ADL Doesn’t Speak for the Alt-Right

Editor’s Note: This article has been corrected. It was the ADL, not the SPLC, which redefined the graphic in John Morgan’s article.

Sam Kestenbaum recently wrote for the Forward about a “handy graphic” the Anti-Defamation League created that seeks to re-define Alt-Right talking points presented by Counter-Currents editor John Morgan. It takes the positive, pro-White and nationalist principles that Morgan laid out and re-phrases them in a hateful, negative and rather stupid way. This is a case of a Left-wing Jewish publication praising the work of a Left-wing Jewish organization which seeks to speak for the surging Alt-Right in a way which would turn off normies.

Of course, the ADL does not speak for the Alt-Right. In fact, the ADL is a major part of the problem in the West which has sparked our manifestation. Routinely, the mainstream media will invite the ADL to use their platforms to speak for us. They present us in the worst possible light, naturally enough. Patriots, Christians, conservatives and decent folks become Neo-Nazis, hate-mongers, intolerant bigots and knuckle-dragging, low-browed hicks who just hate the world for no reason at all.

In light of this, we would like the opportunity to speak for the ADL in the future. The next time a Jewish cemetery is vandalized or a Jewish organization gets threatening phone calls we would like to be consulted. We have intelligent, presentable leaders who can provide this service for the media to the public. We believe it is only fair and will spark a meaningful dialog.

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    • It is that simple, Mr. Jenkins, and yet it is not.

      The SPLC is a function of The Jew England Yankee government, and, as such, it is designed to perpetuate and legitimize their hegemony over The South, while delegitimizing and demonizing those who might threaten it.

      Yet, let’s not get too upset here – very few North Carolinians have any more of an idea who the SPLC is, than do they The League of The South, and,. thus, will remain unaffected.

      The overwhelming majority of traditional North Carolinians get their new from FOX, Yahoo, and Drudge.

      It’s up to our Southron Brethren Southerners to stop being so lax.

      Will they? Stay tuned.

      By the way, Mr. Jenkins – good to see you. Have you gone yet to the new OD forum?

  1. Okay, now I’m confused… is the SPLC an antisemitic organization? Jewish organizations lying and misrepresenting the positions of nationalists is exactly what lead to the hostility toward Jews in Weimar Germany.

    Does the SPLC want a holocaust in the USA?

    • The answer is no, Insomnant – the SPLC see themselves to the contrary of how you see them – they see themselves as those who spray down noxious weeds, to preserve the peace of society

      Yet, like those who spray a lot of insecticide, they inevitably fall to the cancerous effeckts of the spray.

        • I’m telling you how they see it, which is not how you see it.

          Let me explain this to you in a nutshell.

          When Jews were scattered to the winds, they found themselves outnumbered minorities with no power in foreign lands.

          Suffering through those difficulties many times, they suffered a collective trauma which, nowadays is called, ‘PTSD’.

          Their reaction to all of this was that they would never again allow themselves to be powerless or to leave it to others to advocate for them, their rights, and or their vision of how things ought be.

          Therefrom they developed many strategies of advocation for the things that they wanted.

          In doing so, they became an exceedingly aggressive and tenacious people, who, frequently, so overplayed their hand, that they would up being thrown out of many countries.

          They are like the dog who, having been abused too much, only knows how to be unloving, and, thus, has a hard time finding any who will love it.

          A cycle of endless repetition, you might say.

          Anyway, back to the script…

          Along the way, they learned through failed experimentation that, when those rise against you, you have to hit them hard and quick, to keep them down; and you have to keep them down – lest they rise up and bite you so bad, it will be a major hurt.

          The SPLC is only one of many manifestations of that understanding.

          That said, they have not evolved to the point where they have gotten over their willingness to do anything to advance their desire to shape things.

          Thus, as you implied, in your first remark – they are creating another circumstance where they are going to reap the whirlwind.

          This is what it is – a drama that has been played over and over, throughout history.

          I agree with Prime Minister Natanyahu : all Jews needs to go home to Israel. The time for being scattered is over; over for everybody.

          • Excellent summation Junius.

            One thing I have noticed with Jews, is the common thread of social interaction they have in host societies. They are like the child that is constantly getting kicked out of a public establishment. They never do anything but are always the victim. Claim victim hood too many times and people start to question if they aren’t the instigator.

            So, as it were, time and time again Jews infiltrate a society, sow destruction, then are finally booted out.

            With the great communication age we are in, cycles shorten, so these purge action will become more volatile.

            I wish there were a more precise description of the people in question than the generic term Jew. I’m not against Jews per se, but the ones which, let us say, have tendencies to meddle.

          • Thank you, Mr. Saint. I hope you and yours have a great day, as the buds burst a seam trying to turn into Spring leaves.

            I know you are neither anti-Semitick nor anti-anybody, really.

            You just right love the culture our granddaddies bequeatht to us and want to tell the truth of what you see about many of a group that seem to be doing everything they can do to imperil what we both treasure.

            The bible makes clear that those who curse Jews will, themselves, be curset. Yet, sincere criticisms, civilly offered, are not that, nor is fighting against anyone who threatens Dixie.

            We must stand up against any and all who would continue to try and bring her down – come what may.

            In conclusion, I’ll leave you with the words of a little known Southron hero …

            ‘As Christians
            we are disposed to kindness, generosity, affection, and humility in our
            dealings with others. As militants we are disposed to use physical
            force against our enemies. How can we reconcile these two apparently
            contradictory philosophies? The answer of course, is to purge malice,
            bitterness, and vengeance from our hearts.”

            God bless!

          • Dial back the autism. I already know everything you wrote (though you left out that the Jews earned their abuse through usury and greed, but close enough).

            But my posts were obviously memes. You don’t respond to memes with walltext political discourse. Do you even into internet culture, bro?

          • Dear Insomniant –

            Your response is very Jewish – first telling me how to behave and then addressing me in a manner out of keeping with all good White Society.

          • Dear Junius –

            Your response is very autistic – failing to grasp any sort of social context for comments and then having an extreme “principled” overreaction.

    • Yes – they do. They want to holocaust Whites, just like they’ve done in Europe and Russia.

          • And due to the increase in Communist agitation, we’re seeing a rise of the Right at a far greater pace than would otherwise have happened. It will be a glorious purge.

          • I try to remain hopeful. But the awakening is happening too slowly for comfort. Most guys I know my age are complacent, have a girl who keeps them on a leash, and are too scared to actually look into things, much less speak up.

          • Then it’s your job to redpill them.

            Nobody said it’d be easy, but… well, don’t make me give you a bunch of platitudes about the things worth doing aren’t easy and the necessity of being willing to try and all that jazz. The thing is, they’re all true, you know them. You adopt pessimism to excuse your inaction. You have to take charge of your thoughts before you can take control of your life and start living out the way you want the world to be. That’s not easy, but it is possible, and then you will see people want to follow your example.

          • You act as if I haven’t tried. Most of my high school friends won’t speak to me anymore because of it.

          • Yeah, I lost my high school friends to Leftism as well. You just keep pushing through it. It’s either that or give up and watch our people get slowly replaced by third worlders and our cities turned into third-world hellholes and our job opportunities dry up and services ruined and infrastructure wrecked and crime rates skyrocket, etc.

          • I really do think it has to get worse before it gets better with these types. They look around and everything seems pretty normal, the news is chaos so they tune it out. Character is only born of suffering.

          • Likely so. But rest assured, without the actions of strong men, the situation will inevitably get worse. It’s our job to be there to guide them in the right direction when apathy turns to rage.

          • They know where to find me. But pushing them at this juncture would likely push them further away and cause then to double down on their denial.

        • You, Insomnant, will have to fight by becoming influential over your fellow White Brethren.

          Influence, as this point, is the only battlefield that will yield you any tangibly constructive results.

          Threats, complaints, and groans will produce little fruit.

      • No, Miss Denise : The Jewish Community does not want to holocaust Whites.

        They want to structure White Society so that it is open to their creative influences and visions of how it ought be, and the best way to do that is to make sure that all other groups are reduced to an aggregate of raceless individuals.

        It’s not about a physical holocaust – but, about mental hegemony.

        Not that this will make you feel any better, but, that’s what it is : a brutal competition between human cultures.

        I hope you have a marvelous Saturday!

          • You nailed it, Maine man – only ‘Tikkun Olam’ means very different things to different people.

            I believe nationalism has always been the correct solution, because it allows for the diversity of view.

            I hate one world views – whether Jewish, White-Nationalist, Socialist, or The Liberal New England view.

            Well done, Mr. Delarge!

    • They want a genocide of whites and will likely succeed.

      Whites are simply too demoralized, atomized and afraid of the r-word to band together to stop the jews.

      Sorry im a pessimist

      • You forget that right now it is still safe to virtue signal. There will come a tipping point when the price for signaling is too great and if we can spread awareness of who it is creating the impetus for all this signaling, we can see a real revolution against the (((zeitgeist))).

        That was why Donald Trump happened. That’s why the right is on the rise worldwide, and is waking up from its Jewish-induced Neocon slumber. Humans are flock animals- it only takes a few to change the direction of the group. Work on being one of the ones out in front and you’ll be astounded how sentiment can shift.

  2. Trump must bring the IRS Audit hammer down on the $PLC and revoke their 501c3 Tax Exempt status.

    • It is against the law to take tax deductible donations and engage in
      politics. If Trump doesn’t instruct the IRS to make them pay back every dollar they’ve stolen from tax payers, he’s a Fake President.

      • if he doesn;’t indict hillary, if he passes this horrendous obamacare 2.0, if he keeps bombing israels enemies, if he doesn’t go after the fed, he’s a fake president. if this doesnt all happen by the midterms, i believe, he is just another shabbos, and his advisors and associates confirm this via occams razor.

  3. For far too long our folk have been on the defensive. The main reason for this are two fold:
    1) our folk are generally an easy going people who just want to get along with others.
    2) our traditional organizations have been designed specifically in a defensive posture. ie, the church, the GOP, the entire conservative movement is designed to ‘conserve’, which is strictly a defensive strategy.

    In this late age, in the Trump era it’s about time we go on the offensive against the neo-communists. Let’s turn the tables and take the fight to them for a change…..

  4. Jewba the Hutt says:

    “peecha chakka no wookie, me eat white nations…..ho ho ho ho Hoooooooo!”

  5. Whenever the press does a story (hit piece) on White nationalism they never ask Spencer, Anglin, HW, Terrible Tommy or Doctor Duke for their comments, even though such men are leadng figures in the movement. Instead they always head straight to Nosferatu Greenblatt of the ADL or Bag Lady Beirich from the SPLC, the two biggest self-styled experts on “hate” groups. But if what pro-White activists say is so ridiculous then why not give them the chance to make fools of themselves using their own quotes against them?

  6. The “slick ‘handy graphic'” describes what any normal people or race would take for granted, including Jews. But when Whites ask for it suddenly it becomes “racist”, “hate”, “anti-Semitic”, blah, blah, blah.

    Anti-Whites deny White Genocide, then they treat Whites as pure evil.

  7. Nice idea. If our enemies can speak for us, why not vice versa? Of course the MSM will never let us, but this could be a new way to internet satire the enemy of our people.

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