Steve King Says Civilization Can’t Be Restored With ‘Somebody Else’s Babies’

Rep. Steve King has outraged the Left with a new incendiary comment:

In the political “mainstream,” a White male isn’t allowed to go off script like that. King has violated the dominant racial etiquette. This means he will be subjected to a Two Minute Hate:

“Representative Steve King, a Republican from Iowa who has a history of making inflammatory statements viewed by many as insensitive or outright racist, was roundly criticized on Sunday for his apparent endorsement of white nationalism.

Mr. King made the remark on Twitter when he shared a story by the Voice of Europe website about the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who wants to end Muslim immigration and ban the Quran and who has called Moroccan immigrants “scum.” …”

We’re ruled through the Narrative.

All respectable people must now join forces to express their outrage and drum Steve King out of polite society in order to display their dominance, preserve their own power and deter other dissenters from voicing similar sentiments. There must only be one Narrative on racial and cultural issues. That’s what is really going on behind this smokescreen of faux moral outrage.

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  1. Weird u can be proud to be anything “but” white? Well FU all! we whites have a society all the rest keep invading, if we are that abominable stay away and leave us to our own nations and with our own proud part of the world.
    Everyone else seems to have theirs.

  2. Lucky for Mr King that he’s an Iowan. This will all blow over for him in a few days. If he’d been from Dixie, there’d be virtually no end to his excoriation.

      • Mr Putnam, have you noticed that the same people feverishly pushing AI/robotics/transhumanism are also feverishly pushing white genocide?

        I would offer that the Beast of Revelations and other aspects of that tale could and should be reinterpreted in the light of AI/robotics/transhumanism. For what is a beast? Often it isn’t clear, but we know it is neither God nor man.

        Consider this

        Also consider how robots AI are portrayed: artificial Aryans! To replace the real!

        Literally speaking proto-Indo European language!

        • IMHO the Beast is a system that speaks so that the entire world can hear ( radio and print) and makes an image of itself that the whole world worships. (TV and Cinema) Now who controls that in the United States so much so that it is a reflection of their image (ideology)every time you watch a movie or turn on the TV? It is a system not an individual although it may bring the diabolical one to power. And the beast that received a head wound almost wounded to death but miraculously restored more powerful than ever? Think World War II and the rise of Organized Jewry after that event.

    • True. God has made of one blood all the nations of man and determined the bounds of their habitation. Whether you believe all races descended from Adam or only white people are descended from Adam ( in which case it would be God has made of one blood all the nations of Adam and determined the bounds of their habitation) leaves no doubt that nations are ordained of God and based on blood or ethnicity. It is globalism that is Satanic . After all, what did Satan offer to Christ on the Mount of Temptation? All the nations of the world. Why did God destroy the Tower of Babel? Because the people were trying to become one.

      • Adam chronologically appears at roughly the same time as the mutation for Blue Eyes.

        6,000 years or so ago.

        A coincidence perhaps?

  3. Encouraging when a guy in the system dares to say something this close to ethnonationalism. Too bad Dr. Duke did not make it to the Senate last November; he would have said far more!
    I see Occidental Dissent has a snappy new site format this morning. It looks fine, except that I miss the Dixie flag oriented image from the site header. Maybe all the Alt-Right were not into it, but I liked it.
    Now Steve King just needs to read my piece on the Three Principles so he can make another (even more inflammatory) public statement!

  4. I called King’s offices. His office in DC was not accepting any more messages (VM full) but I was able to leave a verbal “bouquet of kudos” at his office in Iowa.
    King is also well aware of the greater picture of Western Man. I saw a video of him stating the Greeks were blonde and blue-eyed at one time which is a story that doesn’t get told much. Our race has been attacked for centuries upon centuries. This man gets it and he is a brave stalwart of Western Civilization and its creators. He is also a good Christian man. Love you Rep. King!

  5. This man knows he is a part of the greatest tribe of all time and he’s very proud of it. As a side note….. he looks like a cross between Frank Sinatra and Jeff Sessions. I’m betting he can and will hold his notes.

  6. Not that long ago, Steve King was on Cruz Control.

    Now look at him.

    King’s district has just about the most ethnically (not just racially) homogeneous places in the country; Sioux County, Iowa, for example, is mostly Dutch. And, in spite of it being very good farm land, the farmers there for the most part don’t want the south of the border hard working comprehensive crowd to do their stoop labor. Raj Chetty’s research has determined that Sioux County is the best in the country for the upward mobility of children.

  7. Q. why the world population in just two centuries boom to 7 billion from 1 billion? result of improved simple sanitation methods, pesticides, antibiotics and vaccinations. extinction of malaria, dysenteria, yellow fever, small pox, bubonic plague, typhoid and typhus.

  8. This was very heartening to read when I saw it yesterday. Glad to see this sort of sentiment catching on with our elected leaders. I hope he knows not to back down when the abuse comes.

  9. What he said is right. The truth hurts the left who despise not only free speech, but true speech. Civilization can’t be restored with someone else’s babies. Again the Left supports free speech….their free speech.

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