Erdogan: “If I Want, I’ll Go to Germany Tomorrow – If They Stop Me, I Will Stir Up the World”

Last July, I wrote here about the massive pro-Erdogan rally that Turkish immigrants held on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne. Over 20,000 Turks came out that morning to wave Turkish flags in Germany. They marched through the streets screaming “Allahu Akbar” and “Türkiye, Türkiye, Türkiye.”

Daily Stormer has an important update:

“So here you have the President of Turkey openly declaring that he has the ability to rule over Germany, that the German people have no way to stop him from simply asserting his will over them. …

This is a blatant, naked declaration of rulership over Germany by a foreign power, accompanied by a threat against them if they get out of line.”

This is an amazing statement.

If he doesn’t get his way, Erdogan basically threatens to incite a Turkish fifth column against the Germans. Keep in mind that the Turkish gastarbeiters have been in Germany for several decades. They shouldn’t be confused with all the refugees who only arrived more recently.

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  1. One would think it is easy to side with Germany, but Germany is so anti white that is can be basically considered non white, it will be in a few decades anyway. At least Erdogan is a still a nationalist that caters for his own kind.

  2. The arrogance of Sultan Recep Turkroach III is off the charts. It’s not enough those dirty Turks stole Constantinople and the rest of Asia Minor from the Greeks, now they want the former Reich as well. Our ancestors spent hundreds of years trying to keep the Saracens of Europe, only to have them swarm in like flies over the past few years without so much as a single shot being fired to stop them. Even the Bishop of Rome is encouraging them to conquer all of Christendom.

    Jews, kebab, kaffirs and papists…..RAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. In a print PR ad that Germany took out at the time of the 1984 Summer Olympics—if I’m remembering this correctly—the bright-eyed, smiling Fräulein who was representing Deutschland was a non-European, a Middle Easterner maybe. Obviously, that’s a third of a century ago.

    Can’t remember where I saw that ad. In some Olympics brochure maybe.

  4. I know I’ll get hate for this but out of the non-European people of the world, Turks are one of the ones I respect the most. One of my favorite quotes comes from Erdogan: “Democracy is like a train, when we get to the station we want we’ll get off”. What could be more alt-right than that? And let’s be honest, what is White people call alt-right is what non-whites call normal. Sad but true, we’ve fallen a long way.

    • The whites are under threat everywhere we are in the world. We seriously need to get ourselves together- and now- not once we’re virtually extinct and lack the numbers.

  5. It is amazing what is happening in Germany. They have a Fifth Column of Turks and recent “migrants”, while America has a potential Fifth Column of Negroes who have been here for a couple of centuries -led by (((you know who))). And the Afrikaners are facing having much of their land seized by a government run for the benefit of mud hut savages. This is perhaps the West’s darkest hour since the destruction of Germany by her brothers in 1945. May God have mercy on our volk.

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