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    • Remember. All negro failures and shortcomings have only two causes — the presence of white people or the absence of white people.

  1. civil rights march was staged from start to finish.Every generation of new crop doesn’t change their behavior. as whites loses grip on law and order descent into mad max .

  2. There should be more webcams set up in Africa already so that people don’t feel like they’re missing out on seeing high-quality antics when the blacks go back.

  3. Unfortunately, Alabama and Miss’ippi were oft sent the refuse of the Negro slaves in the 19th century.

    A common refrain it was, amongst slave-owners in North Carolina, both to recalcitrant slaves and or slave elders, about recalcitrant communities, that, if y’all don’t get with it, or such and such does not, then it’s down to the Deep South y’all will go.

    And so they went.

    You think I am kidding, but, I am not.

    We tended to keep the better ones up here, and sent the bad ones packing South…

        • You didn’t, but when was the last time the deep south had a Cat 5 chimpout?

          Sorry for making you have to defend your claims

          • It’s no problem ABC. I did exactly that. Check the post 1965 history of race relations in NC, and you’ll see that things have been relatively calm here, compared to down yonder.

            Have a great afternoon!

          • So the chimpouts in Baltimore, Detroit, Camden, etc. were negroes that moved there from Mississippi, not Raleigh … OK.

  4. I understand many malls in the United States ( after a nationwide epidemic of “teens” engaging in fights involving upwards of 100 people) have enacted new laws. One mall in particular is Park Plaza Mall in Little Rock which now requires “youth” under 16 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. A similar mall in Pine Bluff Arkansas enacted the same requirement but scraped it after parents protested arguing that there is nothing else to do in town or no where else for their children to to go other than dropping them off at the mall.

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