Antifas: Berkeley Devolves Into Political Violence Again

Meanwhile, The Tolerant Left had another banner day in Berkeley:

“What initially began as a peaceful march in favor of President Donald Trump’s agenda at the University of California, Berkeley quickly morphed into a bloody riot as anti-Trump counter-protesters attempted to disrupt the event Saturday evening.

The Berkeley march, one of several “March 4 Trump” rallies that occurred nationwide Saturday, concluded with at least 10 arrests and several injuries as supporters of Trump scuffled with the counter-protesters. It ultimately took a group of police officers clad in riot gear to squelch the violence.

“The American dream is all but dead,” Trump supporter Mike Bee said, a local NBC News outlet reported. “We are here to protect it.” …”

They’re making a great case for the defunding of public universities:

In the first video, an antifa claims he will piss and **** on the American flag before an elderly Trump supporter is pepper sprayed by another antifa:

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  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice that SJW/anti-White hordes are getting browner and browner. You truly do see less real White people associated with them.

    • The funniest thing I saw was that Commie Professoress who called for a Black Thug to violently suppress someone’s free speech. Then when she was fired for it, she said it was discriminatory – they fired her because she was White. Unreal! LOL

  2. Why didn’t those Trump supporters show up well armed? Didn’t they realize that the antiwhite, antiamerican terrorists were going to attack them? Like the late Chicago mayor Richard Daley

      • This. Concealed Carry in California only exists for politicians like Dianne Feinstein, celebrities, and relatives of law enforcement. Us Hoi Polloi are left to defend ourselves unarmed.

        • That is true of counties like LA. But Cal is a may issue state which means the county sheriff can/may issue a CCW to anyone that is not a prohibited person i.e. felon, restraining order etc. take a test and qualified at the range with firearm they want to carry and pay the licensing fee (which is nominal). Many California sheriffs are leveled head and shinning examples of what a sheriff should be and they issue CCW to common everyday California residents. One negative is you have to have a reason – not just because you want one (which it should be a good enough reason). But again many sheriffs have a low bar for the reason. Once you have a issued CCW in the county of your residence you are good through the entire state except at prohibited places i.e. court houses, schools etc. A plus is that now several other states recognize Cal CCW’s for concealed carry in their state.

          • In the Far North, Sierras, and Central Valley, the Sheriff’s may be on the level. But on the California Coast the Sheriffs are all leftist assholes who hide illegal aliens from the Feds.

      • Over the last several years I’ve seen A LOT of Whites move from CA to TN. Some came because of the small business mandates/taxes and some came because of the firearms restrictions. But all of them I’ve come across have been very White and had reached their threshold for the Leftist and anti-White atmosphere in CA.

          • Thank you. I am sincerely worried about Dixie. The Jew Yorkers and their ilk are coming for you guys. I love TN. One of my VERY best pals on Earth is from TN. We consider ourselves to be brother and sister. He’s lives all over, but has very very deep roots in TN and KY. He and my Haughty Blonde cohort just did a lot for the victims in Gatlinburg, and Cobbly’s Knob……they are the ones that were sending me reports of how things went….
            ZOG and their minions are COMING for you. The UN has big plans for Appalachia…Agenda 21 is being pushed through in certain regions.
            I am in Yankeeland, although I consider myself to be a Copperhead. I am in a rural area, an there are tons of Whites who only know about Diversity via TalmudVision.
            I know Whites who moved here from the Big Chocolate cities of the East Coast – and most WILL NOT ADMIT WHY THEY MOVED HERE. The women, I must say, are the worst when it comes to virtue signaling. They still want to pretend they are We Are the World Global Citizens – but they are coming in to get as far away from Vibrancy as possible.
            I pray the New Arrivals in your beautiful TN don’t ruin everything.

    • It’s best that the revenge is carried out by ICE…’most of the efforts should carry the authority of the state.

  3. It’s good to see niggers, spics and chinks knock an old white geezer on his ass.

    This needs to be shared widely.

    • It’s not good to see a white grandpa get beat up by Antifa, but the optics are good for our side.

    • Disagree

      We look old and feeble a dying race

      It s like sending an old White guy in to a boxing ring to get humiliated by young Bkack bucks

      We have so many tough White young fighters – support them

        • I m in my early 50s

          I don t look old and get beaten and humiliated by Atifa students like these old guys

          They should do more practical things line write letters tweet our blogs

          We have tough young biker guys that can handle these types

  4. The left must be SMASHED. Completely. And REMOVED. And there are other ways of defending oneself, sans guns.

  5. Hells Angels MC once beat down these same types at U Cal Berkeley in the late 1960s

    Need current bikers do be there

    Elderly Trump supporters shouldn’t t be doing this. This looks weak.

  6. Berkeley seems like a good flash point.

    What you gotta do is OUT NUMBER the Antifa in that one place.

    Have a regular group of protestors, the old the female etc. have them draw in the Antifa with this abuse. Get them attacking the old and female group. Then Have a small detachment of men in their twenties and thirties steam in from a side street and hit a flank or rear of the Antifa cluster. The journalist in the longer clip suggested that the Antifa outnumbered the Whites 3 to 1 there.

    • We need Federal agents to protect those on our side. If we don’t have that the Police will start arresting people as soon as the Left starts losing. Either that or we need to hit them very fast and hard then immediately disperse with safe houses and decent means of getting away.

    • I hope some vigilants goes after their squats while they are away, smash all their syringues and destroy all their drugs etc.

  7. My self defense trainer gave practical advice for these not unexpected Antifas attacks

    The main weapon the Antifa uses is pepper spray bear mace

    Wear eye protection and mouth protection

    Otherwise just good motorcycle leather double pair of pants and good boots gloves

    Fight kick shove

  8. “an antifa claims he will piss and **** on the American flag”

    But he’ll defend it with the last drop of his blood if it means opposing the South.

  9. Since the system is broken and the police do nothing it sure seems like the time has come….we need to show up with chains, knives, guns and bats….this is way past acceptable now……and these berserkely police are useless. The mayor, the town council, the police cheif and these incompetent cops need to be shown that this is not tolerable any longer. They have become the same as the enemy. This is self defense now pure and simple….this has to stop or be stopped…..two publicly visible strikes now against the berserkely cops….no strike three…..

  10. At least now you know that anyone who wants to study at Berkeley/anyone who is willing his kid there after everything that transpired is a lost cause, too far gone to be red-pilled.

  11. When is Trump going to defund the enemies of free speech, the colleges that allow this to happen? SJW screamers and thugs are physically assaulting his supporters. Is Trump just a fake president?

    • Trump can´t know everything, his attention must be brought to this problem. There needs to be an activism aimed at exposing and sabotaging the lefturd indoctrination camps.

  12. Why is Trump still funding these Communist control universities that use tax pay dollars to suppress free speech?

    Donald Trump, Defund censorship now or you are a Fake President.

  13. The Whites were getting some good licks in. Hurrah for them. We appreciate you guys out there taking the fight to them.

    I think in the long run the violent ones attacking us are the minority. As noted earlier a concentrated attack on them where they are drawn out by a weaker force could deplete them quickly. Another tactic, if we had enough balls to do it, would to be using the drones the government has to record everything. They have extremely large scale sensors that can take a picture of almost a whole city at once. Record them attacking the Trump supporters, then track the attackers over time. Federal officials arrest them and jail them for twenty years like the Whites in Georgia got. We should be giving them the same jail terms they want to give us. I bet if you did this three or four times their whole structure would collapse. There’s only so many people you can pay a couple thousand dollars to go attack people. When they see they are getting lengthy jail terms those will vanish. Of course that will mean more bombs and other type terrorism but it also forces their hands.

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