Live Thread: #DayWithoutAWoman

It is an ordinary day in our household.

My wife is watching The Lion King with our son. We’re about to have lunch. Like The Day Without Immigrants, The Day Without a Woman has only illustrated that these people are far removed from my area and have absolutely no impact whatsoever on my daily life.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that the Eastern woman is revolting in Midtown Manhattan:

“Arrests in Midtown Manhattan

By noon, the New York City police were already helping direct the mostly female crowd that had gathered down one busy block of Midtown Manhattan. Many people wore pink hats or carried protest signs, and there was more than one cardboard fist thrust into the air.

The protesters represented a diverse array of issues — immigration, health care, the environment — but several people said the main goal of the day was to show solidarity with women around the world.

“I’m always telling my sons how strongly I feel about gender equality, said Jennifer Mazzanti, a 40-year-old mother of two sons who had taken the day off from running her technology consulting firm. “I want them to grow up in a world where this isn’t an issue anymore.” …

Protesters, some of whom chanted “this is what democracy looks like,” began marching in the direction of the Trump International Hotel a little after 1 p.m. Around 1:30, organizers tweeted that the police had taken protesters into custody. …”

Feminists marching through Manhattan in vagina hats, clenched fists raised in the air and chanting “this is what democracy looks like” for no apparent reason is a great advertisement for monarchy. If this is what democracy looks like, maybe we should try something else?

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  1. This time do they know what they are protesting. When is this going to stop….women have reached peak narcissism. I am not in sync with trump here. I am tired, tired, tired of this political correctness that is always just a lead in to virtue signalling. These women have been watching too many advertisements telling them it is all about them….heres a news alert ladies…reality is calling to let you know you are not the center of the universe.

    • Vehemently disagree. Narcissus was a man, but women have only achieved parity. They can, “Vanity, thy name is woman”, can totally beat men in this category.

      If men were smart, they would ban cat-ownership, which will give these spinsters in waiting an even more lonely life.

      • Without their cats they would attack all the more…..i think instead, turn their homes into cat shelters and keep them busy wiping fur off their sweaters. And btw if a single woman can defeat up to nine men in a movie fight then they can take the lead in narcissism as well….women can do anything…..they are super……have you not heard

        • SJW SF/F – Women can learn something like Krav-Maga, then try to attack an out of shape middle aged man in one of those padded suits.

          If they have any brains, they then revise their idea and choose between S&W, Baretta, Glock, etc. And schedule monthly range time.

      • It is the price to pay when you spoil and shelter generation after generation, that is what was done with the good times even without cultural-marxism.

        If you see the Full Metal Jacket movie, you may begin to see the solution to the problem.
        Military service/re-education with Senior Drill Instructor Sergeant Hartman + some surgery and mind-altering drugs. 3 years minimum.

    • It’s just a smaller section of bitter feminists who hate men, hate their lives.

      Milo was/is right

      Healthy women would prefer to get cancer than feminism.

    • Fat, ugly, spoiled, nasty women and beta undermen making the case for being also being stupid and of course, why the Emperor´s plans for society are necessary…

  2. A day without old farting Jewish Lesbians………………I guess that means that Lindsay Graham is taking today off………………………..

  3. Day without a woman…I’ve been hard pressed to find a female worthy of the title of “woman” for at least the last few years. It’ll be a day like any other.

    • Take up partner dancing.

      I recommend Salsa – lots of healthy, pretty gals like to do salsa dancing, not just Latinas (many are good, have lots of European blood).

      In Salsa dancing the women just shut up and follow the man’s lead.

      That’s the way life with women should be.

      • Rhythmic footwork has never been my forte, but with the proper motivation, I might be able to reach passability there. I think you might have given me just that. 😉

  4. How about a year without Ginsberg, Sotomayor, and Kagan?
    As well as Feinstein, Pelosi, and the rest?

  5. They want to be a “day without a woman”,
    then march and scream “pay attention to me!”.
    then scream “Stop laughing!” to the sane people looking into the Bedlam.

    How about a day without a woman talking (or otherwise communicating her angst, complaints, whining, etc.)?

  6. Instead of a “Day Without Women,” can we have a year without the leftist, feminazi ones?? Or a decade? I’m really good with a decade.

    • A thousand years seems like a good minimum starting point.

      “The next feminists can put in an appearance in 3017 AD! See ya, wenches!”

  7. Only spoiled, immature Social Marxist dingbats with unimportant jobs in academia had the luxury of taking the day off. For women in the real world who have to support themselves and/or their families it was business as usual. But imagine if all White men took a week off? The world would literally grind to a halt.

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  9. These silly women should knock it off. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that the men find their day off so enjoyable, they demand the rest of the week or the whole damned month! You can bet that MY mother didn’t drop me on my head when she birthed me. I haven’t given the men in my life a day off but I don’t want them getting any ideas.

  10. Hunter, I would like to repost our/my OD classic “maybe we’re not that different” which what sane, healthy men the world over think about these messed up, bitter American feminists.

    Wouldn’t we all like to have more than a day without these Hillary type women? More like a world without them – maybe send them to ISIS controlled areas for the Islamists 5th wife.

  11. Ugly, fat women (and beta undermen with cuck beards) making the case for also being stupid.

    • Add in some scrawny punks, and some uncontrollable nigger ghetto combat fighters, and that’s the Left in microcosm.

    • Stupid is as stupid does, even when women make the case for it. I can remember some SciFi that posits species with non-sentient females. We may be headed there.

  12. If your wife is watching The Lion King with your son, non-Southerners are having more of an impact on your daily life than you realize.

  13. From the Huffington Post;

    “Women’s March Organizers Arrested During ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Rally”

    “Some of the national leaders for the Women’s March on Washington and the “A Day Without A Woman” strike were arrested outside Trump International Hotel in NYC on Wednesday.”


    • If the violent psychopathic serial rapist Bill Clinton showed up at the pink pussy hat protests these degenerates would rush over to Bill Clinton and ask for his autograph and tell him how much he has done for women

        • AND I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          True story….trendy Northeast well know bookstore…..two miles from where humpback whales were breaching two summers ago…..Bill Clinton book signing……long lines….I looked through the large glass window as Billy signed his fawning fan’s books….after the Billy left…….garbage strewn all over the fucking place outside where his fans where waiting……I went in to buy some books on US Labor History…..overheard this conversation in the isle I was standing in….Two fat Jewish Women with their Billy signed books:”I can’t believe it….I told Bill that he has done so much for women in this nation!!!!…I can’t believe I got a chance to tell me this….and Bill hugged me after I told him this!!!!!!!”

          Would you like to now what book I brought that day?

          • Yes, which one?

            As an aside. The Clinton’s are notorious in North Texas, Oklahoma and North Louisiana. There ain’t nothing you can say that about Bill that would shock anybody from here to Arkansas.

          • The three books I brought that day:1)Big Trouble by Anthony J Lucas…..2)The Johnston Flood by David McCullough….3)a book about the Homstead Strike…I have since lost this book…..don’t remember the exact title….Carniege and Fricke and the war with the Steel Mill Workers……a revolt against feudal wage slavery…..And really this should be what the Alt Right stands for:WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKERS….but it seems that Richard Spencer and Paul Kersey want policy wonk debates with the enemy about IQ test score psychometrics……

            Before Bill left with secret service……he bought a couple of books in the policy wonk section….not to far from…as in right next to……the incurable sexually transmitted disease section:”You can live with herpes simplex”….I am not joking about this…..

  14. Exactly what are they protesting against, Trump has not done single thing in government that had anything to do with women.

  15. The SJW are killing the left basically white libtards looting the D party’s rackets before the coloreds get their crack at the loot

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