2017 Reenactment of Selma Bridge Crossing Descends Into Violence

SBPDL.com has the story:

“Never forget: “The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped” tells the story documenting exactly why white people long ago worked ‘to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity’… and not for disenfranchised blacks.

Once the franchise was extended to blacks in Selma, it was only inevitable the 52nd anniversary of the march across the bridge in Selma (a now 80 percent black city) would come down to this. …”

The George Washington Carver homes are the projects out of which the mob poured onto the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Bloody Sunday:

“Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier said the department was still maxed out over the weekend. On Saturday night, there were two shootings in Selma.

One occurred downtown at Club Entourage on Alabama Avenue, located only a block from the police department’s headquarters. The chief said two brothers were shot as a result of a fight in the club. Both were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the shooter.

Officers were also nearby at George Washington Carver homes in reference to another shooting. Collier said there’s been a rash of shootings in the city in which the shooter or shooters fired into occupied dwellings.

On Saturday night, someone fired into one of the buildings in the housing complex and a patrol officer spotted the suspects. It sparked a car chase and the suspects ended up crossing the center line before hitting another car head on.

Both of the suspects were taken to the hospital. One is listed in critical condition.

The innocent people in the car they struck were also injured and transported to the hospital.

Once the suspects are released from the hospital, they will face multiple felony charges, including assault, attempting to elude, and shooting into an occupied dwelling, as well as several traffic violations.
The chief said they may be the suspects in the string of other recent cases whereby occupied dwellings were shot up. …”

Every year the same people march across the Magic Bridge.

It is really all they do there. Every year Selma declines a little further and becomes less of a place anyone would want to live. After 52 years of marching, Selma doesn’t have much of an economy.

Note: I’ve been going to Selma for years to document the decline. It is a pet project of mine.

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    • Real. All too real.

      As an aside, when I was in high school, I rode the bus. We picked up in Nigger Town. All the grass had been trampled to death. You could tell that Easter and Christmas had taken place. Easter= fake Easter grass scattered everywhere, destroyed Easter baskets strewn everywhere, candy wrappers and destroyed toys. Christmas= Destroyed toys, tinsel and wrapping paper strewn everywhere. Halloween= Destroyed plastic pumpkin buckets, masks, bits of costumes, destroyed display props and candy wrappers strewn everywhere. What stood out to me was not the ankle and shin deep trash, but the wanton destruction. Especially of children’s toys.

      • Wherever the coloreds and the Mexicans show up the trees and grass die, the birds fly away and a pall of gloom descends upon the land. Nature herself detests those “people”.

        • They don’t know any better. Institutional racism makes them that way. It’s all your fault Denise.

      • I was in traffic behind a car packed with niggers. One of the women in the backseat calmly open the door and dumped out a bucket of eaten KFC chicken bones and then threw the bucket right there in the street. And then she calmly closed the door.

        They really are a strange race. No regard for anyone or anything.

        • A bit like Aboriginal towns in the Northern Territory in Australia. There’s so much rubbish everywhere, trashed and damaged houses and cars right throughout the place and unemployment, drug use and systemic pedo activity everywhere. These towns are so untidy you’d think a suicide bomber had been through them. This from people who claim to have a ‘special love and connection’ to the land.

      • And to think, libtard White greenies, so concerned about a squeaky clean environment, wouldn’t dare say a word about dindus using the ground as a public trash can.

    • We’re talking about black people here. The real thing is usually worse than any photoshopped stuff you might see. That sign is actually in impeccable shape compared to many of the signs and monuments I’ve seen in black neighborhoods.

  1. 55 years ago in suburban Detroit I was a kid full of earnest idealism.

    I’d read stuff like Huck Finn & Black Like Me & was duly inspired by Martin Luther King & all that stuff.

    I used to debate a White man from the South who told me Blacks were typically like this. He was a really down-to-earth guy and his son was a friend. I wondered how he could be so racist.

    His good-natured reply was always, “You don’t understand.”

    There are people in our lives long gone; people we’d now like to be able to tell “You were right.”

  2. The Mystical Magical powers of that bridge remain dormant after 52 years. So why not raise a little hell?

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