Crusade for Globalism & Equality

Dr. Paul Gottfried, one of the first academics and activists to embrace the term “Alternative-Right,” wrote in War and Democracy (Arktos, 2012) about the how the mainstream of US institutions and politics “desire to transform those who are not like us politically and culturally” into carbon-copies of the degenerate, multicultural dying West.

Though Trump, who ran on an anti-globalist platform, is now in the White House, we still see this powerful desire to go abroad in search of anti-liberal dragons to slay expressing itself in Congress and the media. The meme “our values, goy” was used by the Alt-Right during the recent presidential campaign to mock the globalist, anti-White views expressed by Bush, Rubio, Hillary and company. All agreed (with the exception of Trump) that these values needed to be pressed upon the Middle East, Russia and the entire world not already under the influence of Washington, DC-New York City.

Gottfried noted that “The values that we are urged to export… are coterminous with how democracy evolved in twentieth-century society, with special interest on the treatment of women, minorities, and on a certain acquisitive individualism identified with the opening of markets and a mixed economy.” This very neatly sums up the foreign policy of the USA in recent history under both parties.

Gottfried explains the power behind their “grand crusades” to spread liberalism aboard:

There is, of course, no justification for thinking, like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, that all of mankind years for the current brand of American democracy. Nonetheless, those who hold this position have advantages over their critics. They belong to the boards of influential magazines and prestigious Beltway institutes. They are therefore more likely to get their views and biases accepted as policy than those who are kept out of the public discussion. Moreover, the manner in which American history is now presented in public education and the media glorifies powerful and expanded executive government. The presidents whom educators, popular historians, and journalists place in their pantheon have combined strong economic control with grand military crusades for globalist, egalitarian ideals.

Thankfully, the mainstream media is losing its power and there is now a large bloc on the Right (led by the Alt-Right and the emerging Alt-South) that is aligned with nationalism and not globalism.

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  1. We’re idiots about Africa. We try to reform them. Won’t happen. The Chinese are much smarter. They tell them how much they love them, build them a stadium and a few good roads…leading directly to their mines where they mine raw materials using mostly Chinese labor. They bribe the Blacks that matter. We should change our laws where we can bribe them too.

  2. Let me attempt to say something below the surface, in an attempt to offer something illuminating…

    The would-be liberations of minorities are NOT the motivation of the Jew England government, but, merely justifications for it to express it’s power.

    An interviewer once asked Andres Segovia why he played the guitar so dang fast? His reply? : ‘because I can’.

    I think politicians, of any party, are naturally attracted to flexing their muscle, and, thus, readily seize upon any justification that would lend them a sense of the glorious in so doing.

    Speaking on a more macrocosmick level : empire is a cancer that, once it invades it’s host, eats at the soul of it until that host can no longer do anything but unwittingly be aggressive at the behest of that parasite which occupies it.

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