Tim Pool: Mainstream vs. Alternative Media

In the latest Tim Pool video on Sweden, we see on display everything we talked about in PewDiePie: Very Serious Update and The Mainstream Media Is Dead:

The Angry Foreigner dropkicks the Narrative constructed by the Swedish government:

The Breitbart-centered online rightwing media ecosystem has grown to the point where established conservative brands like Mark Steyn now chime in on our narratives:

Alt-Right discourse has permeated the “mainstream” to the point where brands who are not even Alt-Right are in the business of constructing and propagating our narratives.

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  1. As Richard Spencer said, Breitbart is the new Fox News, and the Alt Right is the new Breitbart (IE the edgy Right Wing anti establishment). What’s amazing is that we have a Senior White House Advisor in Steve Bannon who has read books like Camp of the Saints that our movement has discussed for years.

  2. The Alternative Media is in direct competition with the Liberal Mainstream Media. However social media is doing everything possible at Censorship of the Truth News. We must defend our Free Speech Rights online. We should support alt media blogs and other news websites off social media. Keeping things active on news, history, and politics. Be active on all platforms. WPWW !

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