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    • Very true; he is not enthralled by the papacy, the third reich, Nordic pantheon, antebellum Dixie or any of the other usual pitfalls.

    • He is the epitome of a refined, dignified Southern gentleman. He is an enormous asset to our race and our movement. So is Jared.

  1. Whites are largely ill-disciplined and many of the whites who have discipline buy into white globalism ideas so they become impotent.


  2. Offering 2:

    I actually was wondering today about this question of why whites wont defend themselves concerning the French Election. I am not especially knowledgeable about French politics, but the vibe I’m getting is that Le Pen will make it to the “final two” where victory is far from certain.

    Much like Hillary Clinton asking during the election “why am I not ahead by 50 points” I ask the same thing about Le Pen. Why is this even close?

    WWI is at the heart of that answer, even more so than WWII and the threat of nuclear annihilation during the Cold War. The contrast of life pre and post war was the most stark with WWI. In fact, many European intellectuals were indulging themselves in Eastern Religions, such as buddhism, along with other utopian systems such as Communism, scientific materialism under the label “Progress”, and occult systems such as Theosphy and Luciferianism.

    To put it in American terms, imagine if the trauma of Viet Nam were experienced not from a distance, but was blowing apart and burning up country clubs, elementary schools, and churches right here at home. It would leave a psychic scar that could literally be found in DNA methylation patterns (“epigenetics”) to say nothing of the collective mind of society.

    For many whites, the 20th century was that kind of time, in a way we do not fully share in America, experiencing it mainly at a distance, from select immigrants like the Jews, or through the fading lens of history. Consider that when Hitler resigned, many of his country men were starving or their mutilated bodies were rotting in the streets. You wouldn’t even have to ask their opinion about chancing that again, the answer would be no.

    Compare the promises of some of those systems that were fringe in the run up to WWI, communism, Buddhism, socialism, the occult, American “Progress” etc. They would be very attractive to the war weary and hungry. Combine that with the enormous success of Pax Americana, why would anyone really want to upset the apple cart?

    We can then go back to the Rivers of Blood speech by Enoch Powell: Powell was prescient and right, but no one wanted to listen. Most people in this movement see that, even if at some time in the past, they would have also balked at the same speech for reasons other white are not defending themselves today.

    I don’t think it is a shocker to see that England, the US and Russia – “winners” of the World Wars are quickest to upset the apple cart; the other countries will come along, but it may take a different approach – one attuned to the specific psychic scars of their collective past.

    • “To put it in American terms, imagine if the trauma of Viet Nam were
      experienced not from a distance, but was blowing apart and burning up
      country clubs”

      You are describing the situation of South Africa, Mozambique, Angola and Rhodesia, and a lot of other places like for example Beirut.

      I worked in Pretoria in the 1980s, the ANC planted limpet mines all over the country (over half of them never hit the press), also in Pretoria, where several of them went off. One was planted in the mall where I worked, but it fortunately was discovered in time. Especially government institutions were seen as targets, but movies, restaurants and shopping malls also received their share.

      All waste paper bins in downtown Pretoria were removed, because they planted Soviet SPM limpet mines in them. If you went into shops, you had to pass electronic detectors. Today you pass security and detectors when you leave the shops, I wonder why… (theft!). The big one was the Church street bomb, which I missed by an hour, but I saw the damage the next day. Same for the Ster-Kinekor movie center.

      I cannot confirm that this goes into the genes. You get used to the situation, and the body’s psychological self-defense mechanism just toughens you up to cope with the situation. The most stress lie on the security forces which have to directly deal with these situations, and try to create a situation of normalcy for the civilian population.

  3. The whites collaborating with Jews defend their interests by attacking the interests of the majority of whites.

  4. WHITES do not have the protection of the law but their attackers do. A WHITE who defends himself/herself risks criminal prosecution and civil suit for damages. MUDS generally do not. I have personally witnessed this in California where MUDS initiated violence against WHITES. It was the WHITES who were charged with “battery” in the aftermath, not the MUDS. WHITES do not have the protection of the law because there is no pro-WHITE political power and anti-WHITE racists are not threatened with a political price for discriminating against us. Until WHITES are powerful enough to inflict a political price on anti-WHITE politicians/officials this will continue.

    • I’ve witnessed similar myself. That’s a revolting predicament, but it’s largely a question of physical defense. The question Taylor and Dickson were attempting to answer was why whites (in the main) refuse to mount a rhetorical defense.

      My own guess is that most whites equate a defense of white racial interests with something resembling neo-nazism/kkk, or at least animus towards other races, which most whites find off-putting, either out of personal reflection or social conditioning. Taylor is notoriously reticent to delve into (((this area))) for reasons his critics have long pointed out.

  5. I like reading some of the articles over at AmRen. But to be honest, I find Jared Taylor and many of the commenters on the articles over there to be condescending towards European/White people. I don’t say this lightly.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that Whites don’t need to coalesce or find ‘allies’ with Jews and East Asians.

    And AmRen has a nauseating tendency to suggest that Whites have a common interest with Jews and East Asians. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Even going so far as to suggest, at times, that Jews and East Asians are even more genetically superior using questionable race/IQ sources which I find to be against the ethos of White/European interests.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I much prefer it over here at O.D. and at places like StormFront where we don’t need the condescending (((input))) of the Chosen ones and the East Asian races.

    Sorry, but I am no fan of the miscegenation of Whites with East Asians either. That’s just a simple case of being a race traitor.

    • Stormfront should get more recognition as its daily podcast is one of the best things going.

    • Amren doesn’t advocate miscegenation of whites and asians. Some of the commenters do and that sort of thing is tolerated in the comments section, but there is also significant pushback against it. Only the name of “John Engelman” comes to mind as a poster (and sometime writer) there who consistently promotes the interests of Jews and asians over whites.

        • I have no idea. He’s the main reason I don’t comment much on AmRen and why I really have no interest in associating myself with any online or offline networking with them. I won’t really attack Taylor or AmRen, but I’m not gonna go out of my way to defend them.

        • I despise the lying piece of shit. I despise even more the faggot moderators who enable him.

  6. I see lefties bombarding Whites with racist, nazi, hater, nonstop. But Whites even Pro WHites won’t dare call them anti-White or use White Genocide. The Jews would have no hesitation, if they were under attack on a scale like this.

    Why won’t Whites defend themselves? Jared Taylor should first look in the mirror and ask himself. because he won’t use anything that works.

    • Hey there, overheated infighter. Mr Taylor has a Twitter account (@jartaylor) where he attacks the enemy.


    • I used to read Amren some time ago and comment. I’d throw in Whitaker’s memes and they were all edited out. Yeah, Jared needs to take a good look in the mirror but I doubt very much he will. I guess losing has become normal for him and there’s a little money in it too.

  7. Did anyone catch what Dickson said at about 37:35-37:40. It sounded something like, “But it’s also necessary to offer people a solution. And that’s the good thing about [unintelligible].” It sounded as though he was referring to an organization or a publication (but then he got sidetracked into talking about the “ain’t it awful” phenomenon).

    I think Dickson is correct about this. Consciousness-raising without offering solutions seems to have the effect of informing people of how race “works,” how racial dynamics play out, or what “the rules” are; and rather than energizing people or encouraging them to take a stand, people seem to accommodate themselves to the situation as they now understand it to be. But with offering a solution, the issue as presented as “this is what is wrong, and this what we need to do to put it right.”

  8. One reason whites don’t defend themselves is the disparity in the judicial system.

    Anti-Trump agitators who plotted ‘acid’ attack get ‘light sentences’


    All three left-wing activists who admitted to plotting a butyric acid attack against the pro-Trump “Deploraball” at his inauguration have received light sentences. -snip-

    Paul Nehlen, who challenged Speaker Paul Ryan in a contentious primary and was a guest at the Deploraball, called the light punishment a “travesty.”

    “We see time and again the left is charged with lesser crimes,” he said. “They should have been prosecuted under federal law. The U.S. Constitution guarantees in the First Amendment ‘the right of the people peaceably to assemble,’ and USC 241 codifies ‘conspiracy against rights.’ My rights as an attendee of the Deploraball were trampled by their actions.”

    Scott Greer, a Daily Caller editor and the author of “No Campus for White Men,” also slammed the sentence as a de facto encouragement of further violence.

    “These were people who intentionally plotted to harm people because of their political opinions,” he told WND. “The message sent is that you can attack anyone you think are ‘Nazis’ and we’ll just make you pick up trash off the highway for two weekends. It’s pathetic and only encourages more political violence.” -snip-

    Political correctness is just the beginning. The situation on college campuses is worse than you could ever imagine – and America’s future is at stake. Don’t miss the political blockbuster of 2017 – “No Campus For White Men” by Scott Greer.

    “Left-wing politicians give rioters permission to hurt people and destroy property. Police habitually sit back and watch as left-wingers burn neighborhoods to the ground. Look at what the cops, under the control of Democrats, allowed to happen in Ferguson, Missouri; and Baltimore during Black Lives Matter riots.”

  9. This article by Israel Shamir is instructive about the way of power.


    Shamir writes:

    “Russia’s connection with the Alt-Right is a figment of the imagination. The Alt-Right has its Russian counterpart, the well-known philosopher and student of Heidegger, Alexander Dugin and his followers. They are faring worse than the Alt-Right in the West. Dugin is often presented as ‘Putin’s adviser’, but he has never so much as met Putin tête-à-tête. Dugin supports Putin, but Putin does not support Dugin. The philosopher has been pushed out of Moscow State University, landed in a marginal internet TV channel, and it is rumoured he is even being pushed out of that channel. His views are less acceptable in Russia than those of Bannon are in the US. RT, the Russian TV channel, news agency and site, is always cautious, like the BBC. Recently, an Alt-Right American of Russian origin, Nina Kouprianova, whose witty twitter has many followers, far from being a ‘Moscow Mouthpiece’, as the beastly Daily Beast claimed, had her articles removed from the RT site. Her full-blooded support for Putin did not help her at all. Dugin is not a frequent guest in the RT, or on any major Russian channel.”

    It goes to show that POWER is the decisive factor.

    An organization will defer to the Power even if it is hostile while dismissing(even abusing) the Powerless even if it is supportive.

    Jewish Americans, by and large, are anti-Russian, but they have the power. So, Russia goes out of its way not to offend American Jews even though American Jews pull every trick in the book to destroy Russia.

    But Nina Kouprianova and Alt Right people who defend Russia from globalism? They got no power and are of no consequence. So, they get ignored, or worse, even persecuted by Russian government to appease the powerful Jews who rule America.

    Stalin was the same way. He knew Hitler was anti-Soviet. But Stalin feared Hitler and was willing to accommodate him, at least until Hitler decided to invade in 1941. Anything to avoid war with Germany. Stalin even beat up on fellow leftists who urged different tact with Hitler because he feared Hitler and wanted to avoid a war with Germany. Germany was consequential because it had the power even if its ideology was very anti-communist. So, Stalin sent a signal to Hitler, “I’m with you than with communists who denounce me for making pact with Germany.”

    In the end, power has consequence. If you are faced with a big strong person who hates you, you must do things to ease the tension and goad him to be nicer. He can crush or seriously harm you, after all. If a weakling stands up for you, he is of no value since he has no power. Also, if the big strong guy who hates you demands that you punch the weakling(who supports you), you may well do it to appease the big guy to avoid conflict.

    Way of power.

    Same way in the US. Alt Right is supportive of Trump, American Jews loathe him. But Trump defers to Jews and dismisses the Alt Right cuz they got power.

    Defer to the power that slaps you and slap the powerless that supports you.

    Power decides. It can decide live or die.

    Here is a classic case of deferring to the Power(Big Potato) that opposes you while sidelining the relatively powerless(small potato).


    Your support has no value if you can’t back it up with power.

    Suppose there is an elephant, a rhino, and warthog.

    Elephant is stronger than rhino which is stronger than warthog.

    Elephant hates the rhino, and warthog likes the rhino.

    Elephant can do much damage to the rhino, and the warthog can’t do much to help the rhino.

    So, rhino’s well-being depends on defusing the rage of the hateful elephant than in summoning the support of the friendly warthog lacking in power.

    Indeed, if the elephant tells the rhino, “I will maybe go easier on you if you kick the warthog”, the rhino may do just that EVEN THOUGH the elephant hates the rhino while the warthog likes the rhino.

    It’s just how power works. No sense in being sour about it. We have to be reptilian and cold-blooded in assessing power. Machiavellianism.

    Indeed, this was the weakness of American democracy. People voted for politicians, but the real power of money and influence was held by globalist elites. So, once elected, the GOP politicians did the bidding of globalists who really loathed them while betraying the voters who hung their hopes on them.

    Trump signaled differently. He said he would take on the Establishment, and that set off panic. The Establishment attacked him all out, and so Trump had to appease them by appointing mostly same old same old. Trump has to defer to the power, even if it hates him. People who voted for him may support him, but they don’t have the PULL in institutions and industries.

    Even so, Alt Right has some real cards up its sleeves. Courage, conviction, honesty, and truthfulness are a kind of power. In the end, strong-willed conviction can move mountains. Christians and communists started out without power. But they had doggedness and determination. And they turned the world upside down.

    Even the biggest fire began with a little spark. The trick is keep the fire going against the wind and rain and looking for places where it is most likely to be spreads. Places with dry leaves. Alt Right fire must seek out dry leaves. Whites angry with anti-white-ism and globalist supremacism that can be traced back to Jews.


  10. Whites must first undergo Psycholocaust. They must exterminate the Jews-in-their-brains. White minds are colonized by Jewish ideological virus. Whites need to develop mental SS to wipe out the Jews-in-the-brain.

  11. Many of our people have a lost identity. Not understanding the nature of the White Race. Just look at themselves as Individuals. That must change. Apathy and Individualism is destroying Christianity and the White Race. We must understand Kinism. Your folk is part of your family. We must work together for the survival of our People. WPWW !

    • I agree, Mr. Pace – as I said, down below, people only experience themselves as ‘ individuals, these days.

      Excellent comment, Klansman.

  12. Why Won’t Whites Defend Themselves?’

    Because Whites are so individualstick, at this point in time, that they would rather do something that makes them think good of themselves than protect their communty, culture, and heritage.

    It’s all about me, nowadays – even for many in Christian churches.

    • Or it’s all about their families, too. So you have a wife and a couple of kids depending on you; you open your mouth, there goes your job, your wife will leave you, taking half of whatever you have left plus your kids to be beaten up by a series of “boyfriends.”

      Not many people have the mettle to martyr themselves by speaking up, particularly if they don’t see that it will do any good to do so. The googles and skypes can say whatever they want with no consequences, or even rewards. Whites will lose everything they have if they step out of line even verbally, in a lot of cases.

      You’re not protecting anything if you lose everything and end up as a Walmart toilet scrubber trying to pay alimony to stay out of jail. Not your community, nor your culture, nor your heritage.

      Until Whites start to organize to the point of assisting each other if they decide to “take one for the team,” most will not see any point in speaking out for a team that doesn’t have their back when the (((powers that be))) cause them lose everything.

      In short, I think it’s not so much “rampant individualism” in many cases, as a sense of total isolation and helplessness, leading to people preferring to keep their head down and shut up and still get what little they can out of life, than to speak out — futilely, as they perceive it — and end up a statistic.

      • Thank you, Ironsides, for your thorough and well thought out reply,

        Yes, you have to exercise caution in speaking out, but there are venues for it, as well, as advocacy groups.

        That said, there is isolation and a feeling of helplessness which are very real, and yet, with some effort they can be overcome.

        I’ll say to you what I, myself, follow : don’t focus on what you cannot do, but, spend your energy finding what you can and do that.

        The Good Lord always provides a way, but, sometimes he makes you look.

        Have a nice day!

  13. 1700’s” We really want to import these black 3rd worlders so we won’t have to pay whites to pick cotton!

    Slavery was the 18th century’s version of the H1-B or illegal immigration.

    I’ve pointed out in libertarian fora that it would be harder to get a Japanese prefecture to go anarcho-libertarian than somewhere in sub-saharan Africa, or Detroit.

    Christianity has rules on how to treat fellow Christian aliens (non-Christians must be evangelized). That doesn’t mean that we need to homogenize cultures.

  14. If it were normal to see organized gangs of white guys smashing the skulls of Dindus and Beaners I think white women would get a bit damp and the birthrate would increase.

    • I think most women are attracted to dominant alpha males. I believe that’s what’s on display with the good girl/bad boy scenarios. Western Civilization has domesticated white males to the point their primal instincts are often repressed.

  15. Jared Taylor has a lot of nerve asking a question like that.

    He bans Whites from posting comments at AmRen (& deletes all their previous comments) if they persist in exposing anti-White Jewish privilege.

    Ask me how I know.

    • I have come to the conclusion that it’s very possible Jared’s actions are a strategy. In order to advance the cause, he eliminates being the focus of a group that often leaves its targets severely injured and ostracized, if not mortally wounded. You don’t want a demonic cult on your ass when you’ve taken on the most important mission of your life. If you’ve ever investigated the whole kit and caboodle of their “tribe,” you would realize that there is an extremely high probability that the organization, networking, tribalism, self-promotion, acceptance of converts despite supposedly being a unique people or separate “race,” accepting of female converts when the female supposedly determines if you are part of the tribe, an overload of rituals – without any benevolent teachings toward those outside the group – is not very Godly at all. And let’s not forget Kol Nidre – the formula proactively annuls any personal or religious oaths or prohibitions made upon oneself to God for the next year, so as to preemptively avoid the sin of breaking vows made to God which cannot be or are not upheld. Boy, oh boy, talk about an escape clause… to quote George Carlin… it’s a club and you ain’t in it!

      • I understand why Taylor fears the Jew taboo.

        What’s annoying is the Jefferson quote on AmRen’s masthead:

        “There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

        • The cult does enough damage to itself and the world is getting tired of their evil and conniving ways. It is only a matter of time when they are tossed aside. They control the money supply. That is where their real power lies.
          I, too, get angry – sometimes very angry – at the dismissals of truthful comments. But, I rather be dismissed than to not have a site like Amren.

          • I understand your point.

            But the more of us who defy the Israel lobby the harder it becomes to silence us all.

            And vice versa.

  16. I appreciate Jared Taylor’s work, but then again he dates an Asian if i am not mistaking.
    I like Japanese people like brothers and sister, but i won’t date out side of the race, that’s not good for both whites and Asians.

  17. Whites have been conned for decades to believe that we are immoral if we don’t hate and support our own Genocide.
    Smash the GENOCIDAL Anti-White system with a consistent message. Nothing is more powerful than sound!

  18. Whites need to start defending themselves; plain and simple. If we fight back, we get in trouble, yet we are being literally genocided at every turn. So what have we got to lose fighting back? Our ancestors would fight to the death, regardless of what the ‘consequences’ were. We whites aren’t going to get permission to fight back, nor do we need it.

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