Geert Wilders: A Message for the Turks

This is great:

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  1. Awesome! If we can just get these same Nationalist leaders to view the destructive Juden in the same way and address them, too. Because, ultimately, they are far more dangerous to Whites (and by extension Western Civilization) than the rag-heads. In a perfect White Nation… ALL non-Whites would be given the very same message that Mr. Wilders has given to Turkey. Every one of them.

  2. Immigrant Nation is euphemism for Defenseless Nation.

    All sane nations try to maintain their race, culture, history, and territory. That’s why Hungary is Hungarian and Sweden is Swedish. Hungary is land of Hungarians, and Sweden is land of Swedes.

    As all lifeforms are invasive — and humans are lifeforms too — , every territory, natural or human, has to be defended OR ELSE it will be invaded by others.

    Globalism turned the US from an extension of Europe to a ‘proposition immigration nation’ that is defenseless against world invasion(who want to live off the good stuff built by whites). And this New American model is now forced on ALL nations via globalism. All nations must not only be Americanized but New-Americanized. In the past, being Americanized meant drinking coca cola and watching Hollywood movies. Today, being New-Americanized means having your own nation be invaded by masses of foreigners as ‘new countrymen’. Europeans went from the Americanization of drinking coca-cola & watching Hollywood movies to the New-Americanization of ‘electing a new people’.

    At least mass immigration made some sense during a part of US history(esp in the 19th century) when the continent had to be filled.

    But in the Old World with deep ethnic and historical roots in the soil? It will be loss of rich history and heritage associated with a certain people upon a certain land to waves of invaders.

    But then, globalism spread Pop Culture and PC to sever one’s sense of ties to the land and ancestors.

    So, Ireland has a month black history month. Irish are to identify mainly with reggae singers and black American athletes than with their own kind. What rot.


  3. Latin for ‘similar’ is similis.

    Latin for ‘different’ is alium.

    Britain was a nation of similigration or simmigration. New peoples arrived but they were of same race. As such, they could easily blend into the native Britons and become part of Britannia.

    What is happening now is aliumigration, and these people stick out from the natives. They don’t blend in and become invisible. They stand apart so visibly.

    And in cases where whites and non-whites mix, they stand apart from whites and non-whites.

    Who/whom matters in immigration. Similigration blends with native population. Aliumigration contends with the native population.


    Jews tell us that America is a nation of immigrants. They go even further and say even Great Britain is a nation of immigrants. But we must ask… which immigrants?

    It’s really a matter of who/whom.

    Even if Britain developed as a nation of immigrants/invaders over the eons, it mattered WHO or WHICH PEOPLES invaded or arrived.

    Even in the Age of Invasions, Britain was conquered by Europeans, so it remained European.

    If Britain had been invaded by Muslims, Chinese, Hindus, and Africans than by Danes, Vikings, Romans, Germanic peoples, it would have become a very different nation. After all, every place on the planet was created by invasions(or ‘immigration’), but WHO INVADED decided the race, culture, and heritage.

    Pre-Columbian America was a land of ceaseless invasions(since time immemorial) as indigenous peoples, the Indians, invaded each other’s territories. But regardless of which side prevailed, Indians still ruled the continent since Indians conquered Indians. But when America was invaded by whites, the culture totally changed because whites were racially and culturally different. White conquest of America was different from conquests by other Indians.

    So, who/whom matters. Suppose UK were to accept millions of immigrants of only Anglo or Anglo-ized white stock from America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. European Britain would be maintained EVEN IF these new immigrants become the majority of UK. Overseas Anglos and whites would be rejoining native Anglos. Being of same racial stock, they would blend together as one people.

    But if UK brings in tons of Pakistani and black immigrants who become 25% of the population, the nation will have been drastically been altered. Indeed, one only needs to look at the fate of London today.

    So, we need to clarify the notion that AMERICA IS A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS… Okay, but WHICH immigrants.

    It’s like saying AMERICA IS A NATION OF CONQUERORS. But then, which conquerors? Who-did-what matters as different peoples do different things.

    Suppose the first wave of Anglos conquer America and take land from Indians. Suppose a second wave of Anglos conquer the first Anglo-America. Then, suppose third wave of Anglos conquer Anglo-America of first wave taken over by second wave. Then, suppose fourth wave of Anglos conquer Anglo-America of first wave taken over by second wave taken over by third wave. So, this America would be a nation of series of conquests, but since all the conquerors were Anglo, it would be Anglo-America even after all those waves of new arrivals.

    But suppose American conquerors were of different stocks with each successive wave.

    Suppose first wave of conqueors are Anglos who conquer Indians. Then, second wave of conquerors are Hindu. Third wave of conquerors are Mongols. Finally, the fourth wave of conquerors are African. Therefore, the demographic and cultural outcome is a hodgepodge of various races under the thumb of the latest conquerors.

    So,both Americas — the one conquered only by waves of Anglos and one conquered by waves of different peoples — would be nations of conquests, but they would differ drastically from each other due to demographic differences.

    Consider two glasses filled 1/4 with milk. Suppose in the first glass, another 1/4 of milk is added to conquer the previous milk. Then another 1/4 milk is added to further conquer the pre-existing milk. And then, another 1/4 is added to fill the glass. So, the first filling of milk has been conquered by three additions of milk. But despite the conquests by new milk, the glass is filled with real milk.

    In the other glass, suppose the 1/4 milk is conquered by 1/4 orange juice. Then, suppose the resultant mixture is conquered by 1/4 prune juice. Finally, the glass is conquered by 1/4 beer.

    Now, both glasses have been ‘invaded’ or ‘conquered’ by new material, but the first glass is still milk because milk conquered milk. But in the other glass, it is milk no more. In fact, I don’t know what it is, but one thing for sure, it’d be hard to digest. In the first glass, the new additions of milk ‘restored’ the earlier milk. In the second glass, the new additions of non-milk ‘replaced’ the earlier milk.

    Palestine was a place of conquests since time immemorial, and it always mattered WHO conquered. Romans didn’t RESTORE Jewishness. They REPLACED it. Muslims didn’t RESTORE Christianity. They REPLACED it. Jews/Zionists didn’t RESTORE Arabs. Jews REPLACED them.

    Other people’s babies can RESTORE your people ONLY IF they are of same stock and culture. But if they are another race and culture, they will REPLACE your people.

    When Bismarck’s Prussia conquered other German areas, it was still service of German identity and power as Prussians and other Germans were all Germans. This is why Bismarck was mainly interested in conquering and uniting fellow German lands and peoples.

    So, terms like ‘immigrants’ and ‘conquerors’ miss the point because of their generality. The crucial question is who/whom.

    Israel can be said to be a nation of immigrants/conquerors. But which ones? If current Israel were to be conquered or ‘immigrated’ by 5 million new Jews, the result will still be Israel, the nation of Jews. But if Israel were to be conquered or ‘immigrated’ by 5 million Arabs or Africans or Hindus or Iranians, it’d be a very different country.

    It’s like it’s meaningless to say ‘Hungary is a nation of people.’ Of course, it is, just like every nation is a nation of people. But what makes Hungary Hungarian? Can just any people keep Hungary Hungarian? No, it is Hungarian because it is a nation of Hungarian people, not just any people. Israel to is a ‘nation of people’ but which people?

    Jews are cognizant of the power of identity and demographics. Consider elite-demographics or elitographics. Why is the American Agenda so heavily geared to serve Israel, to oppose nations hated by Jews, and to prop up the Holocaust narrative? Because Jews are heavily represented in elitographics and esp in super-elitographics, or aristographics.

    If all those elite Jews were replaced by elite Arab-Americans, would US policy and agenda remain the same since both Jews and Arabs are ‘people’ or ‘fellow Americans’? Would Arab-American elites RESTORE or REPLACE the current US policy that is heavily biased toward Jewish concerns? Ruling power is always defined by elites, but which elites? American Power is heavily pro-Jewish-supremacist because Jews command elite-demographics. Demographics matter even more at the top than at the bottom. Jews certainly have no problem with Jewish elite demographic domination of media, academia, finance, entertainment, and judiciary.

    The generality of ‘elites’ hardly answers the question of power.Who/whom clearly matters. It really mattered when ‘Bugs’ elites — busy urban globalist Semites — replaced the ‘Wasp’ elites. The entire trajectory of American politics, culture, and narrative was changed.

    Indeed, why are Jews and Democrats flipping out over Trump and rise of nationalism? Because who-controls-the-elite-power matters. Elitographics matters. Not all elites are interchangeable, just like not all peoples are interchangeable. It’s amusing how Jews say white gentiles can be ‘restored’ by other people’s babies but Jewish elites and their cuck-servants cannot be ‘restored’by other elites with contrasting agendas and ideas. Suddenly, who/whom matters.

    Indeed, Jews call for more non-white immigration not to RESTORE white America but to REPLACE it with Diversity that allows the game of divide-and-rule by Jews who thus keep their dominance.

    By the way, William Kristol and David Brooks were saying whites are a bunch of dying losers who should be replaced by immigrants of other races. But after representative Steven King’s remark, Jews are pretending as if non-whites are selflessly coming to america to RESTORE white America that need not worry about eclipse and extinction. Whites trusting Jews is like chicken trusting weasels.

    Following this logic, black America can be restored by non-blacks. So, when Mexicans or white/Jewish gentrifiers take over a formerly black area, blacks call tell themselves that it has been restored of its blackness. LOL.

  4. The main problem of the West is not this so-called White Supremacism. Where do you see Nazis or KKK? I mean real ones as opposed to ‘hate-hoaxers’ — usually blacks, Muslims, and Jews — who spray-paint Swastikas in various places?

    White patriots don’t want to conquer other nations and peoples. They don’t want to tell other peoples and nations what to do. That is why they voted for Donald Trump who invoked nationalism — Americans minding their own business — against globalism, which is Jewish-Homo-Supremacist domination of the world.
    White patriots only demand the right of white peoples to maintain their identity, heritage, culture, and territory in the lands of their forefathers. If that is supremacism, then Tibetans who resist being taken over by the Han Chinese must also be supremacists. And Palestinians must be ‘supremacist’ because they don’t their ancestral lands to be taken over by Zionists in the West Bank.

    The real problem of the West is not White Supremacism(that hardly exists as a political force) but Anti-White-Supremacism that says that the white race doesn’t even have the right to defend its identity, territory, and history. Anti-White-Supremacism says that whites must SUBMIT to demographic invasions of non-whites and SERVE the elite agendas of Jewish-and-Homo globalists.
    Anti-White-Supremacism is not anti-supremacist. It is essentially Supremacist over whites. Thus, Anti-White-Supremacism is Anti-White for the sake of Supremacism of non-whites, especially Jews. It is the supremacism of Anti-White forces.

    Anti-White-Supremacists say that black men should claim, conquer, and colonize white wombs to produce black babies than white babies(who are effectively ‘killed’ because the white womb space has been taken over by black seed). Anti-White-Supremacists say that white daughters should be raised to be used as sex meat in Jewish-controlled porn industry. Anti-White-Supremacists say white American soldiers are cannon fodder for Wars for Israel. Anti-White-Supremacists say white students should be instilled with shame, self-loathing,and self-hatred. Anti-White-Supremacism says that any white person who wants his people to survive as a race, culture, and territory is a ‘white supremacist’. Anti-White-Supremacism projects onto whites the vile hatred of Jews and their allies of POC and Cucks(whose only ‘white pride’ comes from debasing their own whiteness).

    Anti-White-Supremacism and White Submissivism are the real dangers to the West. Time to wake up.

  5. Erdrogan may be willing to trade a Europe without Turks for a Europe without the EU.

    What he is doing helps nationalism when nationalism needs it most.

  6. Free Will vs Free Swill.

    Unfettered Liberty favors Free Swill over Free Will.

    Will implies control, restraint, vision, focus, direction, design, and destiny. Something greater than impulsive want of instant gratification so common among children, boors, and animals.

    Will is about challenging gravity and climbing a mountain. That requires will, stamina, commitment.

    Human nature is programmed to prefer Swill.

    Ease, comfort, fun, pleasure. Human nature prefers the slide than the climb. The slide requires no will and flows with swill. Gravitational pull of human nature favors the swill. It takes no effort to go down a slide. It takes effort to climb the slope. Of course, effortless slide eventually hits bottom, whereupon one is compelled to make the climb to enjoy the slide once more.

    Western Freedom used to be defined by the Power of Will. It was about using one’s freedom to pursue one’s destiny with determination, discipline, and conviction.

    Now, western freedom is mostly about Surrender to Swill. Pig out, orgy-porgy, hedonism, infantilism.

    The genius of capitalism is to entice people toward the Will with the promise of Swill. Capitalism sees human nature as a slave of pleasure; therefore, people will work and toil to gain pleasures. When levels of productivity were lower in the past, people worked mainly to meet basic needs of survival. Also, the lingering power of tradition and morality put a brake on the anarchic allure of pleasure. But once productivity levels rose to the point where all basic needs were met and traditional morality was drowned under the flood of ‘youth culture’ and pop culture, the main purpose of work & will became the pursuit of unfettered pleasure or swill. When so much Will is committed to Swill, isn’t there something wrong with the picture? When so much that is thought good and noble — work ethic, determination, and diligence — is expended for the attainment of opportunities for gross behaviors, what is the core meaning of our civilization? Imagine a society where everyone works very hard so that, on weekends, everyone can get together to indulge in drugs and orgies.

    But there is worse. While some people still use the Will to afford the Swill, many people demand the Swill without Will on their part. They see Swill as a ‘right’. They demand free computers and internet connections as a ‘human right’ so that they can indulge in little more than video-games, celebrity culture, and pornography.

    We need to be aware of the dangers of Swill. It can lead to dissipation.

    While one can become exhausted by an excess of Will, one can become enervated from excess of Swill… like Ottoman Sultans who did little else but have orgies and pig out.

    Unless individual liberty is hardened by values and vision, it leads to Free Swill than Free Will.

    Also, a healthy society prefers meaningful pleasures over shallow ones. Deepest happiness comes from love and family. So, the main purpose of will & work should be to have a family. Money spent on the well-being of one’s family as torchbearers of one’s race and culture is surely more meaningful and consequential than money blown on momentary pleasures.

  7. We need to say to the Jooo’s |=

    – no more multi culti crap in white nations and deport all non-whites.

    – no more Holocaust sob stories taught anywhere- we’re over it.

    – no more wars in other nations that that don’t directly effect us. Have that troops at home where they’re needed.

    – all media / publishing houses, banks, Hollywood and government advisory roles to be controlled by Christians.

    -advocates for white genocide and third world immigration to be imprisoned as traitors / enemies of the state.

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