‘Left-wing Fascist Group’

Dan Schneider, the executive director of the American Conservative Union, recently expelled Richard Spencer from CPAC and mis-labeled the Alt-Right as a “Left-wing fascist group.” Scheider’s comments on the Alt-Right, in which he claimed that it was once a respectable mainstream conservative movement that had been taken over by liberal Nazis, exposed his ignorance on the subject and his poor grasp on ideology and history. He stupidly added that the Alt-Right wasn’t conservative because it rejects pluralism. If we take him at face value we must marvel that a man of such extreme ignorance could reach high levels in the present political system.

Dr. Paul Gottfried wrote in War and Democracy (Arktos, 2012) about the Left’s desire to portray all of their enemies as “fascists.” Gottfried wrote that this slur “is directed against all who stand in the way of further gay and feminist rights or unlimited Third World immigration.” In recent months we have heard a tremendous amount of nutty “anti-fascist” rhetoric from liberals opposed to Donald Trump, in particular.

More importantly, Gottfried described the US conservative (especially the neo-conservatives) movement’s penchant for calling Leftists “fascists.” It is difficult to make sense of this unless the word “fascism” is stripped of meaning and historical context and transformed into a political slur for whoever you oppose. A lot of this dumbing down of the political discourse has happened over the last half century or so. “Fascist” is generally much like “racist” – it just means a bad guy.

But, to be clear, fascism arose as a historical reaction to violent communist movements in Europe that sought to overthrow governments and completely re-organize traditional societies. Gottfried points out that “Fascist movements mobilized masses and made deals with the working class, but what allowed them to come to power was their armed opposition to the revolutionary Left.” They “became the party of order” and “stressed hierarchy and the glorification of one’s nation” – traits which are not Left-wing.

Gottfried gives several reasons why US neo-conservatives mis-label liberals as “fascists” today. “But the final and most fundamental reason for the establishment Right’s anti-fascist pretensions is a deeply rooted leftist mind-set in which fascism remains the world’s greatest evil.” This explains why Schneider, at a time when his country is being flooded by Third World immigrants and Leftists are nearing the point of reaching a permanent demographic majority which will make conservatism an irrelevant and powerless movement, is focused on policing the Right of anyone who doesn’t accept pluralism, democracy and the anti-White status quo. Schneider may not realize it but his worldview is based heavily upon the pervasive Leftist values which underly the present order.

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  1. “If we take him at face value we must marvel that a man of such extreme ignorance could reach high levels in the present political system.”

    That’s just the thing. We have very stupid people (aside from Jews and greedy, useful idiots) inside the political system. Not only in America. I mean, there are Negroes who think that the island of Guam could “capsize” due to “too many people gathering to one side” of the island… I’m sure even many of the Whites are idiots too (although I like to think not as stupid as that!). We tend to think that it’s a given that these political heads are at least smarter than the average working Joe Normal… which is a mistake. Many are total buffoons who only climbed the ladder of political success due to their connections and/or blackmailability.

    • Jews completely control every mechanism of our institutions thus far. YES they DO. Jason Chavetz is on TalmudVision RIGHT now, discounting the FISA issue. He’s supposed to be a Republican. Jews ONLY promote the Goyim that will do their bidding. Ignorance on the part of the Goyim is an absolute ASSET.

      • The weakness of the National Republican Party is quite striking, Miss Denise, and has been so for years.

        This weakness goes far beyond Jewish influence-peddling.

        It speaks about the character of the sort of man who has risen to leadership, in recent years.

        Society no longer produces the independent-minded man of 75 years ago, but, someone who is expert at compromising with any system in which he finds himself.

        • Junius, the National Republican Party is and always was nothing more than controlled opposition to the Democrat agenda since Nixon’s Southern Strategy wooed the Dixiecrats to change parties. The results illustrate why you keep your “friends” close, but your enemies closer.

          The Republiscam involves running against the Democrats on issues that have already been decided in the Democrats’ favor, leading their constituents to believe they will roll it back, but making sure that they sustain enough losses that they never have to.

          Case in point, Obamacare. Was I alone in the impression that all these years the Republicans opposed Obamacare and campaigned against it, that they had the perfect replacement lined up and ready to put in place the minute their party won back the White House? Yet now that they’ve won the White House, they act very much like the dog that caught the car.

          Kind of explains why the Republicans did everything they could to throw the race for the White House up to and including voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton to keep the only Republican intent on keeping their promises to the American from winning. There was no plan.

          That also explains why they are prepared to be distracted by endless investigations into the nothing burger that is the so-called Russian hacking into Hillary Clinton’s email. Not to mention the so-called Russian interference in the American elections.

          Anyone with a lick of sense would get that a woman who took a bribe from the Russians to give them twenty-five percent of American uranium would be easier to deal with than an American nationalist. All they would have to do is throw enough rubles at her and they could dictate American foreign policy.

          I think the country is in the major birth throes of a violently shifting alignment. I can see the Democrat Party further purging their ranks of any populists, who will end up defecting to the Republicans, but I can also see the Neocons defecting to the Democrats if Trump is successful in keeping them out of his cabinet.

          Trump needs to stop allowing the Republican Party to stop being distracted by the Russian Brouhaha and hold their feet to the fire by forcing them to fund the wall, repeal Obamacare, and back him up on securing the borders, not to mention bringing back the jobs. He needs to get on Twitter and tweet my concerns that the Republicans are colluding with the Democrats on the Russian non-scandal so that they don’t have to repeal Obamacare because both parties are owned by the same insurance industry.

          • Sorry, but the Alt-Right is wrong about Nixon who campaigned as a Law and Order candidate only to put in Affirmative Action and enforce school busing. Nixon did nothing for White people but con them into voting for him. That still made him the lesser of two evils when it came to any of his Democrat opponents.

          • “…Nixon did nothing for White people…”


            “That still made him the lesser of two evils…”


          • She’s right there. Nixon was an institutional liberal. It’s telling that McCarthyism and Tricky Dicky were mentioned as bad folks by Trump. It smacks of DR3 bullshitting.

          • Nixon was president during a very liberal time in this country’s history. I don’t like all the big government programs his administration was responsible for, but the fact that the you-know-whos are still upset with him is reason enough to like him, I think.

          • Well, in case you were not there, Mr. Delarge, White Folks, in the time of Nixon’s career, before he was in The Oval Office, (1950s-1968) who were opposed to him, were so because they considered him a liar and a crook.

            He was a brilliant man who tried to be fair, but, who, just like president Obama, used the power of his office to destroy his opponents.

            The legacy of his administration was his failure to bring the Vietnam war to an end, a successful reaching out to China, the oil-crisis recession of 1973, the creation of more federal beaurocracy – EPA – and his appointing of some very good justices, if memory serves.

            Also, he used to beat his wife – the lovely Pat Nixon; and, as well, was very respectful to those servants in The White house – one particular negress remembering the time when he made scrambled eggs for her!

            He was a mixt bag; a genius, to be sure, though, I really hope a better hero could be found.

            Perhaps Ike Eisenhower would better fit that bill.

          • Interesting that he is, as you say, the favourite of the Alt-Right.

            I live through his era and governance, and I will have to think about that.

          • Dear Miss C,
            I thank you for your fascinating reply, and for having taken the time to be so elaborate. I’m afraid that I have nothing clever to reply, other than to say that, on the whole, I agree with you. Yes, The Republican Party has become largely a scam, and, yes, the whole notion of who is a ‘Russian dupe’ and who is not is patently absurd.
            Where I don’t agree with you is your feeling that Trump ought hold The Republican Party to the fire. I say this because, if he is to achieve tax reform, Obama Care Repeal, and a variety of other things, he cannot jettison that slim majority of senators in his favour.
            No, if chastisement is in order, it must be in private, though, probably chastisement and reproof are not going to be as good as ‘persuasion’.

            And, yes, the industries own the congress, NOT the people.

            Thank you, again!

  2. It goes to show you what kind of bubble normiecons live in, just to use a blatantly contradictory term like “left-wing fascists.”

    Schneider also accused Richard Spencer of hijacking the term “Alt-Right.” Which is sorta like accusing Martin Luther of infiltrating and ruining the Lutheran Church.

  3. Let’s make up another word. The Jews use word games all the time. Most Normies have the historical and ideological depth of the last Taco Bell commercial they saw on Talmudvision programming. And I’m not insulting Normies; it’s just a FACT. The use of fascist gives the Jews (the thought leaders of the Left. The Race of the Street Tools means very little. They do what they are told). the ability to use that word against us, WE must literally control the dialogue. Let’s develop a lexicon. We’ve done it for trolling; let’s do it for REAL.

    • One problem with that is that our side has very few people with any ability to undermine the authority the other side possesses.

      Case in point the Progs shout “Fascist” at us and our side goes into essay mode and the normies automatically think we respect the authority of the Progs and so should they.

      • When the Progs shout “Fascist” at us, shout back that they are Communists. That’s what is hurting the right, we can’t call a spade a spade. That’s what Progressives are all about … incremental Communism. Why are we afraid to at least Name the Bolshevik?!

  4. So are we to conclude that fascism and the alt-right are nothing more than reactionary movements?

  5. Same silliness with “the Democrats are the real racists!” meme or the endless “Robert KKKByrd” that everyone knows to be false. Southern Whites, not “Democrats” were the force against turning the blacks loose to wreck civilization, and southern whites are no longer part of that party. The other part of the democratic party also resistant to black run America were rust belt whites who saw their cities wrecked by blacks in the mid 20th century, they also have left the democrats now as well.

    • Every time I hear the Democrats are the party of Slavery, Jim Crow and KKK I roll my eyes.

      The voting base of the GOP is Southern Whites. Sure, they voted Democratic when the party was vaguely White Nationalist. But there is nothing intrinsically meaningful in a label.
      The Democrats ARE the Jews, East Asians, Blacks, Spics, Muslims, Cat Ladies in alliance against whites.

      I have to assume that those who mouth the DR3 line are either jewish trolls or are paid by them.

      • I roll my eyes at it, too, Captain.

        I have enjoyed Sean Hannity for years, but, when he does on this I think it silly.

        Yes, The Democrats are the Anti-White coalition; the party invested in stealing from the White man what his forefathers built.

        And the Republicans? : just a party that bickers how quick thar theft is to occur, or the style of it.

  6. Most of us know who the (((Neo-Conservatives))) are. They’re low life, disgusting scumbags who hate White people and want us to go extinct.

  7. ‘Dr. Paul Gottfried wrote in War and Democracy (Arktos, 2012) about the Left’s desire to portray all of their enemies as “fascists.” …’

    For better or worse, Mr. Cushman – the political system that was so entrencht in this country, so long and until very recently, is breaking down.

    It’s breaking down in the society itself, as evidencet by violent intolerance, on the part of the system’s supporters, and it’s broken down up top – where political parties employ any tacktick, short of shooting their opponents, to win.

    The fight of the 44th president to waylay what became the 45th president, and now the attempts of the same to nullify the results of the electing of the latter, is a moment never before seen in political life, in this part of the world.

    This is like the Weimar Republick of the late 1920s – street brawls, massive unemployment, rampant degeneracy in big cities, and vicious political manoeuvering, up top.

    Something is coming.

    What will it be?

      • Thank you for the link, Mr. Putnam.

        Though I agree with you, on your three principles, the problem is that what you advocate puts you squarely to the antithesis of the government, and what most in this society believe that it ever has been – a a multicultural society that has been a haven from having to agree on one morality.

        Your point of of view puts you completely in harmony with The White Surpemacist Southern Society of my childhood, but that system was destroyed, and that society is still in the process of being dismantled by those who destroyed the system.

        • Yes, my position is antithetical to our current society. I meant it as a philosophy piece, to discuss theoretical perfection -regardless of how close we could get to it. Barring a complete government/economic collapse or a race war, it is very unlikely that we could restore America (or even just the South) to the perfection I advocated in my piece. Convincing women to go back to traditional gender roles would likely require the hand of God!
          On a side note, I think that America and the West might be heading toward a total collapse like envisioned in Michael Bunker’s book “Surviving Off Off-Grid”. (It is a non-fiction survival mentality book, not a novel).
          As usual, thanks for the input,

          • And I thank you, Joe, for your interesting comments, and for having invited me to your site.

            As to a race war ; Tarheel Klansmen were preaching it’s inevitability when I was a kid; yet, in all those years, nothing of the like ever occurred.

            There have been and will continue to be racial incidents in big cites, such as the Rodney King episode, but, and all out race war?



            Because the overwhelming majority of folks, everywhere don’t want it.

            In this, I think of the First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, North Carolina – the biggest black church in the whole area; an area which, even to this day, both sides carry on the social customs of Jim Crow.

            Blacks do not attend White churches in Murfreesboro, nor vice-versa – except for funerals.

            It was this way in 1875, as well.

            That said, one day, not so long ago, The First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, which had been financet by philanthropick White Yankee Evangelical souls after The War of Northern Aggression, caught fire and burned to the ground.

            At this time in history, those ancient Yankee organizations either no longer had the money, or simply did not wish to give again.

            Certainly, the congregation did not have anything approaching the money.

            Who steppt up?

            All the White area churches – all but one segregated congregations of farmers which will NOT allow Negro members.

            Yet, these White churches raised an awful lot of money, in a short time, to purchase a beautiful new lot, (much bigger than the original) and build a lovely new church – old style with all the brick ornaments and columns – a structure which, to this day, is the pride and joy of the Black community, in Murfreesboro, it, and it’s garden maintained as if awaiting a presidential inspection.

            Yet, local Whites do not attend the 1sr Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, just as blacks do not attend those of the Whites.

            So, there you have it – Whites and Blacks, in the traditional Rural South are one and yet separate, and the likelihood of a race war is about as slim as the two races choosing to join each other’s churches.

      • ‘I believe that a Constitutional Republic with limited delegated powers,
        strong protections of citizen’s rights, representative democracy, and an
        adult male suffrage pool is the ideal form of government.’

        The dilemma with this correct analysis of the design of our Founding Fathers, is that the second point defies the first point – the two, like multicultural societies, ever in a vicious war for hegemony with one another.

        As to the last aspect, women are now fully integrated into the work-force as men, and, in most other avenues of life, as well – (the plan of radical New England Culture 150 years ago) and effecting a reversal is difficult to envisage, attractive thought it may be.

        Thank you for your link!

        • It can be reversed easily enough with the elimination of anti-discrimination laws. With an honest Supreme Court, it would be simple enough to get such laws stricken down as a violation of the right to free association.

          Once you put hiring decisions back squarely in the hands on employers, they will naturally fall back into their normal tendencies–you might see the rare “career woman” making her way into the boardroom or the accounting office, but largely such women will be pushed out by the men who are frozen out now by diversity hiring policies.

          Women will largely go back to the fields that they traditionally have dominated (and still dominate to this day), like teaching and nursing.

          • Thank you for your comment, Solidus.

            In my view, reacquiring freedom of association cannot occur in the present ‘union’. I hope I am mistaken, but, I don’t think so.

            It will take either a complete collapse of the present system,. unlikely, or a reconfederation of this county – unlikely, though, less so, with the passing of every month.

            I do, however, entirely agree with you that government meddling into the natural way of things is THE cause.

            For all these reasons, I have been, am, and will remain a Southern Secessionist.

            I see ‘American Society’ as a growing abomination of the Anti-Chryst.

          • It can happen in the present union only if Trump is able to install the much touted nationalist deep state that we spend so much time fantasizing about here. That would require both luck (having old liberal judges die off during his term(s)) and will (actually appointing the right kind of judges). Not impossible, but certainly improbable.

            I don’t much care if it happens via deep state or secession, so long as it happens. For my own part, I have never been a “southern nationalist,” but if southern nationalism becomes the best means of bringing back a sane white ethnostate, I will happily throw myself in there, heart and soul.

          • Well, it may just be that what you posit occurs, this because it seems that The Lord made it possible for Trump to win.

            Considering what he was up against, I can think of it no other way.

            As to a white ethnostate, excluding Appalachia, The South has never been that, so it is hard for me to see how such could be. If, on the other hand, you mean a return to the multicultural society it is and has ever been, with the the majority Whites running it, then I think such is feasible.

            I favour secession, because there is nothing in the history of the gang on Pennsylvania Avenue that leads me to belief they would relinquish power – short of rifles and cannon.

            That said, I don’t have a crystal ball.

            My personal beliefs can be summed up by the notion that, at the minimum, North Carolina has to return to something skin to a pre-1964 footing one way or the other.

            Thank you. Have a good afternoon.

          • Well, in practical terms, that sort of arrangement would be a white ethnostate in all the important facets, so long as freedom of association were upheld. Even if not perfect, I would still find that an agreeable state of affairs.

            Thank you, and the same to you Junius.

          • Solidus, though I know not exactly how, freedom of association will return to The South, because that is the way we are.

            Now, if’n you are young, you’ll probably be a part of seeing that come back; and, be assured, though I am pretty old, I work to encourage all our brethren to wake up, to rise up, and repulse our oppressors.

            Together, we will see this thing through to it’s natural conclusion.

            Thank you for your interesting and polite discourse.

  8. “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies “something not desirable” — George Orwell.

    “I have seen the words ‘Fascist in sympathy’, or ‘of Fascist tendency’, or just plain ‘Fascist’, applied in all seriousness to the following bodies of people: Conservatives, Socialists, Communists, Trotskyists, Catholics, War resisters, Supporters of the war, Nationalists.

    It will be seen that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-fighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else.


    • Orwell always skirted the Jewish Question.

      He never got to see the postwar world unfold. It’s worse than anything he could possibly imagine. Huxley got it more accurately in BNW.

    • As an experiment, try taking any text that uses the word ‘fascist’ and replace the noun ‘fascist’ with ‘baddie’, the adjective ‘fascist’ with ‘bad’ and the noun ‘fascism’ with ‘badness’. Chances are the text will read exactly the same as before.

  9. Over at stormer I took a look at the Svenergy video about the new X Men film called Logan.


    What must happen is the production of comic book literature that shows the same events from a nationalist perspective.

    Producing such material in comic book format is cheap. There is a good market for it. It doesn’t need to be particularly hardcore either. Just redirect the infected matter and provide something a little more affirming for white boys n girls.

    There’s a reason the Jews make this material in such abundance.

  10. “Left wing fascist group” is an anti-White hate slur used to intimidate and silence White people objecting to their Genocide.

    • Because a growing number of folks are no longer manipulated by the old epithets, Mr. Whitaker, I reckon they’ll have to be coining some new.

      Don’t think it will work, though…

  11. Great piece Mr. Cushman, I must now post this on my Google profile. The Alt-Right is “left wing fascist”! Haha. It is hard to imagine that people would be stupid enough to believe it, but most of the people I know probably would. The question is, is Schneider that stupid or a purposeful subversive? On a final note, it was a chapter of Rockwell’s “White Power” that helped me to understand what fascism meant -that it is anticommunist, traditional, and nationalist.
    America had forgotten the three principles. If they had been adhered to, we would not be int he national mess that we are now in.

  12. Have you ever heard a lefty say “Republicans are the real Communists!” -?? No? Maybe there’s a reason for that?

    Whenever you affirm your enemies weaponized terms, talking points, or narratives you legitimize and empower your enemies, even if you don’t intend to; in fact, even if you intend to do the exact opposite. If you intend to take power, and thereby actually get something done as opposed to whining, you discredit your enemies by discrediting their terminology and narratives.

    We see now Team Trump affirming the leftist narratives that Watergate and the McCarthy hearings are the gold standard of scandals that all others are to be compared to. This shows that they have no intention of taking power. They are following the classic Respectable Conservative course of telling some of the truth but never saying anything that really hurts their political enemies.”In power” is not the same as “In office.”

    What if Team Trump were instead to point out that McCarthy was right? That the Truman administration was riddled with Russian/Soviet agents which Truman refused to do anything about as we know now from Soviet archives and released Venona decrypts? That the Democrats’ continued demonization of McCarthy shows they don’t really care about Russian subversion as they suddenly pretend to now. Pointing out this blatant contradiction would destroy the Democrats credibility practically overnight. It would destroy this narrative they have built up over the decades of right-wing witch hunters. This is the kind of thing you do if you are interested in taking power.

    Anti-fascist is a code word for anti-white.

    • Have you ever heard a lefty say “Republicans are the real Communists!” -?? No?

      Good point. It gets back to the hegemony of too many leftist ideas. Conservatism, Inc, works within that hegemony. Which means, I imagine, that conservatives just may be the real Communists!

    • Trump is here to placate whites until the economic collapse which will be blamed on trump and whites.

  13. For those who would like to get involved — we have posted (mostly)
    pre-filled / editable forms for filing a Judicial Complaint against this
    Judge. She committed a felony while on-duty, and she’s liable (under
    the Oregon Rules of Judicial Conduct) for sanction (up to and including

    COMPLAINT: Judge Monica M. Herranz; for Felony Misconduct

    ~ (3/3/2017 12:00:00 AM): Portland, OR

    As recent news reports state, this Judge (Monica M. Herranz) appears
    to have commited multiple felonies — allowing an illegal Alien (whom
    appeared before her in court) to escape arrest from Immigrations and
    Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Judge conspired with her staff to allow
    the alien, who plead guilty for DUI, to use the rear exit of the
    Courthouse to avoid arrest by ICE Agents.

    This is a gross violation of Federal and Oregon State Law for judicial conduct.


  14. Another thing I wanted to add is how come the Democrats have the ability to purge their party of anyone who doesn’t follow the party line, but the Republicans can’t get rid of RINOS like John McCain who always punches right, but only contents himself with feinting left when he is up for re-election?

    As I said, if things progress the way I hope they do, we will be experiencing a major shift. The Democrats are doing everything they can to alienate White Democrats with populist leanings (who remained loyal to the Democrats thanks to FDR). The rank and file Republican is sick of the Neocons and wants them kept out of power. I can easily see Democrats AND certain Republicans changing parties based on their political leanings. And I don’t see this as a bad thing. I would happily trade Lindsey Graham for Joe Manchin.

    The one thing the Alt-Right must do is really get involved in the Republican political process and primary every single Republican collaborator they can get their hands on. I’ll declare victory when Paul Ryan is Cantored in 2018 and Graham and Cornyn are out in 2020. We need to vomit these toxic pills and then flush the toilet on them.

    • “…how come the Democrats have the ability to purge their party of anyone
      who doesn’t follow the party line, but the Republicans can’t get rid of

      The Jews. Hey they got the money. We gave their buddies over $16 trillion during the bank bail out (it’s much more, maybe double). What they shell out for elections and the antifa hit squads is peanuts to them.

      Let’s not even talk about the new global warming CO2 swap trades where the profits got directly in their pockets for the whole energy trade of the planet, another scam.

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