President Trump: The Deep State Spied On Trump Tower

Hey hey, ho ho, the Deep State has got to go.

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  1. Here comes the counter punch.

    Maybe Trump could start hitting the Fed hard on interest rates, you know, a preemptive strike?

    It would be nice if this movement could amplify this request. Trump has sub par advisers and needs our help.

    • His cabinet picks are still acting like politicians with something to lose. Even Sessions is hedging his bets like a Senator. Pence broke out the rake because a Nigger started a hoax at JCCs. Ffs.

      • The establishment Republicans all have weak Departments like Devos at Ed, Chao at Transportation, Ross at Commerce. The important Departments like State (Tillerson) and Defense (Mattis) are run by non-ideologues who should carry out Trump’s agenda.

      • This comment from BUGS explains why Respectable Conservatives are scum:

        “I still believe that Hilary (Democratic/Leftist) was taking us down the
        road to ‘white genocide’ and destruction at 150-mph; whereas Trump has
        merely slowed down the process to 45-mph.

        Remember: the Republican Party is the white man’s worst enemy since they
        only cloak themselves in a pro-white veneer. Their policies always look
        to the Leftist (anti-whites) for final approval. Therefore they (the
        Republicans) are actually the foulest of lying deceivers.”

        “Their policies always look to the Leftist (anti-whites) for final approval.”

    • Trump still has Bannon and Miller. They are great advisors.

      Trump needs to shitcan Jared and Ivanka. If Trump cucks, it will be because of them.

      Jared can go run his Dad’s Kike real estate empire and Ivanka can run her clothing business.

      • I have little quarrel with bannon and miller, but they are more kulturkampf advisers, rather than economic.

        The fellow by the name Mnuchin is not likely to advise against the Fed.

        • Yellin’s term ends before the Mid Term elections in 2018.

          I don’t know how much power Mnuchin has, its hard to say because its early in the Administration. Some Treasury Secretaries end up powerless. Paul O’Neill in the George W Bush Administration for example, was frozen out because he rightly believed the Iraq War would be bad for the American economy.

        • Dear Afterthought – we don’t know Mnuchin, nor where his loyalties lie.

          Don’t assume that just because he is Jewish, he will cozy up to the Jews over at The Fed.

          Jews have Hatfield & McCoy fights, too, and, as well, ally themselves with differing parties, baset on their Weltanschauung.

          • You are correct, sir. For example, there are Israeli soldiers who refuse to participate in committing any more atrocities against the Palestinians, despite all the pressure and the threats being inflicted on them by their fellow jews.

          • Excellent comment, Mr. Delarge!

            And, if I may, please allow me to augment it, by saying this…

            Much of the very conservative Likud Party, in Israel, is composed of black vested and hatted ultra-orthodox Jews who, though they live in said country, refuse to serve in the Israeli Army, because they believe that Israel is illegitimate; this owing to the fact it was founded by Man and NOT the Messiah!

            Some people forget that, though we may rightly like or dislike groups of people, for whatever just reasons we may have, there is no such thing as a group of anybody, anywhere, who march in lock step with each other.

            Have good night!

          • Maybe he will not cozy up to the Jews but that’s not the way to bet. Many people who have counted on the decency and honor of the Jews have been sorely disappointed. I don’t trust any of them. Not one.

          • Thank you, Sam, for your comment.

            I would not bet on Mnuchin either way, because I don’t know where he thinks his interests lie.

            That’s how to bet on any man, and, in his case, I have not a clue.

            As to his supposed decency and honor, I did not alledge that he had any.

            Let me put it to you more bluntly : I do not know how President TRump and Secretary Mnuchin have things arranged with each other.

            It may be that they lie in bed with each other as did Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky, in which case, capital trumps race, by a million miles.

            Never forget that Wall Street men worship Daddy Dollar – NOT race, nor anything else, for that matter.

            Bet where their bottom dollar is.

            I wish you and yours all the best on this March Sunday!

      • C’mon, Mr. Finkelstein – you don’t ‘s%^tcan’ your family in a fight.

        Don’t fret – he has more allies than you might guess – both in the State Dept., intelligence services, and in Russian and Israeli secret services.

        • Kushner isn’t related by blood, and he doesn’t have strong fighting instincts. It is Kushner that serves as Advisor, not Ivanka.

          • I don’t know about that. Reports already indicate that Bannon and Miller have more power than Kushner. I think Trump likes Bannon and Miller’s pugilistic spirit.

            Just wait until Kushner advises Trump on something and it backfires. Then Kushner will be frozen out. Also, remember it was Kushner who got Lewandowski fired in June 2016. That led to a rudderless Trump campaign for much of the summer until Bannon and Kellyanne saved the day when they come on board in Mid August.

          • I agree that Bannon and Miss KellyAnne saved the day, and that Jared is likely a bit green for this.

            Be that as it may – he knows he can trust Jared, and in the situation Trump is in that is valuable.

            From my point of view, my hopes are that, whomever Trump uses, it will be effective and immediately deployed.

            President Obama is the first chief executive to try to usurp his successor, and, hence, the entire basis for legality and legitimacy.

            We may be watching the breaking up of the system, not from the bottom up, but, from the top down.

            Thank you for your thoughts.

            They are interesting and well-considered.

  2. McCain along with Obama used the phony pissgate dossier to get a FISA warrant and spy on Trump during his presidential campaign.

  3. This is why Trump, although not serving our purpose, is a huge asset and is doing great work destroying Careerist Neocon asshole moles in the Deep State.

  4. He better be working on something big. From the outside, letting Flynn go and Sessions recuse himself looks like capitulation

  5. All week long I have said that if President Trump does not take out President Obama, politically, his administration is going to be listing lifelessly in the water, by the end of 2017.

    And I’ll say this : if President Obama does not stop doubling down and anteing up, somebody is going to wind up in a pine box.

    This is quickly devolving into a brass-knuckles fight for power that, though few know it in The West, took place in Mother Russia – in the late 1990s – as Czar Putin tried to take back his country from the parasites, and their Western allies, who were raping and pillaging it, wholesale.

      • Good idea.

        Trump is going to have effectively disable President Obama, one way of the other.

        I would have no problems with him arrest President Obama.

        He ought to have been arrested many years ago, for many breakings of the law.

    • Well the communist obama said he was never going to leave the white house if Trump was elected. Turns out to be true except he moved a couple of block away.

      • Bobbi – President Obama is the great seemer; this being that he will seem to be doing certain things, when, as it turns out, he is doing something else, instead.

        Thus, President Obama seemed to leave office of the president, when, in fact, he was simply switching offices wherefrom he would carry out being president.

        Though it seems preposterous, when you study the goings on of the alien political mafia that occupies Washington D.C., and which tries to usurp and subvert the rest of the known world, it’s really quite consistent.

        I’m sorry you have to be born into a country when those, such as myself, who are a generation or two beyond you, didn’t take care of this problem before.

        Pennsylvania Avenue ought to have been burned to the grounded, at least several times before, and a Confederate flag left standing over the smouldering ashes.

        That said, if, at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.


    The American People, no longer possesst of strong stock, and long accustomed to sitting on our couches and cheering on proxies who combat for us, are now, instead of doing the fighting ourselves, watching a proxy civil war.

    And the parties?

    Those who belong in a new Blue State Union and those who must be in a new Red State Confederacy.

  7. I’m extremely glad to hear that Trump is putting the (((Deep State))) on the defensive. Notice how they accuse Trump of not providing any evidence for his claim that Trump Tower was illegally wiretapped, yet they never provided any evidence for their claim that Russians “hacked” the 2016 election. Death to Z.O.G.

  8. Trump needs to act legally but he needs to use the State to prosecute some of these people if he can. They got warrants so I assume it was legal. He could try removing the judges for bad judgement. He may have power over them by taking away their security clearances and giving clearances to other judges. I’ve heard that he can alone give or deny security clearances. This would be a great wedge to remove parties in the deep state. Without security clearances they are effectively removed from power. They could go around this informally but then they leave themselves open to charges of treason.

  9. Obama wants to start a coup that will place him in the white house for the rest of his sorry life.

  10. Oh, how interesting.

    Maxine Waters: ‘Obama Has Put In Place’ Secret Database With ‘Everything On Everyone’


    “The President has put in place an
    organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before
    in life,” Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday.
    “That’s going to be very, very powerful,” Waters said. “That database
    will have information about everything on every individual on ways that
    it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the
    Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with
    that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get
    around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very
    powerful what he’s leaving in place.”

  11. Trump did not get to 100 days, now it’s total disaster and a wonderful real fiasco, after he reveals that terrorist FISA court on weritapTower Trump that asked terrorist Obama crime Muslim blackmial, Trump is no more, now Trump is very damn and very weak , And being the one affected, Trump has to bring to justice terrorist FISA court and terrorist Muslim Obama. We The People on Power America First.

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