This is the Future Liberals Want (Part II)

The popular picture of the Muslim woman sitting next to the drag queen on the subway in New York City has been widely described by conservatives as the future liberals want. So, the BBC went to New York to interview people and ask them what they think of the picture. And it turns out that liberals actually do want this future of foreign religious fanaticism and open sexual deviancy – a truly incompatable state of affairs on a grand scale. Everyone in the BBC video thought this was normal and wonderful. They celebrated it as what makes NYC great. And they said that people who don’t like it should undergo “education,” presumably until they agree that this “diversity” is fantastic.


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  1. Have a feeling that some day the two towers of the atlantic come crashing down from the Orientals ultimate global power.

  2. Fortunately NYC has plenty of tall buildings for the religious fanatics to throw the sexual deviants off of, and they have the NYT to explain why it’s all Trump’s fault.

      • Working class White folks with a Southern accent are the last group of people it is still acceptable to make fun of. Because King Kike says so.

  3. “Diversity is good because everyone uses convenient public transportation”

    There is literally no way you can argue with that worldview. You definitey shouldn’t ask the woman in the burka what she’d do to the drag queen if she were in charge, or vice versa. There’s no way that what we call “tolerance” and “acceptance” are just the result of people being so worn down and alienated by city life that they’ve simply stopped caring about anything outside their individual existences.

  4. There either is or isn’t an objective morality. If there is, then either liberals are right that such behaviour is acceptable and we are wrong to oppose it or we are right that such behaviour is degenerate and can’t be openly tolerated. The only way to objectively judge which is true is to ask what would happen if such behaviour became universal. If such behaviour becoming universal would destroy our society then we are right to oppose it and the liberals are wrong. Obviously everyone becoming homosexuals would lead to the extinction of our society and therefore can’t be openly tolerated. So by this standard we are right and liberals are objectively wrong.

    On the other hand, if morality is subjective then ultimately what is moral will be determined by those with the power and will to impose their view. In other words, might makes right. Since liberals have made it clear that they don’t intend to tolerate us and are willing to violently persecute and suppress or even eliminate us to get their way, it is in our interest to oppose and resist them, and given the premise that morals are subjective they have no basis for condemning us other than subjective preference.

    Either society conforms to practical reason or descends into anarchy and chaos.

  5. Mark Steyn described it as Dar-al-Islam vs Dar-al-LGBT.

    It’s almost as if both sides want to see off the sane West before a final reckoning.

  6. “And they said that people who don’t like it should undergo “education,”

    SJW types are obsessed with “education,” by which they mean indoctrination.

  7. I rode those NYC trains …

    There were less Islamists there in the late 1980s but I noticed them

    I predicted 9/11/01

  8. If the liberals could get away with it they would put all dissenters into “re-education camps” like the Khmer Rouge did in Cambodia.

  9. Well of course the BBC Would try to make out everyone likes it as it fits their leftwing agenda.
    I dont know what is an uglier picture- this one or the one of that hideous looking gender confused moley thing from a few days back.
    Education has to begin young, drumming it into our children that this shouldn’t be looked at as normal, rather than people like us being taught the reverse.
    These two things one the train are complete incompatibles that can only co exist in the West.
    Imagine a similar scene in the Middle East- the thing on the right would be hauled away and hanged.

  10. Shitlibs are inclined to view Islam as just another “lifestyle choice.” It doesn’t seem to register to them that when its adherents aver that they take it far more seriously than that, they actually mean what they say.

    Anyway, I admit I do detect “tolerance” in that pic. But that’s all it is – putting up with what you don’t like. There’s no actual appreciation there. There’s not the slightest chance of that muzzie and that tranny ever becoming friends – that shit only happens in diversity textbooks.

    Even if across the board tolerance is achievable, to me it’s nonetheless massively inferior to a society people not only tolerate one another, but actually appreciate each other’s company.

  11. That’s an important photo that really says a lot. Muslims and Leftists (representative in the Transgender freak) work together to undermine and eradicate their REAL enemy: White people, especially White Christians.

    That liberals would openly support and defend strict Muslims, the very people who would behead them in a heartbeat if given the chance, illustrates just how much liberalism is a mental disorder. Liberals play with a deadly Cobra (Muslims) thinking they will never get bit, but it’s just a matter of time.

    This is why I have said repeatedly that if Whites ever get themselves a White ethnostate (or whatever it might end up being), we would be wise to prohibit devout Leftists and hardcore liberals from taking any part of it or else we will find ourselves fighting the same social battles all over again.

    Humans have this capacity to forget once they get comfortable and life becomes too cushy for them. The old struggles and principles soon pass away, and a destructive ideology eventually takes over their thinking. This is the way of man, and it’s something we must always guard against.

  12. Both the burkha-clad woman and the drag queen are bad news for the interests of normal, ordinary women. I don’t like seeing either of them.

  13. It s oK to hate New York City again. The great New York City patriots who saved NYC (mayor Guliani, NYPD s chief Kelly are gone – a race mixing anti White, anti police mayor DeBlasio is on power, the city turned overwhelming against Native son President Trump.

    The 300 spartan White FDNY martyrs who gave their lives for our nation on 9/11/01 they are ignored – Islamists and SJW Libs support a conquest mosque on Ground Zero.

    The Subways and streets reflects the twin horrors of drag queen degenerates and conquering Islam.

    Islam will take anybody that is anti Western and anti White.

    Hell, Islam took Lindsey Lohan and Mike Tyson

    Yep it s OK to hate New York City again.

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