Charles Murray: The Revolution In Middlebury

Charles Murray reflects on his experience at Middlebury College:

“A few months ago, AEI’s student group at Middlebury College invited me to speak on the themes in Coming Apart and how they relate to the recent presidential election. Professor Allison Stanger of the Political Science Department agreed to serve as moderator of the Q&A and to ask the first three questions herself. …

The three of us got to the car, with the security guards keeping protesters away while we closed and locked the doors. Then we found that the evening wasn’t over. So many protesters surrounded the car, banging on the sides and the windows and rocking the car, climbing onto the hood, that Bill had to inch forward lest he run over them. At the time, I wouldn’t have objected. Bill must have a longer time horizon than I do.

Extricating ourselves took a few blocks and several minutes. When we had done so and were finally satisfied that no cars were tailing us, we drove to the dinner venue. Allison and I went in and started chatting with the gathered students and faculty members. Suddenly Bill reappeared and said abruptly, “We’re leaving. Now.” The protesters had discovered where the dinner was being held and were on their way. So it was the three of us in the car again. …

Absent an adequate disciplinary response, I fear that the Middlebury episode could become an inflection point. In the twenty-three years since The Bell Curve was published, I have had considerable experience with campus protests. Until last Thursday, all of the ones involving me have been as carefully scripted as kabuki: The college administration meets with the organizers of the protest and ground rules are agreed upon. …

If you promise to bear that in mind, I will say what I’m thinking and rely on you to discount it appropriately: What happened last Thursday has the potential to be a disaster for American liberal education.”

Why do American taxpayers subsidize this nonsense?

If these college and universities are nothing more than breeding grounds for budding little communists who violently suppress free speech, why not cut off their gravy train? Why are we paying for this?

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  1. If Trump manages to slay the deep state, and that is a BIG IF, Trump needs to turn his attention next to academe and destroy University Administration and Faculty. Purge the colleges of Leftists.

  2. Middlebury is a college for Jews who didn’t get into the Ivy League. That’s all you need to know.

        • Every University on the West or East Coast and top ranked Unis in the Heartland like Vanderbilt are all full of Jews.

          • My alma mater is Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN. I graduated in 1985.

            I grew up in Lib Min Chicago, most of my classmates went to the Ivy League East Coast or the Big Ten.

            I wanted to escape go the South. I did. It was a good choice.

            Vanderbilt, like Duke is no longer a Southern School.

            VU Chancellor is a Jewish guy, former Law Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

            Everything that is “Ours” gets targeted.

            Let’s target some of theirs, make it one of ours.

            University of California Berkeley should be ended, given over to the US Navy, Navy academy West.

  3. Discovers that no amount of virtue signalling will prevent him from being assigned into the same identity politics pigeon hole as Richard Spencer.

    It was a year ago I spoke at the GOP county convention in support of Trump (over Cruz who had more support). I already figured out whatever principles and ideals I had were like spitting into the wind of ideology. I was already assigned a side – I don’t know if I would have picked it naturally.

    That is the problem with Whites, Christians, Conservatives – they universalize, and tend to try to leave others alone to let them “innovate”. But the Left doesn’t care about principles, they demand slavery or destruction.

    I was NOT left alone, though was smart enough to deflect or avoid the destruction until I could get to safety. And my view is “You really want a fight? OK, you have no idea of the fury which you are about to unleash”.

    I do think it will get worse – Charles Murray? He’s not Milo. He isn’t provocative. He’s even a boring academic! But note how Milo and Murray have been treated the same, except the police prudently got Milo out, whereas Murray thought he could leave in peace.

  4. We subsidize it because we’re forced to. If I could pull the plug I’d have done so long ago.

  5. So far Trump the Master Troll has brought three hidden players to light:

    Intel services

    Before he trolled them out of the shadows, all three were considered impartial actors who stood above the fray of partisan politics. No more.

    What’s next on the Trump hit list? I think it’ll be academia. Though their foaming at the mouth leftism and anti-white race hatred is well known to us, middle America still thinks that a “professor” is some kind of impartial expert and that a “university” has something to do with scholarship and intellectual inquiry.

    The Master Troll isn’t going to let such a low hanging eggheads sway on their branches forever.

    Demolishing their credibility paves the way for an easily attainable surgical strike. Remember: Obama added transgenders to civil rights non-discrimination privilege with mere executive orders. If a person’s gender beliefs can be protected, well, what have we here? A straight path to civil rights protection for political beliefs…

    Alt Right portal:

    • The problem with taking on the intelligence agencies is that it usually gets you killed. Was not JFK planning to dismantle the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco?

      • When Nixon tried to get hold of the files for Pay of Pigs he got nowhere…

        But I’m sure some faction of Israel killed Kennedy over nuclear weapons for Israel. Ahem, anyway in the persons of Felt, Bernstein, Ellsberg they brought down Nixon for example.

  6. Rofl, he’s scared of a bunch of spoiled, trustfund brats throwing a tantrum? They’re just acting up to get what they want, like they’ve done their whole lives. Soon as some serious opposition comes up they’ll settle down.

  7. One thing is certain. Whatever happens to Trump politics will never be the same! Communists always believed a Bourgeoisie revolution must always precede a Communist revolution, indeed it prepared the way for the later Communist revolution.Perhaps we can now say that a Conservative/Populist revolution must always precede a White Nationalist revolution because Conservatism and Populism cannot( or will not) enact the solutions we need just like Communists argued that the Bourgeoisie revolution could not solve the problems of the worker because it was too reactionary and was no substitute for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Likewise Conservatives and Populists will not deal with the race issue. Does Trump foreshadow a later and greater nationalist revolution?

  8. L.O.L., this is filed under cuckservatives.

    Free speech is on its way out because classical liberalism is on its way out, hopefully. The real question is who ends up on top, I’d like it to be one of mine.


  9. I understand that even National Review is getting on Trump’s case about the latter’s foot dragging over defunding colleges that allow the screamers and thugs full license.

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