Rainbow Nation: South African President Jacob Zuma Calls For Black Unity To Dispossess White Landowners

I remember being told South Africa was the Rainbow Nation:

“South African president Jacob Zuma has called on lawmakers to help seize white-owned land without compensation – to establish ‘pre-colonial’ patterns.

But he has been warned that the measure would trigger a racial war in a country historically blighted by racial tensions.

Speaking to parliament, he called for unity between black parties. The controversial move would require a change to the constitution.

Zuma’s comments echo those of his rival Julius Malema, who said earlier this week: ‘So, we are saying black people, all of us must unite so that we can change the constitution so that we can expropriate land without compensation.

‘There is no white man that will understand it.’

Zuma told the Council of Traditional Leaders: ‘The black parties should unite on this issue. We cannot fight about nothing.’ …”

It was this place where race would cease to matter.

The White minority and black majority were going to lock arms, sing kumbaya and march boldly into the future. Multiracial liberal democracy was a paradise that had supplanted the evil racist apartheid system. It was a superior system in every conceivable way. Remember that?

Who rules though? Multiracial democracy in South Africa turned out to be one man, one vote, one time.

Note: It is worth observing that the experience of Congo, Zimbabwe, Angola and Mozambique hasn’t dissuaded “the black parties” of South Africa from embarking on this course.

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  1. What the (((enemy))) has done to the Boers and Afrikaaners in SA is exactly what they have in store for us here. I suggest the formation of a White volunteer army to fight those spearchuckers and restore White rule. Then that combat experience can be put to use back here to deal with the jews, liberals and coloreds.

  2. Shouldn’t we be doing the same? All the various factions contained within the pro-White sphere should set aside petty differences and make amicable decisions based on who is best suited for accomplishing different tasks.

  3. When (not if) the blacks start stealing White land and openly persecuting them, Trump better take in the Afrikaner refugees.

  4. This is what happens when White people give up their “privilege.” This is what will happen in Europe and North America unless White people reverse the Rising Tide of Color. This is why White people must fight while they still have the numbers and the weaponry.

    • This is also what happens when White people lose their nerve. The Rhodesians and Afrikaners gabe up power because the world said mean things about them and put sanctions on them. Also, and this is more a failing of Nordic/Anglo thinking, they assumed that because they were playing fair their enemies would as well.

      • Next door to Rhodesia was Mozambique. Maybe 3,000,000 Sambo were killed in the fight between Fremilo and Renamo.

        Rhodesians (200,000) did what they could.

        • Nah. If North Korea can survive 30 years after the Soviet Union collapsed Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa could survive until the sun burned out.

  5. The Afrikaners need to leave South Africa. They should be welcomed in countries like Australia and the Netherlands.

  6. I am a non Afrikaner white in South Africa and I hate to say this, but the whites here are still majority “cucked” as you call it, even the Afrikaners.

  7. Afrikaner homelands in …

    North Dakota and Minnesota

    Just need to handle extreme cold and play hockey instead of rugby

    Maybe do both

    • I have heard about all those Somalians going to Minnesota, in terms of Africans Somalians are the worst, any place without those is preferable.

      • The Somalians don r stay too long in Minnesota or Maine …

        They move on to places like Middke Tennessee

  8. to establish ‘pre-colonial’ patterns.

    Which means making South Africa uninhabited. The Dutch moved north, and the Kafirs moved south. Before the Dutch, nobody lived on the cape.

  9. What on earth is ‘pre colonial patterns’?
    Racist vulture Zuma has learnt nothing from the Zimbarbaric experience and is heading down a path that will collapse the country and starve the people.
    Its what lay ahead if these inferior apes become the majority anywhere, including white nations…..they will wipe us out.
    Not that I care if black Africans starve….I hate them. America and Europe should swap their blacks for the whites in all of Africa- by force.
    The ironic thing is that when all whites are gone the blacks will want to then migrate to white countries when they realize white removal was a mistake.
    Its begs the question- what do these people want ftom us? You just cannot please them.
    Could you imagine the same scenario in Britain with the whites calling for seizures of black owned apartments? (None of them farm). The Left/commies/fembats would explode!
    Its time for whites the world over to stand up, stand together and fight for our racial and cultural security.
    Division is death. We need UNITY.

    • It’s not a bad idea really.

      Although many bailiffs in the U.K. are either black or have a black muscle behind them during evictions.

      • Yeah you’re probably right.
        Its time for sanctions against South Africa as I’m sensing systemic racism going on here.
        Where’s the utterly useless U.N. in all of this? As this outfit is stacked with dictaters and Islamists it likely won’t lift a finger….its too busy lecturing Australia on same-sex marriage.
        Truly a useless piece of work that doesn’t speak for people like us.
        Enjoy your night and be healthy. Cheers.

  10. This is a preview of what minority White populations remaining in former majority White countries can expect down the road.

    • Yes…..we all know how blacks and Koranimals treat minorities.
      Scary thing is they’re outbreeding us 8 to 1.3 to insure they have the numbers in fifty years time to allow them to rule over us……in OUR countries! They’ll make up over 50% of the U.S./ Aus / Euro population by mid- century……..then watch ’em go! Will desroy the joint like a swarm of locusts.
      Will your ggranddaughter be forced to live in third world conditions-in her OWN country? Don’t be surprised.

  11. A simplified reply on the white capitulation.

    There are only a few films available on YouTube on what happened back them, and a lot of it in Afrikaans, which you will not understand. But I will post it anyway, just to give you an idea it was not as simple as just handing over. After De Klerk took over from P.W. Botha, he just implemented reforms without asking us, the electorate. I know there were surveys amongst the whites just before 1994 if they wanted a black unity government, and over 80% replied no.

    The National Party carried South Africa through the sanction years, it battled against communism with hands and teeth, thus had a high credibility amongst the electorate, which drew its news sources from TV and certain newspapers. So they believed the National Party for a long time that all the changes were made for their interest. The internet did not exist back then. The people were being lied to. They spreaded fake-news. But you must remember the National Party finally split up into the anti-reform Conservative Party, which replaced the Progressive Federal Party (which advocated one-man-one-vote) in parliament.

    Then De Klerk all of a sudden legalized the ANC, the Communist Party, opened the gates of jails and released criminals and terrorists. How should the normal John Citizen respond to this? They do not have any power. The power resided with the military and the police. Their ranks were cleaned and left with loyalists, careerists and ignorants. Just did just what they wanted and we had to look on. The tail (politicians) wagged the dog (us electorate).

    One guy with a gun cannot change the course of events. Lots of us waited for the generals to call us to arms for a revolt, we citizens had many years of military service due to the Bush War, but no call-up instructions came. We did not have assault rifles at home like in Switzerland, only our battle-kit (Steel helmets, boots and webbing, clothing). Rifles were only issued on the day you were called op for Citizen Force military camps. So what should we have done? What would you have done if you would have stood in our shoes?

    Mixed Afrikaans/English films on how there was resistance and how NP politicians lied to the white electorate:

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