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  3. http://pithysayingsandmiscellany.blogspot.com/2017/03/incidentals-and-fundamentals-in.html

    In the search for truth, we need to consider two sets of knowledge: Incidentals and Fundamentals.

    Incidentals are facts about incidents that take place everyday all over the world. Crimes, accidents, meetings, mergers, riots, marches, deals, and etc. all comprise the realm of incidentals. Incidental truth seeks straight facts about what happened where, when, and how. Exactitude and accuracy are crucial. Incidentals are often difficult to ascertain without indisputable video & audio evidence.

    It’s like we don’t know exactly what happened on the night when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. We know for sure that Zimmerman was assaulted and Martin was shot, but we don’t know how the event unfolded. We only have Zimmerman’s account and approximation based on collected material evidence. Incidentals vary from incident to incident even though there are patterns to certain kinds of incidents, such as drive-by-shooting. They happen to be drug-related and carried out mostly by black gangs. Because each incident is unique and isolated, one can’t rely on other incidents, however similar they may be, to determine what happened at a particular incident. So, every murder or business deal happened within its unique set of circumstances. Incidentals are mutable, each incident being different from other incidents.

    Fundamentals are immutable. They are about general truths governing peoples, things, and places around the world. For instance, it is a fundamental fact that lions are stronger than leopards and hyenas. There may be cases where a wounded or old lion is killed by a hyena or leopard. So, not every incidence of violence between lions and hyenas(or leopards) involves lions emerging victorious. But despite variations among incidents, it is a fundamental fact that lions are bigger and stronger than hyenas and leopards, and that means most encounters between lions and hyenas(or leopards) will favor the lions.

    To know the facts about an incident, every incident has to be investigated separately. Just because many murders follow a certain pattern doesn’t mean that a particular murder under investigation happened in the same way in the same place by the same people for the same reasons as other murders.

    In contrast, the ever-shifting details of countless and ever-unfolding incidents aren’t crucial to our understanding of the fundamentals of the world. So, even though there may be dumb Jews and many incidents involving Jews doing stupid things, it is a fundamental that Jews(at least Ashkenazi kind) are smarter than other groups. Likewise, even though there are cases where black athletes lose to non-blacks, it is a fundamental that blacks are generally more muscular and athletic than non-blacks.

    Fundamentals don’t ensure that every incident will conform to general truths. It is possible that, on a bad day, a black basketball team will lose to a non-black one. Also, even in games in which the black team wins, the margins of victories will be bigger in some games than in others. So, each game, as an incident, has to be reported on differently. And this is what the news are about. They are about reporting the incidentals. So, sports pages will cover each game as an isolated and singular event. While some teams will be expected to win more games than others, each game has its unique set of stats and results.

    But that still doesn’t invalidate the fundamental fact that some teams are better than others and that some races excel at sports more than other races do. Also, it’s a fundamental fact that men are better at sports than women are. There may be rare cases when women are victorious over men, but the fundamental says men will prevail in most cases.

    And in gambling, it is a fundamental that the House-Wins-in-the-End. Without such fundamental, gambling industry couldn’t survive. So, even though there are individuals who gamble and win, the overwhelming truth is the casino wins far more than it loses.

    While incidentals gleaned from news are crucial to our understanding of world affairs and social issues, more important is an understanding of the fundamentals of the world. For instance, one may learn of many individual cases where gamblers have won against the House, but the central fact one must know about gambling is the House-Wins-in-the-End. That is the immutable truth about the gambling industry. The odds are calibrated so that the House will usually win or win more than lose.

    Consider the incident with Michael Brown, the big black guy who was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. To know the incidentals, we have to rely on witness accounts and material evidence from the scene of the altercation. There are incidents where black thugs attack the police first. There are incidents where cops shoot an unarmed man who poses no threat. So, each incident has to be treated independently.

    But we cannot ignore the fundamentals of black violence. These are immutable fundamentals about blacks: (1) Blacks are bigger and more muscular. (2) Blacks are more aggressive and abrasive. (3) Blacks feel contempt for whites and other non-blacks as ‘weak and wussy’. (4) Blacks are generally less intelligent. Their lower intelligence & higher aggression make them less reflective and self-critical. (5) Due to aforementioned facts, blacks are more likely to act thuggish, commit crime, and come in conflict with the police.

    Those are fundamentals that must be considered in race relations in America. Now, those fundamentals don’t guarantee that every altercation between blacks and whites will involve blacks-as-aggressors and whites-as-victims. There are cases, rare as they may be, of white aggressors and black victims. But given the fundamentals, it is hardly surprising that interracial violence is overwhelmingly black-on-white. Likewise, it is a fundamental that men are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than women, therefore most sexual violence will be male-on-female even though there are incidents where women attack men.

    Fundamentals are essential, but we mustn’t confuse true fundamentals(developed from integrity, honesty, and courage) with false fundamentals(concocted from official dogma, political correctness, intimidation, moral blackmail, and self-serving antics of the elites). Black Lives Matter or BLM was based on a false fundamental. It posited that rogue ‘racist’ white cops are out-of-control and gunning down innocent angelic blacks for no reasons. This false fundamental was erected from bits and pieces of the Magic Negro myth, Hollywood & TV shows, education as PC indoctrination, and propagandized media that employ semantic tricks like referring to black criminals & thugs as ‘teens’ and ‘youths’ to suppress true fundamentals of race relations. They all conspire to maintain the image of the Magic Tragic Innocent Negro from the pages and reels of TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD. Also, even in cases where blacks are indeed depicted as killers, they are romanticized as rappin’ outlaws & gangstas who be so ‘cool and shit’. So, black thuggery is either glorified as something ‘badass'(therefore beyond conventional ‘lame’ morality) or as heroic rebellion against the ‘racist’ system that won’t give the Negro no chance to ‘survive’.

    Because of their willful preference for the false fundamental of BLM, it was assumed by Proglodytes and blowhard blacks like Charles Blow that the main problem of America is innocent blacks being gunned down by ‘racist’ white cops. Of course, this was all just a fantasy. Blacks are mostly killed by other blacks — blacks also rob, rape, and murder many non-blacks — , and most cops(black or white) have been justified in shooting at violent non-compliant blacks. There are surely cases where innocent blacks are killed by panicked or psychotic cops. But those are exceptions than the rule.

    Because the false fundamental of the BLM narrative was so ludicrous, the activists had to scream & throw tantrums and resort to intimidation to push their agenda. It’s like a liar or fool who can’t win on facts and logic will fall back on high drama and volume. If you can’t win by facts and argument, try kicking and screaming.

    So, what has been the result of BLM’s false fundamental’s being crammed down America’s throat? It led to the Ferguson Effect that only increased crime, violence, and number of dead blacks in cities.

    True fundamental on race says that blacks commit more violence and crime because they are stronger, more aggressive, less intelligent, and less reflective. So, more police presence will suppress black crime and save black lives(and non-black lives). False fundamental on race says that rogue white cops are going around killing angelic innocent blacks. Because of BLM rage and demands, police in many cities decided to retreat and be ‘more sensitive’, which allowed blacks to be more flagrant and arrogant in their natural racial tendencies. So, the result of cops standing down or retreating led to more licentiousness among blacks to indulge in violence and mayhem. And that meant more dead black bodies. But black pride, the product of lower black IQ and childlike egomania, cannot own up to any of this. You can’t expect people who describe their own emotions as ‘incandescent rage’ to think clearly or logically. They are full of self-righteous self-flattery that is nothing more than moral flatulence. And white ‘liberal’ conscience, premised on virtue-signaling and preening display of ‘compassion’, is too stuck-up to come to terms with reality.

    Anyway, even though unique details matter for each and every incident, one cannot overestimate the importance of assessing the fundamentals of racial differences, black characteristics, Jewish abilities, homosexual tendencies, ways of power, basic facets of human nature, racial differences in personality & temperament, and etc. in order to understand the true state of the world.

    True fundamentals are the most important guide in our interaction with the world.

    That is precisely why Jews who control the media and academia are so invested in spreading false fundamentals as palliatives to sustain their power and privilege. After all, true fundamentals enable gentiles to understand matters more clearly and deal more effectively with Jewish Globalists whose tentacles of false narratives have done so much in service of Jewish Supremacism at the expense of gentiles.

  4. He’s still and will always remain a piece of crap, anti-White CUCK. He and Paul Joseph Watson from (dis)Infowars ought to get married and move to Israel… They are both back-stabbing snakes.

  5. The Holocaust is used to justify White Genocide. I’m way past tired of the ceaseless, anti-White brainwashing. But then, not surprisingly, he reverses himself. No doubt this video is headed to the Memory Hole at warp speed.

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