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    • I’ve talked to Lauren on Twitter. Part of her is Alt Right, but part is libertarian. Under the right circumstances she will come to our side. Like most people it’s mainly about the ability to make a living. I don’t begrudge people their livelihood.

    • I don’t think so. It’s never been verified, one way or the other. I’ve heard both sides, but based on her Richard Spencer defense and on this incident, I think it’s safe to say that, no, she had just been The Rebel’s shabbas goy.

      • She doesn’t set off my Jew-Dar at all. She is actually drop dead gorgeous in a way that jewesses like scarlet Johansson and Natalie portman can never be. At least when shes not yammering.

        • The yammering is Canadian, not Jewish, LOL.

          Lauren is a sweetheart.

          Portman is fully Jewish and a swarthoid.

          Johansson is half-Jewish, which explains her more North Euro phenotype.

          • I recognize it as such. Annoying to me nonetheless. I just meant that she doesn’t have that tinge of ugliness that port man and Scarlett seem to display from certain angles. It’s in the facial structure and eyes mostly.

          • Usually everyone has at least one thing annoying about them, it’s just a matter of degree. Lauren’s hotness would allow me to tolerate just about anything else about her!

            I agree of course. Nothing about Lauren’s appearance and behavior is Jewish.

            Jews are different in appearance and character.

    • No, she is not. Anyone with a basic understanding of physiognomy and physical anthropology would know she isn’t. Jewesses don’t have a body like that!

      Furthermore, she has stated more than once that she is not Jewish.

      Only stupid trolls from Daily Stormer go around calling everyone a Jew.

      • “Only stupid trolls from Daily Stormer go around calling everyone a Jew.”
        Stop counter-signalling! I’m a member of DS and never once called anyone a jew who actually isn’t one. C’mon. We have enough assholes calling us ALL assholes, without calling each other names. I’m not a “stupid troll” by a long shot. I’m 50 years old, married, and very jew-wise. That “stupid Daily Stormer trolls” thing is yet another divide & conquer tactic. There are a lot of good folk at DS. Your move is just as bad as Alt-Lite types calling the rest of us “stupid asshole Nazis”. I’ll refrain from calling you a jew. This time.

    • She said a great-grandparent was Jewish. So it’s borderline as far as I’m concerned, dependent on her actions.

  1. The premise of the divorce is contained starting at about the 1:12 mark. It starts with “but it is time….”

    She mentioned unfiltered and truth several times. She was being censored. She was being told what to cover, how to cover it, and what to say and not say.

  2. I think the Kikes are realizing it’s “Now or Never” re: total White Genocide/Total Jew Global Domination. Normies are finally getting shoved up against the Rising Tide of Orc Wall. Normies are beginning to “see” no matter how hard they are trying NOT to see. We are already a demographic global minority – but there are enough of us to save ourselves. There are still millions of I Am Not A Racist Virtue Signallers, who will aid and abet our own extermination – so it’s Now or Never for the Kikes.

    • how many taco stands and iglesias have to come to your neighborhood before you realize you are being invaded? the eternal question. seems like euros are awakening to the muslim thing. murcans are so damn fluoridated tho…

      • We don’t have a muslim problem like Europe does. We have a Mexican problem and lots of black on white crime.

        • Yes, our country is so big, whites feel safe as long as their brown pets are “over there” somewhere. But they are steadily growing to the point now where there is no escaping the vibrant diversity.

          • Then it will be interesting to see those “progressives” and “I’m not
            racist” types respond when they’re backed into a corner and have to deal
            with the reality of the situation.

          • I moved to the small mid-east Tennessee town I live in now, about 30 years ago. It was 99% White. Now it’s almost unrecognizable. Beaners all over the place, dot-heads owning most of the motels, convenience stores and Discount Tobaccos… and yes, nappy headed nogs bebopping around boldly, looking at the native Whites like we are the intruders. It’s fucking infuriating!

          • Yep, that’s me. The link to my Disqus profile is on my profile at DS, and vice-versa. And Cookeville is better than many biggish ‘small towns’, I have to say… but still very much effected by ‘cultural enrichment’.

  3. I remember she was a libertarian, then she did an interview at a protest and some
    SJWs threw urine on her – a big dose of reality. She also thought White Genocide was BS last year, but the argument must have swayed her, because Rebel did something
    on White Genocide recently. Then this anti-White black from Rebel attacks nationalism for Whites, so they’re sending mixed signals to say the least and she leaves almost right after. So it looks to me that it’s the White issue she is leaving over. The (((people))) that own the Rebel must hate really Whites.

    • Yep. It’s not hard to read between the lines. Her defense of Richard was excellent and totally non-cucked. Contrast that with the gratuitous insults towards the alt-right by the Somalian. Not hard to figure out.

  4. Probably didn’t want to shill in Israel with Gavin.

    We could actually use something like The Rebel.

    Good sign if she is successful making independent content. People who make good content need to be able to make a living.

  5. I think cuck Thernovich posted a tweet denouncing her for defending Richard, and then promptly deleted it.

    So much drama with these people.

    • Mike “I’m not a Jew I’m Croatian” Cuckovich (that never gets old LOL) who now thinks Muslims aren’t a problem because of his Iranian Muslim wife who he says is white, and Gavin McCuck with his squaw wife and halfbreed kids are disgraceful shysters of the lowest order.

      I don’t even consider Gavin to be Alt Light anymore because he is no longer anti-anti-white. That is my minimum standard for Alt Light, you can be a race-mixing POS, but you must at least be against anti-white politics. Gavin no longer is. He thinks it’s all a big joke as long as he’s making money.

  6. The Rebel is a Judeo-Catholic mess and Mr McInnes, who joined up with the Vatican heresy only several years ago, matches their profile directly. But seriously, Canada at its best was a Christian country, and yet a cursory look at their line-up, especially its female employees, reveals the nature of its wedding with heresy and downright heathens.


  7. The anti-white video by the dindu, the Israel cucking & Shabbot Shiksa Prime going (((independent))) is just a cohencidence… Nothing to see here, goy!

    Because of course, Lauren is now the “Real Rebel” you can trust her, goy…

    Just you watch, she won’t name the jew. I would put money on it. Any takers?

    Thought not…

    • Not at all. I don’t “trust her.” However, it could be that she has taken a step in the right direction.

      If at least she goes as far as Jared Taylor, then that’s an advance. And hopefully her awakening continues further after that.

        • Well, it’s something, I suppose. Not much, I grant you, but better than the rest of the Alt-Lite counter-signalling against us. I’d like to hope she’s a work in progress. No reason to cheer just yet. I mean, it’s better that things like Breitbart and Taylor and her exist at all than if they didn’t. I do believe that “gateway” redpilling can happen.

          • You’re quite right. Has she (Lauren Southern, I mean) derided or signalled against it?

            If so, then she certainly has been controlled opposition. And if so, I hope she wises up, now that she’s been cut loose.

            Some (e.g., the “Dark Enlightenment” twitter account) have gone from philosemite to being JQ-wise. But regrettably, many do not.

          • I’ve seen every rumor from her not wanting to denounce Richard Spencer/White Nationalistm/the Alt Right, to her being hit on by that Somali guy at the office, to her simply wanting more $. No idea if any of it is true.

          • I’m a big believer in the “gateway” concept, but sometimes I wonder whether it’s really necessary. I mean, obviously some people come around via that route, but you don’t need to even understand race, iq, crime and all that stuff in order to reject Jewish bullshit. Personally, I took a pretty intense dislike to that lying scum people the minute I realized how phenomenally full of shit they collectively are. This was well before I developed my current racial views. I deeply regret ever having defended Jews.

        • American white nationalists have no excuse to not speak against the jew because they have the 1st Amendment, but I can see how Lauren Southern or even Europeans are shy/hesitant to call out the Jews.

    • Watch her defense of Richard. No “he’s a total jerk, but…” counter-signalling. She didn’t overtly endorse his ideas but she refrained from counter-signalling in any real way.

      • Watch that again, Spencer is a passing topic. The point was to minimize White Nationalism. She states very few people hold this idea & that the left cannot counter it because all they do is name-call, bigot etc.

        The tone is very much that if they want to beat us they have to try new tactics. At no point does she even put forward the idea that we have a valid argument.

        See things in context, don’t merely cherry pick…

  8. Lauren is great – bright, beautiful and….


    (Gavin gives her a lot of grief about being single and childless. So I proposed marriage to her via e-mail…)

  9. Israel is the middle man. receive Euro manufacture goods and trades oil of Iraq.u.s. taxpayer anual budget the holy land gets latest technologies and sell it to China. meantime on tv and Hollywood litter with negros sports, zambo models, and a mulatto prez.we’re a generation or two away cluster utopia painfull ending.

  10. The Jew always gets caught. They just can’t help themselves. The Jew always pushes too much too soon and they always get called out, either by others or they openly admit “Jews” are behind it. They have a blood lust hatred for whites and their greed blinds them and short sights them every time. This is why they end up getting ‘persecuted’ and/or kicked out all the time.

  11. Holy shit. This page is on the first google page in a search for Lauren Southern. You’re moving up in the world!!

  12. It likely has more to do with her appearance on Brittany Pettibone’s podcast, who is not actually fully Alt Right. Probably somewhere between Alt Light and Alt Right, but you know MSM, if you even have a mild association then you’re a Nazi.

  13. I think Lauren is a poor salary negotiator who did not have offers on the table before she went to ask for a raise and things went bad – otherwise she’d be golden parachuting into a new commentator venue instead of risking an unfunded indi operation.

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