supporters, because they have little or no experience doing it, outside of the home.

            ‘Meaningless ideas’ – yes, sorting them out from what is germaine is key.

            Thank you for your enlightening analysis. I think you see very clearly, and with a good heart, as well.

          • At the very least, Mr. Saint, ‘merit baset immigration’ means that the lower end peasant, who will likely fall into a long cycle of unassimilated welfare, will no longer be coming in to provide a pool for The Democrats to overthrow the political structure and to demographically replace White Southerners.

            Of course, Senator Schumer well understands this double-speak, as does Minority Leader Pelosi, and so they will try to sabotage it.

            The essential agenda of The Democrats (The Jew England Government) is to continue to grow numbers by control over the academick institutions and uncheckt low-end immigration.

        • I would like to believe that… Recent events make me believe differently. Trump is now pandering to the anti-white state to save him from the deep state coup. Like Mark said…”We will know shortly”.

          • Reckonings – pandering is one thing, forming policy is another.

            My hunch is that his judgement is that he needs to consolidate, smooth some things, and then move on – like the Soviet Army, in the fall of 1944.

            Have faith in him : he’s done a lot of great things, already.

            Thank you for your comment.

    • Great perspective, Mr. Saint; and you punctuation is so good as to defy blogging!

      Heavew help you – you must be a college graduate!

  5. Looks like more of kicking the can down the road of explosive diversity unglued in many parts of coastal cities hostile to pro-white.

  6. Donald Trump likes to be liked.Howard Stern one of Trump s few friends in the media said this was true and thought the Presidency would ruin him.

    In one on one press interviews President Trump is solid. Trump is very good at insulting pushy PC Lib media types. Trump certainly doesn t name the Jews calls the media “fake news” not Lugenpress.

    But when speaking to a large crowd , Trump likes to be liked.

    If it s our crowd – a large football stadium in the Mud West or North Florida – expect a great speech for us.

    But last night it was a BlackRuledAmerica crowd , the powers that be media crowd – not our crowd – expect a bad speech.

    Also expect some of Trump s advisors like Bannon to throw some open pro White Alt Right leaders speakers “under the bus” for those fake anti Semitic grave desecrations.

    Breitbart news is going mainstream Fox for the $s, purging open race realists is a small price to pay.

    Clean up your room and your hard drives , read Derbyshire about “the Talk”

    Learn some practical skills to avoid persecutions

    Don t give taped interviews with the media. Look what happened with Milo.

  7. I didn’t get to see much of the speech, but reading about it the morning after, I am highly disappointed. Pandering to minorities will only result in a net loss of support, and it’s going to take a lot more than vouchers to fix the problems in the brown and black communities. I have to hope this was just a misguided attempt at pragmatism on his part…extending an olive branch for the sake of appearances, rather than actually intending to become the next LBJ.

    It’s important to remember not to read too much into speeches when actions are much more important, and Trump’s actions have not disappointed yet. A bad speech isn’t the end of the world, unless it’s followed by bad behavior.

  8. Yes, the non White and Jew pandering is sickening but did we ever expect anything less? Trump. like any other politician, bears watching and Hunter is doing a great job of it. It’s more important watching what Trump does rather than hearing what he says.

  9. IMO, he was baiting the Democrats to make them look small, petty, blockheaded. They won’t even applaud civil rights! They won’t even applaud his condemnation of anti-semitism! etc. etc.

    He was tougher on immigration than he’s been in the past. He wants to change LEGAL immigration to stop them bringing in relatives who go right on welfare. Puts the Democrats on the spot, again. They can’t defend immigrants not being expected to support themselves. Trump is the first Republican who is forcing them to defend it and they can’t.

  10. I got the sense that Trump was speaking very much with the democrats in mind. He was trying to trap them by saying things that would make them look bad or uncharitable if they didn’t show at least polite approval, knowing full well their constituents are pressuring them not to “nomalize” him. It was intriguing to watch the sitting standing and uncertainty about just what to do. He kept them dancing on eggshells for the duration.

  11. Just got through reading the Stormer’s take on it, and yes, it was a welcome breeze of positivity. I recommend it to anyone else that hasn’t already seen it,

  12. It s just one speech – telling an audience what they want to hear.

    Hitler sort of did the same in different time and places.

    Trump is making peace with Russsia and defending Sweden and Germany from rapist conquest . President Trump is at least resisting the fake news , lying press.

    • Meanwhile he funds Communists on the campus, that use censorship and political violence to keep alternative opinions out, using your tax money. This is illegal. These people should be in jail.

      What is a President that won’t enforce the law? A Fake President.

    • The Germans appear to not care a bit if they are raped. The Chancellor could be removed.

  13. Just don’t get it and as you said Trump popular support of white working family and this lecturing about the dindus and self chosen a turn off.

  14. To be fair, it wasn’t really a Trump speech cause he didn’t write it. Speech writers are part of the political establishment, they string together establishment platitudes in a way that’s pleasing to the media. Trump just felt he had to be “presidential” for this speech.

  15. What do you expect? It’s going to take a bit of time to unwind the Zietgiest. Did y’all expect Trump to show up in an SS uniform?

  16. As great as he is Trump is not an end in himself, he is a means to an end. His administration gives us the breathing space we shall require to build up a strong White Nationalist / White secessionist movement.

    • Disagree. I think this is it. The Democrats want Sessions to resign now. This is sorta like the Parliament impeaching Laud.

  17. I respectfully disagree – I thought his speech was fantastic.

    Of course he started with the Black History Month, the crap about anti-Semitism, etc. – but …notice that he got it out of the way at the beginning of the speech. It’s like he had to swallow the bitter medicine at the beginning and then move on to the good stuff. And regarding anti-Semitism – he knows that nobody in the Alt-Right was behind the Jewish cemetery vandalism / destruction – he tweeted about this a few days ago. The inference is that perhaps one of their own did it.

    Trump still has to navigate very treacherous waters. For example, he needs to draw the GOP members closer to him for purposes of working together – this includes the Cucks like Paul Ryan. So he has to check a few boxes in order for them to feel comfortable moving forward. His speech definitely fired up the GOP members and I suspect that it drew quite a few of them into his camp.

    He said that the crime in the inner cities was unacceptable – he also said that he backs our law enforcement officers 100%. So what he’s really saying is that there is going to be some serious ass-kicking in the ghettos – by the police and by AG Sessions who is working to implement harsh penalties (translation: long jail terms) for crimes committed with guns.

    His speech was designed to destroy the Democrats – it put the spotlight on them and showed their true colors (hatred of Whites) when they sat down and/or didn’t respond to many of the proposed initiatives that would benefit the American people. His use of Black people as victims of illegal immigrants was pure genius – it puts the Democrats in a bind.

    He made the point that he represents our country – not the world. This was a very loaded statement – it’s anti-Globalism, acknowledges the sovereignty of our country, and puts the focus on the country’s native people.

    I could go on but the point is that it was a very carefully crafted / designed speech and I believe that it accomplished its intended purpose.

  18. There is an old saying: old habits die hard. The old ways of thinking continually vex me. I am so used to thinking that the racial differences are only skin deep, but it is so much more than that. Despite the foolishness of women like Jane Elliot, the poor performance of blacks and other racial differences are more than sociology.

    I can’t help but wonder if the preference non-white men have for white women is itself evidence that whites are of more desirable stock. My niece (who is white) was told by her stepmother (who is Lebanese) that she would like my niece to visit that country, but, “we will have to cover up, but especially you, because of the blond hair.” Gentlemen, I wonder why extra attention has to be paid to hide her hair? Would you mind taking some guesses of your own? Please respond.

    • I saw the same in Spain, which has a few natural blondes. There the blonde or light haired girls from Northwest Europe or the US were hit on relentlessly unless they were overweight. The Spanish men did it generally in good taste. But the non-immigrants were very rude and pushy in how they would hound blonde girls. I see that here too sometimes, sadly.

      • Michael,

        Thank you for responding to me.

        The general idea I was thinking was that blond hair is a dead giveaway to there being white skin underneath the Muslim garb women must wear. I imagine that were a goodly white woman with brown or black hair to be noticed (as with the blond) there would be trouble. It is just that a white woman with her black hair exposed would not arouse suspicion seeing middle-eastern women also have black hair but one sight of blond hair is a dead giveaway that, underneath the garb, is a white woman. (Which leads to RapeFest 2017).

        I cannot help but perceive that her stepmother was acting on a sixth sense she had that white women are hunted for sexual pleasure. That non-whites love white women, probably even more than their own women.

        On another note, I had some difficulty in understanding you when you said:

        “But the non-immigrants were very rude and pushy in how they would hound blonde girls.”

        If Spanish men (in Spain) did it generally in good taste, then, are not they the non-immigrants? Since they are in Spain then the Spanish are the non-immigrants. Did you mean to say: “But the immigrants were very rude and pushy…”

  19. Why will Sessions survive, but Flynn not?

    The weighing of forces not easily seen; they don’t call it the Deep State for nothing.

    Trump needs to speed up his time table, too much dithering is allowing the Enemy to out maneuver him. He made a comment that he felt 600 positions weren’t worth filling: fill them with loyalists! Build depth with the force! The future secretaries and undersecretaries and so on!

    • THIS MAN is one of the reasons why Trump cannot speed up his time table. It sounds like it’s going to take almost a year to get his Cabinet installed much less his sub-appointments.

      Cornyn is up for re-election in 2018. The people of Texas need to primary him pronto!

  20. Sad reality in the western society is that if politican speaks anything pro white, then their own fellow white electorate will finish him / her off. How many openly pro white politicans actually won whatever office ?

  21. WaPo Kikes are gunning for Atttorney General Jeff Sessions. Botox bitch and Jewish shill Pelosi is demanding his resignation. The alt right needs to fight back.

  22. Trump is going to have to get medieval on the Press and the Democrats. And also dispose of McCain and Graham.

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