SPLC is so unpopular, they have to buy website visitors off of Google

Editor’s Note: We’ve been wondering here at Occidental Dissent why the SPLC gets so much more traffic these days while at the same time there are noticeably fewer commentators over there than we remember from the past. Logan Crow has found the answer.

For years and years, the media has continuously given the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] website free publicity online. Despite this, the SPLC always had a relatively poor Alexa score. Alexa is the leading research firm that estimates web traffic. Then one day the SPLC’s Alexa score took off like a rocket for no apparent reason. The primary cause of this increase appears to be that the SPLC is buying traffic.

Alexa says that the SPLC has sponsored over 2,200 keywords or phrases on major search engines in the past six months. This means they pay money to have a link for their website given priority when a web surfer types a certain word or phrase. This is a very expensive way to get traffic. The SPLC, with their $45+ million budget, could easily be spending millions on sponsored keywords.

Now get this. Alexa says “Family Research Council” is the fifth most active keyword/phrase they are sponsoring. Yes THAT Family Research Council [FRC]. The one that Floyd Corkins went to with a gun and attempted to murder everyone. Corkins is on video saying he decided to attack the headquarters of the FRC after reading the SPLC’s outrageous and inflammatory diatribe about the group online. Corkins shot and wounded the security guard, but the victim heroically subdued the shooter before he could do any more damage. Corkins became the first person charged with Washington DC’s new anti-terrorism law and was dubbed “The DC Terrorist.”

The SPLC immediately declared that they shared no responsibility for Corkins and continued to attack the FRC. However, the SPLC has recently declared that Donald Trump is personally to blame for alleged hate crimes. When asked if she believed Trump literally causes hate crimes, SPLC spokesman Heidi Beirich declared “I do not think there’s any question that Trump is the cause.”

By sponsoring the phrase “Family Research Council” on Google, the SPLC is going way beyond just washing their hands of the terrorist attack. It is downright shameless and creepy. This is like Al Sharpton’s National Action Network sponsoring the phrase “Freddies Fashion Mart” on Google. This is a business that Sharpton led a protest against. One of the protesters returned three months later and killed seven employees. Four other employees were wounded.

Note in the screen shot below. A paid placement link to the SPLC website comes up above the link for the actual FRC website.

According to Alexa, these are the most active paid keywords being used by the SPLC. “Family Research Council” is the fifth most active keyword that the SPLC is “buying clicks” with. However, Alexa says they have also sponsored a half dozen variations, such as “Family Research Council video on transgender.” Alexa says the SPLC has even sponsored the phrase “family values organizations.”

Recently, a mob viciously attacked a speaking engagement by Charles Murray at Middlebury College. A female professor suffered a neck injury. According to Inside Higher Education, the mob explicitly cited SPLC rhetoric to justify their criminal violence.

The SPLC had labeled Charles Murray, a world famous author and academic, as a “white nationalist.” Brit Hume publicly slammed the SPLC over this label and The Washington Post for repeating it.

The SPLC simply has no shame. When self-described “militant atheist” Craig Hick murdered three Muslim college students in Chapel Hill, NC, the SPLC published a fake article about his Facebook page. SPLC claimed his Facebook page gave no indication of his political beliefs. In reality his page was awash in support for far-left organizations, including the SPLC itself!


  1. Commander-in-Chief Trump sends more troops to Syria, almost doubles U.S. invasion force


    U.S. Is Sending 400 More Troops to Syria

    The New York Times, March 9, 2017

    The United States is sending an additional 400 troops to Syria, American officials said on Thursday.

    The increase, which includes a team of Army Rangers and a Marine artillery unit that have already arrived in Syria, represents a near-doubling of the number of American troops there.

    The United States military has declined to say how many troops it has deployed in Syria. The formal troop cap is 503, but commanders have the authority to temporarily exceed that limit.

    The Rangers’ presence became apparent last weekend when they were seen driving around the northern Syrian town of Manbij in Stryker vehicles and armored Humvees. The Washington Post earlier reported the deployment of the Marine artillery battery.

    The United States is already carrying out airstrikes in Syria and has deployed surface-to-surface rockets in the northern part of the country. Before he left office, President Barack Obama approved the use of a small number of Apache attack helicopters. Now, Marine artillery is being added, along with logistical support and training and protection in dealing with improvised explosive devises.

    Gen. Joseph L. Votel, the head of the United States Central Command, told reporters on Thursday that he was open to asking for more conventional military units if they are needed. “I feel very comfortable with mixing Special Operations forces with conventional forces,” General Votel said. “That is the way we fight.”

    Turning to other regions, General Votel said he agreed the Afghan conflict was stalemated and supported the appeal from the American commander in Afghanistan for additional troops.

    • Yes, I am sad that Trump is potentially escalating the Syria conflict by sending U.S. Marines there. I wish America would return to the non-interventionist foreign policy of her Founding Fathers.

      • Trump’s invaders are there to defend the US’s terrorist proxies from the Syrian Army and its allies.

        Assad calls U.S. forces ‘invaders’

        Reuters, Mar 12, 2017

        Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said U.S. forces in Syria were “invaders” and he had yet to see “anything concrete” emerge from U.S. President Donald Trump’s vow to prioritize the fight against Islamic State.

        “We haven’t seen anything concrete yet regarding this rhetoric,” Assad said in an interview with Chinese TV station Phoenix.

        This week, the U.S.-led coalition announced that around 400 additional U.S. forces had deployed to Syria.

        Asked about a deployment of U.S. forces near the northern city of Manbij, Assad said: “Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation are invaders. We don’t think this is going to help”.

        Around 500 U.S. forces are already in Syria.

        Assad dismissed the U.S.-backed military campaign against Islamic State in Syria as “only a few raids”.

        Assad noted that the Russian-backed Syrian army was now “very close” to Raqqa city after advancing to the western banks of the Euphrates River this week – a rapid gain that has brought it to the frontier of areas held by the U.S.-backed forces.

        He said Raqqa was “a priority for us”, but indicated that there could also be a parallel army attack towards Deir al-Zor in the east, near the Iraqi border. Deir al-Zor province is almost completely controlled by Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

        The Deir al-Zor region had been “used by ISIS as a route for logistics support between ISIS in Iraq and ISIS in Syria, so whether you attack the stronghold or you attack the route that ISIS uses, it (has) the same result”, Assad said.

        With Russian and Iranian military support, Assad firmly has the upper hand in the war with rebels who have been trying to topple him with backing from states including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

      • Hopefully your reading all of the articles in your trolling activities! Shalom brother and may we all bow before O’Israel and learn that the word Protestant isn’t as good as the word Jewish. Amen

          • Let’s make a deal. If President Trump signs the waiver and leaves our embassy in Tel Aviv you should let me in on a trial basis.

          • I am an equal opportunity banner, I’ve banned Jews, Christians, Muslims & Atheists for being disruptive, argumentative , insulting and being unshaven !
            Your presence would IMO be disruptive . Don’t take it so hard, I have been banned on a fair number of channels , especially the ones the Disqus Lefty Moderation team controls, they are far more extreme than any Alt Right channel in fact they banned one of my harmless ID’s on a Disqus wide basis just because I wouldn’t agree to the vile remarks of LGBT posters calling for Trump to be impeached & worse some called for him to be harmed yet those posts were left intact on News Views .

          • I saw you posted a screenshot on SG, my opinion remains the same , you should open your own channel.

          • “The Prophet Trump shouldn’t move our embassy to Jerusalem”
            How is this disruptive, anti-Christian, our anti-Semitic?
            Its funny IMO

          • Your the guy on the wall protecting all the liberals in Tel Aviv while they dance the night away. Pudding on the top hat and green thing. Let’s keep in touch

          • Why dont you set up your own channel, you probably could do a better job of it than the guys at Sage Grass , they are very sloppy & have become pariah’s in the Alt Right community and open to attack from their former friends .

          • Did you read the article above? I know your a conservative thinker. How do you feel about the SPLC and the great state of Alabama?

          • White Supremist groups in the USA are a spent force, they have very few members, almost no political or media influence & none of the power of the groups that harm America & the personal freedoms of Americans that the SPLC really needs to take on such as groups like CAIR, the DNC , the Clinton Foundation , Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street & the Mother of all anti-American terrorist / KGB espionage groups in the USA & worldwide – the Soros funded & controlled, the Center for American Progress .

          • That’s where they get a lot of their donations from so that will never happen. How about you let me back in and I will only troll your comments and leave your loyalists alone?

          • Sorry no, I banned a couple of Jewish posters & despite their posts to me on other channels begging me to let them back in I will not rescind the ban .

  2. But I’m not a classical liberal, so I don’t think that places of communication should be unbiased or something. While I am sympathetic to some of the aims of the Family Research Council, I would also say that they don’t go far enough: I would say that women should be encouraged to stay out of many occupations. Perhaps “Logan Crow” and I even disagree on women employed as university professors for, at its best, it is a job too rambunctious for women.


  3. The SPLC is funded by Tax Deductible Donations and are engaging in politics, which is against the law. So why is Trump funding illegal activities using tax payer’s money?


    • On many sites and many, many different times in the past I’ve explained in small detail how the SPLC is violating their tax-exempt status. Here’s one that was only a month ago:

      I could be lazy, misinformed and stupid. It all depends on the day of the week and time of day.

      But I also happen to be good with words and stuff.

      501(c)(3) rules are extremely specific about absolutely prohibiting political campaign interventions. The “intervention” portion is essentially saying that tax-exempt organizations are prohibited from directly or indirectly influencing elections that show an obvious bias between the different political campaigns. They give little wiggle room, and make it very, very specific when they say that activities may only be “conducted in a non-partisan manner.”

      Hell, the IRS even goes on to spell it out for you in fairly simple terms, Kevin:

      On the other hand, voter education or registration activities with evidence of bias that (a) would favor one candidate over another; (b) oppose a candidate in some manner; or (c) have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates, will constitute prohibited participation or intervention.

      I don’t think there are many people in existence that would claim the SPLC is a non-biased, non-partisan entity. And guess what, Kevin. The SPLC even admits to this when it states that it “monitors and exposes the activities of the American radical right.” Not just radicals or even the radical Left which is unquestionably more numerous and violent, but specifically the so-called radical right. Often times, you don’t even have to be “radical” at all for the SPLC to slander and libel you, you only have to be somewhere on the Right. That’s the exact opposite of being non-partisan.

      And we’re just talking about political campaigns. There’s also the issue of the SPLC disseminating information and propaganda to federal and local law enforcement agencies and trying to influence legislation. Again, this is strictly prohibited in any capacity, directly or indirectly, except in circumstances where it can be said that sources, material and motivations were the culmination and result of a non-partisan agenda.

      I’ve posted this kind of stuff for years. I’ve sent messages and other correspondence to several different Republican politicians over the years. Nobody does a damn thing about it, because you can rest assured that most of our crooked politicians are culpable in some capacity of the same types of activities.

      Think about a situation where a David Duke or Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer or even Hunter Wallace is found by the media and various politicians to be contributing modestly-sized donations to a specific political campaign. How quickly do these people find the closest podium or camera to relay their disgust and contempt for “racists” attempting to subvert and influence the political landscape for their own benefit? Democrats, Republicans and even Libertarians alike will all go through their own little scripted absolution process of Deny-Attack-Renounce & Repudiate.

      Now think about a highly organized entity that has been publicly doing this kind of political subversion for decades, spending millions and millions of dollars to, all while hiding behind a tax-exempt status. They pretty much flaunt their bias and subversion and dare anyone to do something about it. A rational man or woman would see this and think that a Republican President or Congress would have done something about that a long time ago. But that rational man or woman would be dead wrong.

      Enter a little Socratic questioning: If the target is so large and such a detriment to Republicans and non-Marxists, why do so few Republicans hit the target or even attempt to hit the target?

      • Communist controlled Universities who use violence to suppress freedom of speech, have also been violating this law for decades, with the help of the Republican Party always turning a blind eye and so called “pro whites” telling us to shut up about it.

        If Trump was a real President, he would instruct the IRS to audit them and make them pay back everything they stole for the last 50 years.

      • We are telling Trump when he is doing something WRONG and you are telling us to shut up and take it like good goy.

  4. (((SPLC types))) are playing (((their sleazy game))) for keeps.

    (((They))) don’t merely want to humiliate & impoverish White people — (((they))) want us DEAD.

  5. The SPLC uses disqus also. It’s always the same handful of anti White, White SJW- Trendy Lefty types commenting there.

    • I got banned a long time ago. The last thing they want is a discussion about White Genocide.

      • I think it took me a couple of hours to get my comments removed and banned. They have some strange unwritten rule about not making their writers and their cult commenters look like idiots and hypocrites.

  6. Spending millions to enable White Genocide. Is any of it tax funded? If so, don’t wait for fake president Trump to do anything about it.

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            There is far more evidence that it was you with the trial of tears you use like r. soles and sage grass and so forth and such.

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          • You can make a post on his channel yourself , who knows he might be wanting company & will welcome you joining .

  7. I just had a look on their sight to see who the SLPC is ( I’m Australian) and yes…now I get it! They’re a pack of anti-white- ooops- anti racist bigots who perhaps never report black on white crime? Poor little minorities are always the victims of ‘big bad nasty whitey’.
    They don’t speak for, or care about ordinary people who do the right thing.
    They were founded in 1971…..that era alone should tell you something about them.
    Its good how people here are prepared to take one for the team and keep an eye on what they’re saying/ doing…..yes it would be hard.
    Cheer up- here in Australia we have to endure the ‘Green Left Weekly’ with ‘expert’ opinions from your usual Commie / Fembat / black / homo enrichers. It’s content makes me sick.

  8. The SPLC is just gradually fading away, the seeds of it’s message finding unfertile soil in the minds of awakened folks.

    Why even pay attention to it?

    It’s free publicity.

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