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  1. Watch Zulu if you haven’t seen it. A Pro White movie if there ever was one, and shows the Zulu warriors for the ferocious fighters they were.

    • And the South Wales Borderers as the even more ferocious fighters that they were. Eleven Victoria Crosses for 139 troops in the battle.
      The movie has the best combat scenes ever filmed.
      Men of Harlech, stand ye ready.

  2. you’ve got to see the mid 90s bbc/pbs production of “great train journeys”, where this over rated dud, gates, drags his family, WHITE wife, of course, and 2 mulatto daughters through africa and they really don’t like it in the least. my personal observation of american negroes in africa is that they are very upset when they see how africa really is and rarely go there unless they have to. negroes from everywhere love europe though as they can live off welfare better than all but the wealthy in their native land.

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