The Pink Pussyhat Is Jewish

Many years ago, I thought it was strange when I was first exposed to the idea that Jews were having a massive distorting impact on our culture and politics:

“While supporters of Donald Trump sport red baseball hats with the promise to “Make America Great Again,” Trump’s opponents have their own signature piece of headwear: the pink pussyhat. The hand-knit hat with cat ears designed by Jayna Zweiman, 38, and her friend Krista Suh has become a recognized symbol of dissent. It is also, according to Zweiman, her personal act of tikkun olam.

All four of Zweiman’s grandparents emigrated from Eastern Europe and while they made every attempt to assimilate, they told their granddaughter about what they endured. Zweiman’s grandfather had to wait eight years for a visa. Her grandmother, a refugee after World War I, subsisted for several months on potatoes.

“I know so many families have these same stories,” Zweiman told me. “It’s just proof that people deserve dignity, respect and safety. That’s the American dream and it has always been a big part of my life.” …”

I don’t think that way anymore.

Of course the Pussyhat is Jewish. It would actually be more surprising if it wasn’t Jewish. Jewish women have always been the vanguard of the feminist movement.

Note: They boast about the Jewish role in feminism on their own websites.

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  1. For these people, America® begins with Ellis Island, in the late Nineteenth Century.

    “Her grandmother, a refugee after World War I, subsisted for several months on potatoes.”

    Taters and beans are what most folks got by on for years, not months. And it was good fortune to have some cornbread and a little fatback to go with it.

      • They got by on “Cush.”

        Here’s the recipe:

        Confederate Cush: FRESH

        Salt pork
        Salt pork grease
        Cut up salt pork into small chunks and fry it in a canteen half, frypan or tin-can.
        Remove any excess grease.
        Keep enough pork grease in the pan to fry the cornbread batter to be placed on top. Cornbread batter-
        Mix up cornbread batter and place it over the cooked salt pork in the pan.
        Continue to cook until the cornbread is cooked. (Stirring occasionally to keep from burning on the bottom.)
        End result – depending on desired consistency – should resemble hash or soup.

      • You can easily live on potatoes and be healthy. Spudfit, a guy on YouTube, just did a year eating nothing but and his health improved dramatically.

  2. At least MAGA hat is practical and looks conventional , it is essentially just a baseball hat, but this pink crap…who is going to wear it every day…

    • The One Drop Rule of History:

      If a single Jew had anything to do with (positive event X) then Jews must receive full credit for X. They participated in it, yay!

      If a single Black had anything to do with (positive event X) then Blacks must receive full credit for X. They participated in it, yay!

      If a single White had anything to do with (negative event Y) then Whites must shoulder eternal blame for Y. Oh those wicked Whites!

      They are losing control fast.

      • Well said. The Yewish police were questioning Bibi and our President interrupted the interrogation with a phone call. Netanyahu’s corruption investigation questioning was immediately stopped so he could talked to the American President. Hatred of our southern heritage is growing and my country’s love of O’Israel is growing stronger and stronger. Israel just banned the boycotters and its the new moral shalom loving high ground.

        • It has peaked, it all goes down here for them, the neo con/cucks are aging out and more and more can see what Buncancan tried to warn us about.

          More so, the right is free of the Israeli cucks, more and more are asking, why are they so involved in our the GOP, our election, our foreign policy.

          They can only operated under total ignorance of/from the population/party mid groups, when they are exposed they lie, deny, attack which only exposes themselves as the traitors they are (think what Kristol has been doing/saying) to more and more people.

          Its a ratchet effect and it is only getting to get worse for them. They can not justify their stances to the GOP base that has failed them at every tern (pointless wars, mass immigration/open borders, “free trade”, cucking and compromise with the left). They are a group who`s time is long ended, about to the coming eternal night, they have earned this.

          The only reason the left was able to score as much damage as they have is only because they have had a right that was controlled opposition , take that away and they will not be able to compete, take away the media, they are blind, take away mass immigration (legal or other wise) and open borders? They are done importing useful idiots, take away education and they can not poison the minds of the youth.

          Trump? He is only the beginning, future leaders at taking note, and seeing his game plan clearly works, and they too want victory and will use his tactics, now we just have to hold him to the flame to ensure he follows us, not the other way around.

          After him, maybe Eric or Jr, after that? I can only hope real Alt Rights take office…

          If we act now, and act boldy the future will belong to us.

  3. Why do people ask me “why” I loathe Hebes, and say I’m too hard-core, and “it’s not all of them”?
    It’s all of them. NOTHING I’ve ever, EVER said is worse than the truth about JEWS/

    • I cosign this.

      They are going for Chinese now, which means they are likely set to abandon the West eventually.

      My uncle is a grocer in Taiwan, and he said recently that every other day one of them is in his store. I thought maybe it was because he couldn’t tell whites apart and just called whites Jewish but nope, he described (((their))) look down to a T.

      If they think they will ever be accepted in Asia, they are mistaken. The Chinese are well-aware of who destroyed American culture.
      Also they have a very distinct smell from whites for those living in East Asia.

    • Everyday a new proof comes to light that proves my first assertion about the (((controllers))) right all along

  4. It’s a testament to the stupidity and naïveté of the American people that there’s no anti-semitism in this country.

      • I was born in America and lived here my whole life. The only anti-semitism here is online and that doesn’t count.

  5. Feminism is Jewish, The Daily Stormer, May 24, 2015.

    Feminism is an entirely Jewish invention. Or rather, it was the Jews who took already out of control women and pressed them into destroying civilization completely.

    Wikipedia offers us this list of Jewish feminists.

    Bella Abzug
    Kathy Acker
    Rachel Adler
    Larisa Alexandrovna
    Gloria Allred
    Shulamit Aloni
    Rebecca Alpert
    Pauline Bebe
    Mayim Bialik
    Malke Bina
    Hanne Blank
    Lisa Bloom
    Judy Blume
    Daniel Boyarin
    Susan Brownmiller
    Judith Butler
    Aviva Cantor
    Naomi Chazan
    Judy Chicago
    Ruth Dreifuss
    Hedwig Dohm
    Andrea Dworkin
    Eve Ensler
    Amy Eilberg
    Jane Evans
    Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
    Susan Estrich
    Susan Faludi
    Merle Feld
    Shulamith Firestone
    Betty Friedan
    Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Ilana Gliechbloom
    Emma Goldman
    Elyse Goldstein
    Lynn Gottlieb
    Blu Greenberg
    Tina Grimberg
    Charlotte Haldane
    Nina Hartley
    Tova Hartman
    Judith Hauptman
    Dorothy Ray Healey
    Susannah Heschel
    Anat Hoffman
    Brenda Howard
    Sara Hurwitz
    Paula Hyman
    Elfriede Jelinek
    Erica Jong
    Elana Kagan
    Roberta Kalechofsky
    Michael Kimmel
    Lydia Rabinowitsch-Kempner
    Naomi Klein
    Gilah Kletenik
    Edith Konecky
    Barbara Kruger
    Anna Kuliscioff
    Michele Landsberg
    Paulina Lebl-Albala
    Lori Hope Lefkovitz
    Gerda Lerner
    Amy-Jill Levine
    Ariel Levy
    Fanny Lewald
    Rosa Luxemburg
    Frederica Sagor Maas
    Shelby McCabe
    Hana Meisel
    Annie Nathan Meyer
    Haviva Ner-David
    Martha Nussbaum
    Margit Oelsner-Baumatz
    Tillie Olsen
    Judith Plaskow
    Letty Cottin Pogrebin
    Rachel Pollack
    Katha Pollitt
    Virginia Postrel
    Sally Priesand
    Trude Weiss-Rosmarin
    Tamar Ross
    Muriel Rukeyser
    Danya Ruttenberg
    Sheryl Sandberg
    Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
    Rosika Schwimmer
    Drorah Setel
    Alice Shalvi
    Mendel Shapiro
    Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
    Susan Sontag
    Daniel Sperber
    Annie Sprinkle
    Gertrude Stein
    Gloria Steinem
    Sandra Steingraber
    Elana Maryles Sztokman
    Yona Wallach
    Wendy Wasserstein
    Trude Weiss-Rosmarin
    Naomi Weisstein
    Ruth Westheimer
    Naomi Wolf
    Elizabeth Wurtzel
    Diana Yoel
    Lauren Shay Kaufmann

    • Pussy Hats Galore: A Dispatch from the Women’s March on Washington
      The legacy of great Jewish women persists.
      By Nat Bernstein / January 31, 2017

      The LEGACY of great Jewish women persists the by-line boasts.

      Thanks a million (or how many aborted MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF WHITE BABIES IS THAT?) you anti-White/European Jewish culture-wrecking and goy-brainwashing creeps. THAT is your sick LEGACY. And it continues…

    • A Jewess named Shelby McCabe? Goodness me. And I’ve met a negro named Hamish McGregor! They’ve certainly immersed themselves into our territory in every way.

  6. “It’s just proof that people deserve dignity, respect and safety.”

    …Unless they are White, Straight, Men.

  7. A testament to the Jewish feminist subversion of the USA :

    Betty Friedan: How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal
    Posted on March 20, 2015


    Jewish feminism is the most destructive social force ever unleashed upon Western society, along with the equally Jewish bullsh*t idea of multiculturalism and open borders for white countries. With feminism, the family is destroyed. With open borders, the race is destroyed.
    There is a Satanic conspiracy to exterminate the white race via destroying the family and the purity of Euro man’s DNA. That Satanic conspiracy was created by Jews and their non-Jewish lackeys.

    This excerpt covers a brief bit of truth about the dysfunctional, downright evil Jewish women, Betty Friedan, who pushed feminist ideas to the forefront with her book The Feminine Mystique.

    Source/ courtesy of:

  8. Judaism is a cucked feminist religion/race by nature..the only one i know of that has matrilineal based heritage standards

  9. Troublemakers the world over…easy to see why they were booted from so many countries throughout history.

  10. Feminism is all about emasculating White males, a White Genocide tactic. Tikkun olam = anti-White.

  11. I had suspected it might be so, and now I can’t help but laugh seeing it confirmed. Good lord, there’s item number 25698 on the long list of jewish interferences in American culture.

    Took a while for me to swallow that pill too, but having done so, I can’t believe I didn’t catch on earlier. They literally hide in plain sight.

  12. Judaism by nature is a femish religion so its not surprising Jews are behid feminism.

    Even jew men are for feminism and appear feminin for the most part. Ever heard of Jewish warlord or warrior? Hell no. Heard that squealing & howling of feminine? That’s straight up feminine.

  13. The Freemasonic Lodges were the vector through which this poison flowed. I always found it amazing that the Doctrine of Freemasonry is the Equality of Religions and viewpoints ie all are one inside the Lodge. Adam Weishaupt said in 1776 that Freemasonry would deliver the world to the Illuminati that safely inside Masonic lodges they would cultivate their power. George Washington, himself a Freemason believed they were already in the US in 1798 but defended his fellow Masons, methinks George didn’t really look close enough.

    George Washington sent an address to the Torou Synagogue in Newport RI in 1790 where he said that to be an American all one had to do was be a good citizen, that Christian did not equal American. He also said that the sons of Abraham would always be free here. This is another thing you must understand when Jews want power, the first thing they do is join the Masonic Lodge. Theodore Herzl the father of Zionism once said the Masonic Lodges would guarantee that the Jewish State would be given to them.

    An odd note. Most Southern Statesmen were members of this (((controlled))) equality cult called Freemasonry as were most Confederates. They never seemed to get it that they were members of an equality cult hell bent on eliminating Christianity from the earth on behalf of the (((controllers))). The odd part is the Yankee Abolitionists tended to be Anti-Masons. However the Abolitionists were under the financial control of European Freemasonry, because thats where they got their gold.

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