Rotterdam Riots

This ought to get you up to speed:

Note: The Netherlands is holding elections on Wednesday.

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  1. Wow. Holland. I don’t believe. EVERY European Nation needs to purge the shitskin filth. And I mean the KIKES, too.

    • My reaction is the same. The Dutch cops weren’t going to put up with any nonsense from the rabble. Some US police dept. could use their training.

  2. Am I allowed to write what MUST be done to every pos mud GARBAGE? Including their vile females and rotten cockroach brats?

  3. Vile Turks have been the scourge of Europe since they arrived in the late 14th Century. Since they all have Turkish passports, they can all be sent back.

  4. I pray that I love long enough to see foreign rabble rousers in the US treated in a similar fashion.


    Effect of PC. Reality Denial and Narrative Conjuring.

    Reality is blacks commit lots of violence. But PC narrative sanctifies blacks as MLK people. So, black violence is disappeared by under-reporting, false reporting(violent riots called ‘peaceful protests), or semantic tricks(‘youths’ or ‘tens’ done it). Reality Denial.

    But denying reality isn’t enough. Just like UFO nuts are desperate to bear witness to UFO’s and just like paranormal people want to believe they’ve sensed the presence of ghosts, Paranormal Politics or Parapolitics must have ‘evidence’ or ‘witness’ or ‘revelation’ of White Ghosts since PC says whites possess evil spirits.

    It’s like if you tell people there is Bigfoot, many people mistake anything for bigfoot and day they saw it too.

    Or, to gain attention, affection, and approval of the Big Foot community, you tell a tall tale of how YOU saw one too. These tall tales are esp appealing to those who want attention but don’t get any. What better way to win affection than by serving as prop for the narrative. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to the Current Culture’s radar is through hysteria. The Coakley Coax or Coax Hoax.

    Every society has its taboos and sacraments and myths. And those who seek approval and attention within that community conjure fantasies or visions in accordance to the Narrative. So, in Catholic societies of old, people claimed to have witnessed Jesus or the Madonna.

    In Muslim societies, people claim to see Muslim miracles.

    Even though secular people are thought ‘factual’ or ‘rational’, they too have human psychology that is essentially mytho-conformist. or conformystic. And PC is neo-religion or neoligion. It has its own Conjurers.

    Under current PC, some people say they saw something they didn’t. Some say they are guilty of what they didn’t do. Since PC hegemony is about White Evil, all these sightings and confessions revolve around white hatred. Narrative Confomism and Narrative Affirmation. Just like people must keep donating money to ‘good causes’ or charities, they feel they must donate stories to the Cause to keep its fires going since dearth of stories will weaken the fire. After all, what use is a UFO cult is people no longer say they saw UFO’s? What use religion if people no longer believe in miracles? Just like Hollywood can’t go on without new movies, the Narrative needs new stories to keep it justified. This is why blacks and progs still act as if KKK is going around lynching blacks. Without new stories, the Narrative will just be an old story that is no longer relevant. Viable Narratives need Malevolence Relevance. (Some whites like to confess to stuff they didn’t do. White Atonement makes them feel holy. It’s like some guy in CRIME AND PUNISHMENT confesses to a crime he didn’t commit because Christian morality is about repentance.)

    PC has the logic of the Horror Genre. It is best understood as a form of paranormal pseudo-science.

    Gayday is passe. Now, the thing is KKK-dar.


    • I’ll take the shitty food. And I lived there for 8 years. No problem, so long as the rats go back to Jive Turkeyland.

  6. What is the solution to European Moral Math?

    Jewish Message to Europeans: “We want you vile hateful white Europeans to submit to us noble Jews and wonderful Muslims.”

    European Message to Jews: “We want to save you noble Jews from those hateful Muslims.”


    Other propositions.

    Jewish Message to Muslims: “We want you Muslims to side with us since we supported Muslim migration to the West.”

    Muslim Message to Jews: “We want you Jews to get on your knees and apologize for Zionism and Wars for Israel in the Muslim World. Until you do,the hell with the holocaust.”

    European Message to Muslims: “We want you Muslims to leave noble and saintly Jews alone.”

    Muslim Message to Europeans: “You scum Europeans do the bidding of Jews to destroy the Muslim world, so you owe us.”


  7. And after few day,s Netherland people will vote for more terrorism and mass immigration……Geert Wilders support is pathetic 15 %

      • The problem is that many, if not most, people who vote for naionalists do so reluctantly. The Dutch government cracking down on the Turks could be enough to convince them to vote for the cuckservative parties and avoid losing face by voting for ray-cysts.

    • Reminds me of my relatives that live thousands of miles away from me. Even at this late stage they are still clueless diversity lovers. From what I can see it comes down to the crap they watch on TV. They don’t have opinions of their own, they just parrot whatever the people in TV land say. People in general have weak minds.

  8. Steve King?Verified account @SteveKingIA
    Steve King Retweeted Voice of Europe
    Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.

    Voice of Europe?
    Hundreds of Islamists shouting “Allahu Akbar” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Wilders is right for over 10 years.

  9. One of my favorite jokes as a child: 10-year old girl talks to her mother and says “Mommy, is Rotterdam a bad word? ”

    Mother replies: “No, dear- it’s the name of a city in Holland. ”

    Girl (obviously not listening): “Good. Little sister Susie stole my candy, and I hope it’ll Rotterdam teeth out!”

  10. Here’s hoping the Dutch government acting tough isn’t enough to swing the cuckservatives away from the PVV.

  11. Let me know who’s for mass deportation in response to mass immigration. I will support that politician.


  12. If the Dutch had any common sense, they’d offer all white South Africans of Dutch / European ancestry resettlement back in the Netherlands……and return all the filthy, grotty welfare cheating beasts back to Africa, Asia and the Middle East at the same time.
    The Netherlands most notorious bikie gang is mostly made up of- wait for it- Indonesians! The bloody hide of ’em! Get rid of them!

  13. Dutch state ban international media cartels, most notably London NYC Atlantic power corruption .repatriate occupier to their father land reservation.

  14. Turkish nationalist flag an occupation of Netherlands immediate expolsion.The state a vassal of the two towers of the Atlantic world crooked banking.

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