HIHG SVENERGY: The Jeff Sessions Situation

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t been following this shitstorm, Jeff Sessions has recused himself from matters dealing with the Trump campaign, but Democrats are predictably saying that recusal is not enough. The “unity” from the cucked SOTU address lasted less than 48 hours.

I’m loving the new show.

In the long run, this is why doxxing and no platforming will backfire. Instead of doing this stuff part time, we will do it full time. I’m also a big supporter of face fagging. We haven’t exploited video to its full potential because it has long been perceived as two risky. In reality, the reason we have to put up with all these talking heads on television is because it legitimizes the Narrative.

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  1. Nice. I saw a video update from this guy a couple of weeks ago where he actually drooled on himself. Talk about passion!

    • I like his use of “jump cuts”, it’s reminiscent of the French New Wave film directors of the late 50s and early 60s.

          • Saw some moments of the 1983 remake, with Richard Gere, on cable, decades ago. Saw again somewhere, I think, that version’s scene in which Gere reads to the girl from the Silver Surfer comic book. Maybe saw some moments of the Godard original, also on television, at some point after I’d seen the pieces of the Gere version.

            This jump-cutting is standard in YouTube videos of this kind.

  2. It’s good to see alt-right guys like Seventh Son who are married, have kids and a real job. It deflates the (((enemy’s))) ability to ridicule and stereotype “internet Nazis”.

  3. Sessions isn’t going down, and the counter-strike is coming. The gloves are coming off. Trump made an error similar to Putin on Libya and the No-Fly-Zone: he believed that personal diplomacy and “reaching out” means anything to the Enemy.

    Many balk at supernatural verbiage. I understand. Whether or not the Enemy serves Primordial Evil or whether that is just an extremely powerful metaphor, the implications are the same.

    Trump: ask the people of Libya whether Putin’s belief in his own personal charm meant anything! Ask the people of Syria, whose tormentors were fed by a “rat line” from Libya, whether Putin’s acquiescence to a No-Fly-Zone was sound!

    Mutilated and incinerated children mean nothing to these people; they will care about Trump’s ego? A fool who persists in his folly will become wise, if he can live long enough.

    This is war – the Enemy is promised a global aristocracy for their allegiance, an aristocracy wielding the immense power of the technocratic state with immortality and space faring within reach. Trump offers them servitude to the people and the people’s God. They will not be swayed. They must be defeated.

    • Important to note that Putin was nominally not running Russia during Libya, Medvedev was. Medvedev cucked and allowed Gadaffi to be taken out. Putin was lived at the decision.

    • ‘Sessions isn’t going down, and the counter-strike is coming.’

      I hope you are right.

    • I guess Senator McCaskill will have to recuse herself from the Armed Services committee, right?

  4. On the matter of Race and Society.

    I think we tend to see the world in terms of agendas and intentions. And there is good reason for this because people do have agency, and we can change the world according to our values, ideas, and goals. Intentions have done much to reshape reality.

    And with the rise of liberty, democracy, and equality(under rule of law), we have created a world where more people can enjoy freedoms and rights.

    This is truly a great achievement of mankind all over the world. It has proven that agendas and ideas can transform the world. But it seems so many people have fallen into the fallacy of radical agenda-ism, the belief that if we pursue a certain agenda hard enough, its goals can be attained. After all, if humanity went from near universal tyranny to universal freedom(relative to the past), there is nothing we can’t achieve.

    But there are two problems that undermine such Radical Agenda-ism: freedom itself and genetics. While the rise of freedom around the world(via democracy, human rights, technology, etc) has increased possibilities for change, it also meant so many people can do their own thing. And so often, what people freely choose to do is so dumb and counter-productive to having a good society. So, freedom can work against the Agenda of progress. This is what Chris Hedges willfully ignores. He’s right that Negroes once had much less freedom and rights. But he falls back on that template to explain today’s America. He overlooks that the rise of black pathology was the result of rise of freedom in the black community. If blacks in the past could be said to be relatively backward because of legal discrimination and social bias — that were true enough —, much of black problems since the 1960s has been the result of blacks using freedom badly.

    This sort of explains why so many on the Left have been drawn to totalitarian ideologies. Even as they championed freedom and liberty, they felt freedom might derail the great project of progress by enticing the masses with too many temptations, like the Golden Calf. So, in order for people to be truly free, their consciousness must first be raised and habits remolded to do what’s right. It’s like giving kids too much freedom turns them lazy and spoiled. So, we force them to go to school and to graduate to a higher freedom.

    As long as people have freedom, many of them will not stick to the agenda or program. And it’s just something a free society will have to accept. Utopianism is incompatible with a free society. Free society can seek reform and improvement, but there are limits to what it can do.

    Too many people will do the ‘wrong’ thing, but a free society should allow the freedom to do wrong than right(as long as it’s not criminal). (Also, there is no guarantee that the ‘good’ thing pushed by the Agenda may indeed be good.) Radical Agenda-ists fail to understand the nature of this problem because they champion both ‘freedom’ and ‘progress’. They tend to assume that freedom will lead to support for the Agenda. But when people are free, there’s no guarantee that they will go along with the agenda(which may be sound or unsound). Radical Agenda-ists are under the fallacious delusion that MORE FREEDOM must necessarily lead to MORE PROGRESS. But things don’t turn out that way. So, they use PC, a mind-trick that tries to fool people that banning ‘hate speech’ is about serving ‘free speech’. Radical Agenda-ists want to maintain the fiction that freedom and history are always on their side. Since it’s often not the case, they use all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle threats, nudges, manipulations, and dirty tricks to push their agenda. So, even though they finally got what they wanted through underhanded methods and abuse of power, they pretend that the People freely and rationally chose what the Agenda demanded. Consider how majority of America said NO to the homo agenda. So, the academia, media, courts, and government all conspired to promote it at every level of society and to shame/destroy anyone who stood in its way. Media don’t appeal to reason and sense. It uses all the tricks of advertising and propaganda. And the ‘free’ media used every dirty trick in the book to NUDGE the public into not voting for Trump. “HE HAS NO CHANCE. JUST STAY HOME. HILLARY HAS 99% CHANCE OF WINNING.” There’s poetic justice that the media lost to a salesman who knows all the tricks of hype.

    Another problem for Radical Agenda-ism is the role of genes. This is so obvious to anyone in HBD or with honest pair of eyes, but PC is all about Blind Reason.

    Radical Agenda-ists believe that full societal commitment to any Agenda will deliver the goods and arrive at the desired outcome. It’s the Good Will to Power.

    But genes don’t agree. What might be called a-gene-da has its own trajectory, especially when combined with freedom.

    Genes have natural inclinations, or I should say different genes have different natural inclinations. If people are allowed more freedom, their a-gene-da will follow their natural tendencies.. and these may go against the Agenda. So, if Negro genetics are more prone to ‘let the good times roll’, more freedom for Negroes will lead to more good times rolling which lead to bad results.

    A-gene-da follows a certain tendency, or an ‘atenda’. Take food. Suppose Food Idealists want a world of freedom where people have the choice to eat healthy, shall eat healthy, and be healthy. And suppose they to attain the great goal of creating a world of freedom and more choice of foods and drinks. And suppose they promote the message of what constitutes good eating and health. Will the world live up to their Agenda?

    No. Human genes are coded to love fatty food, creamy food, sugary food. Good or bad, genetics make people crave that stuff EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW IT’S BAD FOR THEM. So, a freedom to eat and drink will leads to lots of people eating too much ‘rich foods’ and turning into fatsos, fatkins, lardasses, and blubbaroons. Now, the Agenda for healthy eating may be good, but give the a-gene-da or ‘atenda’ of what people naturally crave, the equation is freedom + wide choice = lots of people eating and drinking the wrong kinds of foods. That’s why we have so many buffalo-butts in America. All these people don’t want to be fat. And they know they are pigging out on stuff they shouldn’t. But their genes tell them to ‘eat, eat, drink, drink’. They can’t help it under the regimen of freedom and choice(and lack of shame). And freedom and availability of wide range of food turns them into a bunch of minnesota-fats.

    So, while the power of Agenda is real because we do have agency and freedom, the fact is there is a limit to what the Agenda can achieve.

    Also, one good thing achieved by the Agenda might undermine another good thing wished by the Agenda. Progressives wished two things for Negroes. They wanted Negroes to be more free and to make economic success. They thought Negroes with more freedom would use its blessings to achieve success.

    But when Negroes got more freedom, they ignored the Agenda and went with their a-gene-da that told em, “party all the time”. This is what Chris Hedges just doesn’t get. Filled with self-righteous sanctimony and faithful to the Magic Negro trope, his only explanation of black failures since the 1960s is ‘not enough freedom’ rather than misuse of freedom fueled by Negro genetics that tell Negroes to boogie-oogie-funky-all-night-long.

    Too much of what people are upset about is the result of ways of a-gene-da, not failure of Agenda. But because the West achieved so much with ideas and agendas, there is the fallacious notion that it can achieve ANYTHING, and if things don’t turn out perfectly, it must be the failure of Agenda. It’s stupid to blame the West for everything, but there’s a a certain logic as to why this is the case. Prior to the rise of the West, humanity didn’t expect much from reality. They took for granted that things would remain the same or even get worse. There was no idea of progress like we have in the modern world. No one believed that human will, agency, and ideas could radically change the world. This is why people preferred to dream of heaven than create heaven on earth.

    But the modern West truly did change so much so fast based on ideas, will, vision, and determination. So, it created the notion that humanity, especially white humanity, should be able to achieve anything. I mean it even sent a man to the moon. If the West could begin the century with two brother flying crude planes and 70 yrs later send a rocket to the moon, what can it not do? If this utopia doesn’t materialize, it must be the failure of will or commitment.

    But there are limits to everything. And even the great West cannot achieve everything no matter how great its will, commitment, investment, and determination. The US learned in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq that it cannot turn just any part of the world into a new Vermont. US cannot even turn Detroit into new Vermont.

    While will and commitment(in the right people) can do a lot, there are other factors that come into play. Much of the failure of Black America owes to a-gene-da. It’ s no one’s fault. It’s not the white man’s fault. And it’s not the black man’s fault(in the sense that blacks are not willfully trying to destroy schools). It was the result of freedom + black genes. With freedom, black genes naturally gravitated toward ‘party all the time’ or worse, ‘fight all the time’.

    Possibly, things might have turned out better if whites had withheld full freedom while investing in blacks for improvement. With less freedom, blacks might have been compelled to do the right thing. But the ideal of equal rights made such untenable in America. So, freedom + black genes was bound to lead to too many blacks reverting to their nature.

    A lot of things that happen in America is the result of a-gene-da, but Radical Agenda-ism always blames the problem on Society and especially whites. So, if Mexicans in California lag behind whites, Asians, and Jews, it’s seen the fault of society than understood as the result of Mexican genetics being somewhat less prone to intellectual achievement.

    And if men don’t like fat women, that’s just genes at work. Men don’t like fatasses. But some fat women complain that the real problem is that the Agenda hasn’t done enough to enlighten society about Body-Positivity and Fat-Acceptance. While society can invest tons of money to spread the notion that Fat is Beautiful and that men should like hippo-women, a lot of men are simply not gonna fall for this. Even those who say PC stuff about fat-acceptance will go on preferring slim ladies. They’ll say one thing, do something other.

    It’s like OLEANNA. The real problem is the girl is not very bright. It’s no one’s fault. It’s not the professor’s fault. It’s not her fault. But society instilled her with notion that everyone should achieve equally. And so, her failure as student must be the fault of society. The Agenda must be pushed regardless of the fact of a-gene-da.


    The Daily Mail, March 3, 2017

    Following FBI director’s issuance of an arrest warrant against Trump, the president fled the country on his private jet, with his wife and his son Barron. RAF fighter jets ordered Trump’s plane to land, as it flew over the Orkneys, but Sukhoi 27s intervened, causing Theresa May to order the RAF back to base. The Sukhois then escorted Trump’s plane over Norway and Sweden to a Soviet base in Kaliningrad. Trump briefly told Swiss reporters that he appreciates that the KGB always takes are of its assets, before being whisked away by Red Army soldiers. Our sources say that Ivanka and Jarred Kushner are assisting Congress and the FBI and the CIA with enquiries. Vice-President Pence is expected to be sworn in as President within minutes, as soon as a Supreme Court justice arrives at the White House.


  6. Chuck Schumer Met with Putin in New York City

    Russian President Vladimir Putin enjoyed a Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee with Senator Charles Schumer from New York. Schumer reported, “When I showed the president of Russia a Krispy Kreme doughnut and he ate it and said it was good.”




  7. What is especially infuriating about Russia having fixed the election for Trump is the fact that the USA has never interfered in foreign elections.

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