PewDiePie: Very Serious Update

Vox writes:

“Pewdiepie correctly understands that it is his Internet audience that matters, not the media, and not the gatekeepers. He provides a powerful example for Milo, and for every other independent thinker who is not going to be lifted up and protected by the SJW-amenable authorities. …

We are here to disrupt them and replace them, not to join them and work for them as creative serfs. …”

Several of us had a long conversation about this on Skype last night. At the end of the day, we need to focus on 1.) generating content, 2.) building networks, and 3.) attacking and changing the Narrative. If we are capable of doing that, then everything else will fall into place.

As Niall Ferguson argues in his new book, social media has “enormously empowered networks of all kinds relative to traditional hierarchical power structures.” These networks cut across national and organizational lines. We’re responding to PewDiePie who is based in Sweden. Paul Joseph Watson makes videos in Britain which have an impact on politics in the United States. Tim Pool is over in Sweden making a documentary which is challenging the Narrative about refugees and crime.

We don’t need Bret Stephens at The Wall Street Journal or David Brooks at The New York Times to tell us what to think anymore. The “mainstream” has lost its traditional monopoly on the flow of information. As this Sweden project shows, we are already capable of financing, creating, driving and spreading our own narratives with the tools we now have at our disposal. We can hire someone like Tim Pool to go over to Sweden, investigate an issue and find out the truth. In some countries, the network has grown to the point where we can challenge and overthrow entrenched liberal elites.

The only thing that matters is the type of discourse that spreads across the network. In the late 20th century, a handful of media conglomerates had an iron grip on the distribution of information. By controlling the discursive means of production (which used to be very expensive), this media elite created and spread a “mainstream” culture that came down to you vertically through your television, radio station, and newspaper. It was very inorganic in the sense that a tiny elite in the Los Angeles-New York City-Washington, DC triangle was having a massive impact on local cultures. There were even disciplinary institutions which were created to police discourse, enforce the secular norms and values of political correctness and punish anyone with social and economic excommunication from “mainstream” society who dared to go off script and breach the dominant racial etiquette.

That’s what happened to PewDiePie. The Wall Street Journal spearheaded an attack in an effort to intimidate him, police his speech and destroy his platform. In this case, the goal was to maintain the taboo around “anti-Semitism” in “mainstream” discourse, which PewDiePie was perceived to be undermining with his humorous videos for his teenage audience. The media elite tried to take him down because he had amassed such a large global audience that he was seen as a threat.

MILO’s flamboyant homosexuality was used against him for the same reason. Berkeley illustrated the damage that MILO could inflict on the liberal elite on college campuses. These people don’t care about MILO’s homosexuality which they have gone out of their way to normalize. Their goal was to maintain the iron grip they have on discourse at our universities which like the media are key culturally sensitive institutions. Most people formulate their worldview as young adults. Contrary to the fanciful Enlightenment notion that humans are rational beings, it matters a great deal which ideas that young people are exposed to at that point in their lives. It usually has a lifelong impact.

By controlling discourse in the mass media and universities, the Left is able to control our culture. As many have said, politics is downstream from culture. If you control the culture, you can set the ground rules of politics. For the Alt-Right, beating the Left on campus and in media is the whole ball game.

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  1. Yes, the power structure of the media in shaping the narrative is collapsing. But “local cultures” are going to die out quickly due to the internet, globalization, and jet travel.

    What will unite the Alt Right is race. Our unifying element, be it in Sweden, South Africa, or South Carolina, is our Whiteness. Globalization can not quickly erase whiteness like it erases local culture through trans national corporations where everyone eats the same food and watches the same movies.

    Contra the media and academe Gatekeepers, the Alt Right needs to stress White Identity and why preserving European culture is essential in resisting the elite in order to preserve ourselves as a distinct people.

  2. We need ways of enabling content creators to make a living. With guidance on how to be edgy without getting booted off platforms and payment mechanisms.

  3. It has been established mathematically that the most robust and fault tolerant networks are networks that have something called an expander graph network structure….this is not phony baloney mathematical jibber jabber…its very real world stuff…..moral of the story:the most robust…fault tolerant network=N=3-5 connections to other nodes on the network-graph….small affinity groups of 3-5 confidantes linked up with other affinity groups of 3-5 confidantes…there is social science research on this…and yes it is in the realm of six degrees of separation-small worlds mathematics……

    Larger point:local interactions=long range order….think of the Spandrels of Saint Marco……the immune system and protien folding operate according to this principle…..local self-organization=long range robust fault tolerant networks…A very well known Conservation Biologist in a conversation hooked me into this framework….

    If you are interested ……I’ll make more posts about this stuff……

    • Look at maidsafe. Decentralized encrypted internet. I’m hoping he has where if you like a service, say a blog or video or whatever you can make space for it locally on your harddrive and serve it like bittorrent which is sort of the idea that maidsafe is following. Many sources for say a blog so speed can actually be higher than the normal internet. maidsafe also has opportunities for making encrypted cash by providing storage and other services. It’s a fairly complete solution. I’m not sure if it’s anonymous though. There is some of that but I’m not competent enough to say for sure if it is. I do think about it and have asked a couple of questions about it. I’m not in any way involved financially or otherwise with this project. I just admire the audacity of what they are doing. Censorship free distributed internet.

      There’s other services that have some of the same ideas but I believe maidsafe is the most comprehensive and farthest reaching.

      For DENNIS KEARNEY. He’s using a hash to index information and a structure like the magnet DHT network(for torrents(actually magnet files)), Kademlia I think. I’m not sure how he solves the anonymous problem of having nodes around you getting close to see what files you are serving or downloading. I don’t understand that yet as the whole thing can get fairly complicated.

      • That is the goal…an anonymous encrypted-decentralized internet…lots of cutting edge research on this going on. Homomorphic cryptography and expander graphs are two cutting edge mathematical structures that are fundamental to this research. The goal is to find something way better than good ol Tor…

        The goal is to mathematically change the shape-topology of the internet in a way that makes the internet conducive to anonymity and decentralization.

        I lean politically towards anarchism. I don’t think Trump and Kushner should be given a blank check to massively increase the number of body bags being sent back home to grieving Native Born Working Class White American Mothers…..unfortunately…White Guy Trump Bros have given Trump-Kushner a blank check to do this. I believe Trump will bomb Iran very soon as a prelude to cracking Christian Russia open…I do not Trust Trump…

        Richard Spencer should annoint himself the leader of the anti-war movement in the US during his college tour…publicly state his very strong Alt Right solidarity with Christian Russia…and shut the fuck about about IQ test score psychometrics jibber jabber…

        By the way..these DNA ancestry test are known to be highly flawed for mathematical reasons…this is very well understood among research geneticists…..these tests are just a way for cucked Whites to proclaim..”I’ a NATIVE AMERICAN INJUN”….more social signaling sewage…

      • That’s one way of characterizing the Alt Right:a distributive hash table gone meme viral!!

      • Kademelia is Turkish for “lucky man”…..

        The organizing idea-struture for anonymous-distributive peer-to-peer networks-routing is the concept of a metric space…how distances are measured and calculated between two points. So I recommend that you start learning about metric spaces..start with the Euclidean metric….and you need to understand XOR……

  4. Things have reversed.
    It used to be the rural country bumpkin shocked at the reality of the city.
    Now it is the university snowflake that melts down into his safe space when triggered.
    Reality has a way of asserting itself.

  5. Just curious folks, I get the impression that PewDiePie likes to push the envelope with his Hitler/Nazi stuff, including his perceived anti-Semitism, but is he really an advocate of White identity? Just last week on the Joe Rogan Show, Rogan and Philip DeFranco were saying that PewDiePie is not anything close to a ‘White supremacist’ or an ‘anti-Semite.’ He has been maligned by the media, and so he plays into it in order to ‘troll’ the media.

    I don’t care what he says on his channel, and I would fight for his right to say whatever he wants. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m glad the guy is fighting back against the MSM, but is he really one of us? I get the feeling that if given the chance, he would denounce White racialism in a heartbeat. Am I wrong about this?

    I’ve watched a few of his videos on Youtube. In my opinion, that’s some weird and convoluted stuff. I don’t ‘get it’ and I really don’t know what folks see in this guy?

    Am I missing something here?

    • IMO, he was initially just trolling and being humorous and edgy, but in the aftermath of the WSJ attack, if not even before the episode, he may have stumbled onto some forbidden truths. As for his audience, you have to keep in mind he caters to teenagers who play video games. He’s much older now though.

  6. The fractured nature does not help, nor the manner. PJW is just bloody annoying (as an Englishman speaking).

    So a hub or conglomeration ideal.

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