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  1. People really should steal his look. Just don’t have insignia on the clothing. Switch out shields and sticks regularly to confuse the enemy. Antifa would be finished in a month.

  2. He had all the hallmarks of a national hero- complete with a special larger-than-life uniform. They don’t want fallback from the Trump’s administration or to create a national hero. The left is unforgiving, if Trump is one term I predict they’ll press charges after the democrat takes office and the uproar has died down too much for him to be a hero.

    • Given this type of “crime” I’m inclined to think that there’s only a finite amount of time to charge him in. After that the statute of limitations runs out.

      • The guy he whacked in the head might be in hiding. Law on assault might require he be found and prepared to testify

    • Gaius Maximus Trump is going to be around for a lot longer than one measly term, Tex. He is our new Caesar and he shall reign until the gods take him up to Olympus. Then Barron’s glorious reign shall begin.

      • “After the horrendous years our race was imprisoned by a global peace, War had deemed us worthy for its return. We survived. We were victorious. We returned glory to the world, so Svastikron became our Emperor. The Impostor of Man has fallen from their throne, their ill-gotten gold wrest from their hands and cast into swords for the noble race. We have reclaimed the lands where our ancestors lie, to rebuild the civilization that we should have inherited from them. May our conquest make them proud.

        Yet do not fear that War is over. We have completed only the first cleansing. By the will of the Emperor, War is eternal, forever refining mankind until we are worthy of inheriting the entire universe. This is our purpose.

        But what of the wretched subhumans who still crawl about the darkest regions of the earth? The Emperor has a plan for them. History has proven that the subhuman accomplishes far more in slavery than in freedom, lacking the sapience needed to contribute anything to humanity. Why, freedom is like a curse to these poor creatures! It only drives them to anarchy. So upon these beasts who hide among men, upon these destroyers of culture, the Emperor will perform the bloodiest, the most imperious, the most merciful of acts. They will not be burdened with the duties of the citizen. Neither will they be burdened with a long life. Just as in the legends of our ancestors, we will put them to use – make their flame burn ever brighter, then snuff them out. Their bodies will light the forge of a new age. Incinerate the unworthy, and from the ash will rise our empire.

        They should only be grateful to die at the end of our blade, lest they die of the putrefaction that their own kind had wrought so long ago. Unlike the days before our Emperor, we no longer need to hunt them one by one in darkness. We will drive them to the edge of the planet and cast them down. They will die screaming the names of their dead gods, and over the roar of the cleansing flames there will be but one reply: the name of the Emperor. This is the Emperor’s Mercy, and we shall be his angels.


  3. Excellent news. Stickman did not do nothing, he is a goot boy! Not even the most Bolshevik city in the country could find any reason to charge him with anything. America may not be totally lost just yet.

  4. Thank God, he got released. There is a way we can continue to support Stickman. We need to complain to the prosecutor’s office and the mayor and the newspapers over the lack of police action. Police are supposed to present a protective barrier between protestors and counter protestors. These guys were sitting on the side lines while Pro-Trump supporters were getting the crap kicked out of them by Anti-Trump thugs. They should not be allowed to get away with this. Don’t let this interesting little deviation from standard operating procedures where the police are concerned to be flushed further down the memory hole with each coming news cycle. Otherwise Stickman WILL be arrested and then expect these thugs to show up on your doorstep to beat and harass you.

  5. Woody Kaine: The Biggest Loser?


    3 cops, pepper spray used in arrest of Sen. Tim Kaine’s son near Trump rally at Capitol

    By Nick Woltman, Dave Orrick and Mara H. Gottfried, Twin Cities Pioneer Press, March 7, 2017 | Updated March 8, 2017

    It took three cops and a chemical spray to subdue the youngest son of U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate, Saturday after he was identified as one of the counterprotesters who allegedly used fireworks to disrupt a rally in support of President Donald Trump at the Minnesota State Capitol.

    Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, and four others were arrested on suspicion of second-degree riot after the “March 4 Trump” rally in St. Paul; a sixth person was cited for disorderly conduct. Counterprotesters clashed with Trump supporters in the Capitol rotunda after they disrupted the proceedings with air horns, whistles and chants. At one point, someone set off a smoke bomb.

    Linwood Kaine, a Minneapolis resident who attended Carleton College and goes by Woody, resisted arrest when confronted by officers outside the Capitol grounds, according to a St. Paul police spokesman. He was released from the Ramsey County jail Tuesday morning pending further investigation, law enforcement officials said.

    Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, a St. Paul native, released a Tuesday night statement through a spokesperson to the Pioneer Press.

    “We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues,” he said. “They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.”

    Woody Kaine is one of three children of Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne Houlton. An older son, Nat, a Marine serving overseas, was more visible during the presidential campaign. The couple also has a daughter, Anella.

    On Saturday afternoon, several hundred Trump supporters showed up at the Capitol for a permitted rally billed as the “March 4 Trump,” one of several held around the country.

    The Minnesota State Patrol estimated the crowds at 400 Trump supporters and 50 counterdemonstrators.

    Speeches had been going on for about a half-hour inside the newly renovated Capitol rotunda when a group of people tried to disrupt the event. At one point, someone set off a smoke bomb — apparently striking a woman in the head, police said.

    A 61-year-old Plymouth woman said she was hit in the head at 12:30 p.m., about 10 minutes after she arrived at the Trump rally. The woman said she saw something coming toward her, tried to avoid the object, but it struck her in the forehead, according to Steve Linders, a St. Paul police spokesman. She was not injured. It was not clear who threw the smoke bomb.

    Security guards intervened, skirmishes broke out, and someone sprayed chemical irritant into the crowd. Some counterdemonstrators dispersed, and the rally resumed.

    The Minnesota State Patrol contacted St. Paul police to assist, reporting that troopers had identified five people who lit off fireworks inside the Capitol, Linders said. The State Patrol asked St. Paul officers to arrest the five.

    Police approached them at a park near the Capitol, identified themselves as officers and the people ran in different directions, but officers caught up with them, according to Linders.

    An officer ordered a man, later identified as Linwood Kaine, to the ground. He refused, Linders said.

    “The officer was able to get ahold of Mr. Kaine, but he got up, squared off with the officer and the officer tried to take him to the ground again,” Linders said Wednesday. Another officer arrived and sprayed a chemical irritant toward Kaine.

    “He then was taken to the ground, but continued to resist, at which point another officer deployed a knee strike to get him to cooperate with the officers and put his hands behind his back,” Linders continued. “After the strike, Mr. Kaine cooperated and was taken into custody without further incident.”

    The State Patrol arrested a sixth person at the Capitol.

    People involved in Kaine’s arrest were not aware that he is the son of Tim Kaine, and it was brought to the police department’s attention by a Pioneer Press reporter, Linders said. No one from the U.S. senator’s office had contacted the department, he said.

    On Tuesday evening, Clark, the city attorney, said he was also unaware of any connection to Tim Kaine until a Pioneer Press reporter informed him of it.

    The other five people arrested during the rally were Jonathan Adams, 25, of Minneapolis; Glenn Kimball, 22, of Minneapolis; Isabell Kimball, 26, of Minneapolis; Haley Ryan, 23, of Webster, Minn.; and Anton William Bueckert, 29, of Ontario, Canada.

    Elisa Sarmento, one of the rally’s organizers, was upset by the disruption, though she said it didn’t have much of an impact.

    “All we wanted to do was just celebrate our president in our own country,” Sarmento said. “We have the freedom to do it and for those young kids to come … and disrupt and hurt people, that’s very disappointing.”

  6. Based Stickman is a hero because fake president Trump won’t defund enablers of anti-free speech screamers and thugs.

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