Snowflakes Shout Down ‘White Supremacist’ Charles Murray At Middlebury College

I wish I could say that I sympathize with Charles Murray:

“MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — Hundreds of college students on Thursday protested a lecture by a writer some called a white nationalist, forcing the college to move his talk to an undisclosed campus location from which it was live-streamed to the original venue but couldn’t be heard above protesters’ chants, feet stamping and occasional smoke alarms. …

Middlebury College students turned their backs on Murray just as he started to speak Thursday and chanted “Who is the enemy? White supremacy!” ‘’Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away!” and “Your message is hatred. We cannot tolerate it.”

They continued their chants until the college announced that Murray would speak from another location on campus. Students continued their protests, drowning out the talk.

More than 450 alumni also signed a letter calling the decision to have Murray on campus “unacceptable.” …”

Here is the letter signed by the 450 alumni:

“Dear Middlebury College,

We are Middlebury alumni/ae who were disappointed, confused and alarmed to learn that Charles Murray has been invited to speak at our alma mater. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers Dr. Murray a “white nationalist” who “us[es] racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by… genetic inferiority.” Why has such a person been granted a platform at Middlebury?

Since Dr. Murray’s views are not worth engaging on these grounds, this can hardly be called an occasion for open, rigorous academic debate. His invitation to campus, then, is not an educational opportunity, but a threat. It is a message to every woman, every person of color, every first-generation student, every poor and working-class person, every disabled person and every queer person that not only their acceptance to and presence at Middlebury, but also their safety, their agency, their humanity and even their very right to exist are all up for “debate.” As a coalition of eight Middlebury student organizations wrote in Beyond the Green in 2016: “When you ask us to consider the other side of the argument, you are asking us to consider our assumed inferiority as a logical position. In no way does this consideration further our (or your) education.” In this case, there’s not really any “other side,” only deceptive statistics masking unfounded bigotry. In the context of Middlebury, Dr. Murray’s pseudo-scholarship is not merely pseudo-scholarship. It is intimidation. …”

The Southern Poverty Law Center considers …

I don’t.

This is a man who has spent over a year on Twitter counter-signaling President Trump, the Alt-Right and White Nationalists at every opportunity that has presented itself. He wrote a whole book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, which was solely about Whites because he was too afraid of being called a racist to write again about the black underclass. He is not one of us. His real friends are establishment neocons like Bret Stephens and Bill Kristol.

If those people want to rise to Charles Murray’s defense, the people who sit on AEI panels and call for the “lazy, spoiled White working class” to be replaced by Third World immigrants, they can do so. As I told him on Twitter, we will remember everything he has said about us. Eventually, the same SJWs who destroyed the career of his protégé Jason Richwine were going to come for the author of The Bell Curve, even if he is on Twitter every other day denouncing President Trump.

Without further ado, I present to you “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away!”

Update: The snowflakes are screaming chants about “ableism” and “homophobia.” Yes, we’ve reached the point where the concept of physical disability – the inequality that inevitably results from “a limitation on a person’s physical functioning, mobility, dexterity or stamina” – has become an affront to political correctness and egalitarian dogma and is classified as “hate speech.”

I’m watching this video and it is like these snowflakes have crossed the event horizon of the idea “All Men Are Created Equal” and have descended into a black hole of mental retardation. How is someone who is blind or deaf “equal” to someone who is not in their capacity to see or hear? How is someone who is paralyzed “equal” to an Olympic athlete in their capacity to compete in a 100-meter dash?

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  1. They say he posts anonymously on Sailer’s threads, maybe. I view him as the epitome of conservative intellectuals simply unable to discredit anyone on the left while doing it easy enough to any “non-respectable.”

  2. The problem of American Discourse is so much is conveyed without being spelled out.

    Those with the cultural antennas pick up the signals. Those without don’t get it.

    It’s like Matt Groenig(I hate him) said adults and kids pick up different things from TV shows. Kids just see funny stuff, but adults pick up the references and allusions.

    Consider Jewish NYT columnist David Brooks.

    Brooks seems to be saying one thing to ALL AMERICANS but signaling something else to members of his circle, his tribe, and etc.

    This is easier to pull off in the academia where the audience is limited. Also, academics can resort to esoterica. But when people like Brooks write for millions of readers all across the US(and the world), they have to convincingly sound as they have the interests of all Americans(or even all the world) in mind. It’s harder to play mind-tricks. But their advice to humanity increasingly sounds more loopy given all that is going on.

    And it goes for Thomas Friedman too. I mean do people like him really think Hungary will do better to follow in the footsteps of Sweden? Is Londonistan really a wonder of wonders?

    There is the power fought with naked struggle and hardware, but there is another power that is specific to a culture. If you’re not part of that culture, some of the power dynamics make little or no sense. And it’s not rational or logical. It is emotional, cultural, atavistic. But it’s powerful, possibly more powerful than any rational or material factor.

    Consider the scene in THE GODFATHER PART 2. Pentangeli has the goods on the Corleones, and he’s gonna spill the beans. He is well-protected, and the Corleone’s cannot get to him. He is convinced that Michael tried to have him killed. And he has the entire US government on his side. All he has to do is spill the beans. And the Corleones have NOTHING to stop him with… except one card up their sleeve. Sicilian honor. Corleones shame Pentangeli by having his older brother show up at the hearing. Sicilians have this honor thing, and they are not supposed to spill the beans on other Sicilians to outsiders. That’d be an infirmia. The effect is emotional and psychological but all too real. People at the hearing have no idea what is going on. Later, Kaye has no idea what happened either. Michael says, “It was between the brothers.” Yet, those inside the culture understand the signals and feelings. It’s more dear to them than life, this honor.

    Jews don’t have an honor culture, but they do have a sense of tribal justice, which means the interests of the tribe must come first. In some ways, Brooks seems like a well-meaning guy who wants good things for everyone. I don’t see him as a nasty person like some like Jennifer Rubin and Victoria Nuland who really are vicious. But he is still part of the community, the signals of which are often missed by outsiders. But if one learns of how his community operates, we can sort of decode it.

    Gentiles need an Enigma Decoder machine.


  3. If snowflakes want to learn to be tolerant, they need to tolerate hate. Oh wait, they only tolerate hate when it’s AGAINST whites, it’s their release valve. “We are gonna channel and project all our hatred into YOU, white man!” We are far less hateful than they, as our prejudice is informed by clinical logic and biology, whereas they act like crazed puritans screaming “HERETIC!!!”

    • The Whites in that video are crazed Puritans, or at least their blood & flesh descendants.

      • The architects of the Jewish matrix-prison created these monsters only to see them turn against the architects. SJW’s are agent smith from the matrix.

  4. What you are watching are the final gasps of New England’s histrionic protest culture.

  5. All I have to say is never stop your enemy while their in full tilt destruction mode. It would be extremely helpful if everyone we could find in the Alt-Right and Conservatives were to schedule speeches every week or so, so that this would be seen everywhere. Let them rant until people realize that there’s no there, there.

    At that point we cut them off and let’s see if people will pay to listen to them chant on their own dime.

  6. Seems to me that Murray is salty that Donald Trump ruined his chance to re-enter the “polite society”.And after Coming Apart he was so close…except he wasn’t. He reminds me of Randy Marsh in “With apologies to Jesse Jackson” episode from South Park. There is a lesson in all of these: trying to court favour with the Left is as useless as trying to grow cabbages in the middle of the Sahara desert.

  7. Let the campus Marxists tear those cuckservative fairies apart, what do I care? I only support the Atomwaffen Division and other hardcore NS organizations.

  8. Murray in a tweet did challenge the credibility of the SPLC, you do have something in common, the SPLC really is not credible

  9. “MIDDLEBURY, Vt.”

    That says it all, right there.

    So does the pet nigger in the group of White students, in the header photo.

    • I never saw a negro in Middlebury, or anywhere in Vermont, save for their one city – Burlington, in the very far north.

      • The few that exist are token pets. The Yankees assume that all negroes are like “theirs”are.

  10. What a beautiful town Middlebury is. When we were living in New England, the wife and I would travel there sometimes to get extra parts for her quilting machine.

    That said, I am less sure of the human culture there, as not a few days after we our credit card to our waitress, to pay for our lunch, we found out she had gone on several shopping sprees.

    Looking back on it, she had made guilty eyes at me for being so friendly to her and leaving her a big tip.

    I had no idea.

  11. Why, especially after his own followers were physically assaulted at Berkley, doesn’t Trump defund tax subsidized institutions which are enemies of free speech? He brought it up in a tweet but so far he has done nothing. Is Trump a real president or fake president?

  12. I had never even heard of this Charles Murray dude, but this article indicates he is aligned with (((neo-conservaties))). That is enough for me to form my opinion.
    I did find it interesting that the idiot letter by the Middlebury alumni used the word “queer” in a non-derogatory way. I have also recently seen references to “LGBTQ” and “queergender”. I grew up thinking that queer was a negative term. Since it no longer is, perhaps I should shift back to calling them Godless sodomites, or perhaps just faggots?

  13. “I’m watching this video and it is like these snowflakes have crossed the event horizon of the idea “All Men Are Created Equal” and have descended into a black hole of mental retardation. ”

    That is the coolest, most app description I have ever read about the left.

    I always ask them if they would have a blind man who is retarded or a skilled surgeon who has an IQ of 140 and 20/20 vision do open heart surgery on their child…I never get an answer back…Why is that?

    • My take on it is that the Zombie Apocalypse has already occurred, but the zombies are expressing as leftists and the skin falling off and drooling stuff hasn’t set in yet. I’m having a hard time finding evidence to the contrary.

  14. Whites are still the majority and have guns.

    Murray seems like one of the Jews in the 1930’s under Hitler trying to signal that they too were “good little Germans in the inclusive secular nation under herr fuherer”.

    And somehow “despising Trump” before he was born? Did he lose the fee for the abortion? “Everything he represents” like the rule of law?

    Totally cucked anyway

    My grandmother had a certain genius. She could just by looking at you cut out a pattern that when sewn would fit perfectly. She was very happy as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Now she would be encouraged to get into engineering and end up a barren cat-lady spinster instead of marrying my equally mechanically talented grandfather.

    Because water flows downhill is not a reason to try to create large plants that will spray water upstream. Forcing little girls to do mechanics when they don’t express interest first is just as bad if not worse than forcing them to bake cookies.

    But to return to the main subject (cuckery can be so distracting), I guess it is “how I learned to stop worrying and love white identity politics” is because experience, harsh teacher as it is, said I was assigned an identity, and everyone else (in tech, I was in leftist, SJW areas) was treating me not on the content of my character, but on my low place in the victim hierarchy.

    Murray is an identity politics denier. It doesn’t matter how much he virtue-signals outside, unless he recants, retracts, and kisses the black lesbian Papess’s ring, he will be burned at the stake as a heretic even as he protests, but I’m really liberal!

    • Were there Jews trying to show themselves to be “Good Germans” when the NS took over ? I don’t think so. The Jews were Communist and attempted an armed revolution in March of 1933 when they lost the election. Rosa Luxemberg and her Red ilk would have murdered millions of Germans if the Reds had taken over. NS Germany was Christian friendly culture but a long way from a theocracy. NS Germany would have been Dixie’s best friend – not the faggot English – but the message never seemed to seep in.

      • Point taken, the national socialists were a response to the communists.

        There were Jews in the leadership, but the ordinary shopkeeper generally wasn’t directly involved.
        70% of American Jews voted for Obama twice and voted for Hillary.
        Facts are neither anti- nor philo- Semitic.
        Nor is it such to point out that if they would be more comfortable in Israel, they should move there instead of whining and making up exaggerations and hyperbole like Trump’s proclamation on Holocaust day.

  15. Fuck Charles Murray. He’s a snob who dismissed both Trump and the Alt Right when white people began to fight back. He did this because he had an Asian wife and still wants to go to polite dinner parties.

  16. Can we deport these leftist, fascist, anti-free speech, low life, low intelligent, spoiled disrespectful, mitochondria first?

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