Norwood to Bring Back White Rule to Atlanta?

Georgia native Mary Norwood is leading polls in Atlanta’s mayoral race and may become the first White leader of the city in over three decades. She enjoys an early “commanding lead,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Unlike many other cities in the South, Atlanta has become Whiter in recent years. The Black demographic shrunk by over 31,000 from 2000 to 2010, falling from 61 to 54% of the city’ total population. Meanwhile, Atlanta’s White population grew from 31 to 38%. The news is not all positive though as Hispanics, Asians and other foreigners have flocked to Atlanta. Only about 83% of the city’s population speak English at home. The native Southern accent is rare in many parts of Atlanta. Just as the British are now a minority in London, so too has globalism made Southerners a minority in Atlanta.

Norwood has appealed to the Black majority, cozied up to the Georgia Democratic Party (which sunk her campaign last time) and claims to have voted for Obama in 2008. However, she has based her campaign on cleaning up the notoriously corrupt Black-run city government and restoring its financial order. Bribery has become the new norm in Atlanta in recent years.

From a Southern Nationalist perspective it would be encouraging to see the city again governed by a Southerner. However, Norwood is a liberal who does not place identity at the center of her world-view. Of course, if she did then she would lose badly in the Black majority city. A more competent administration that is less corrupt and more responsive to the citizens’ needs is probably the best the Southern people of Atlanta can hope for at this time. Ultimately, the State of Georgia will have to take steps to reform its capital and bring pro-Southern government back to Atlanta. So far, the State has responded by allowing for several White majority areas to secede from Atlanta and create functioning local governments. Sandy Springs is one of the largest of these enclaves with a population of almost 94,000 – 65% of which is White.

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  1. We need to bring pro-Southern government back to all of Dixie. It’s amazing to me, to see a native Georgian running and doing well in the face of Northern transplants and other outsiders.

    • Worth noting in GONE WITH THE WIND, Margaret Mitchell, whose parents lived through the nightmare of Reconstruction 1865-71 and Post Reconstruction 1871-77 as Georgia technically returned to full white rule in 1871 although Northern supervision was always a possibility until the armies were removed in 1877, she detailed in her book through Scarlett the scene where hundreds of Yankees, railroad speculators and others descended upon Atlanta, being as how it was the major rail spur for the entire South. I reckon after about two generations, these Carpetbaggers and whatnot who stayed were absorbed into the Southern culture, mostly because there was barely a trickle of outside in-migration after 1877 or so up until the 1960’s,

      However and this is a bizarre note, their descendants must have been powerful enough to maintain a liberal undertow because in 1963 George Wallace in his Inaugural Address mentioned the hypocricy of Alanta, Georgia in which he said that the City of Atlanta’s officials for political reasons went along happily with desegregating schools but then put up barricades to keep neighborhoods white.

      This was a very common thing wherever you went. Outsiders and leftists always in some number clustered in the major cities and in college towns. This is a trend I always noticed with the New England tradesmen, Preachers, intellectuals who scattered about, they always settled in major cities near the centers of power and the educational areas. This is why if you look even in Texas, you can look in books and in the major cities, find that they had a Grand Army of the Republic chapter there in 1900. These were made up of the type of folks I mentioned. Very seldom if ever did you find them in the countryside, they are unique to the city

  2. She probably won’t steal the city blind like previous black mayors, but policy-wise, white Democrats beholden to blacks are little better than the blacks themselves.

    • The Jews like in Detroit are busy putting up White Democrats to encourage investment in the burned out nigger-infested metropolises.

  3. Happen to be reading Shelby Foote’s “The Civil War” yesterday/today about Sherman leaving Atlanta and starting on his infamous march across GA. In the 2 paragraphs quoted below, he is leaving Atlanta and made the comment (at a later time) that after he left he had never seen Atlanta since….It seems that the way Atlanta is today…he never really left…

    Leading elements of both columns having stepped off the day before, east and southeast down the railroads, Atlanta had been set afire last night, partly by rear-guard arsonists, who stole away from, then rejoined their units passing through, and partly by design, in accordance with orders that nothing be left intact that might be of use to the rebs when they returned. In any case, the results were spectacular. “All the pictures and verbal descriptions of hell I have ever seen never gave me half so vivid an idea of it as did this flame-wrapped city tonight,” a staff major wrote in his journal after dodging sparks and debris from explosions as he picked his way through the streets. Dawn showed more than a third of the town in ashes, with smoke still rising thick and slow from the longer-lasting fires. While Sherman watched from his hilltop, a mile beyond the eastward bend of Hood’s abandoned fortifications, a band in the blue column below struck up the John Brown song, and presently the marchers joined in, roaring the words as they slogged along. “Never before or since have I heard the chorus of ‘Glory, glory, hallelujah!’ done with more spirit or in better harmony of time and place,” their red-haired commander was to say.
    He twitched his horse’s head to the east and came down off the hill, trailed by his staff. “Uncle Billy,” a weathered veteran hailed him near the bottom, “I guess Grant is waiting for us at Richmond!” Sherman grinned and rode on, doubling the column. “Atlanta was soon lost behind the screen of trees, and became a thing of the past. Around it clings many a thought of desperate battle, of hope and fear, that now seem like the memory of a dream…. I have never seen the place since.”

    No dream….but the memory of a nightmare….

    • More concerning Sherman…

      General W T Sherman had an estimated 25,000 blacks following his army in its march to the sea. Grant had suggested that he recruit able-bodied slaves as reinforcements but Sherman “considered this a practice that would lead to future ills, both for the army and the country.” He is quoted as saying to General Halleck, “The South deserves all she has got from her injustice to the Ne g ro, but that is no reason why we should go to the other extreme.” He wanted to get these “useless mouths” away from his army.

      In other words, Sherman wanted the freed N eg ro es to be punishment for the South and not become a problem leading to future ills for the North…

      Here is the excerpt from Shelby Foote’s book about this:

      One trouble there was, of increasing concern, despite his efforts to guard against it from the start. In the course of the march now approaching its end, an estimated 25,000 blacks of both sexes and all ages joined the various infantry columns at one time or another, and though at least three fourths of these turned back, either from weariness or homesickness, a considerable number managed to tag along, a growing encumbrance. Sherman tried to discourage this by explaining to their spokesmen — gray-haired preachers, for the most part — that he “wanted the slaves to remain where they were, and not load us down with useless mouths which would eat up the food needed for our fighting men.” They nodded agreement, but continued to throng in the wake of each blue column, preferring instant liberty to the promise of eventual freedom, once the war was over. Beyond the Ogeechee the problem became acute, or seemed about to, not only because the land was less fruitful toward the seaboard, but also because of reports that Bragg had reached Augusta with reinforcements; Sherman decided to rid himself, in one way or another, of what might prove a military embarrassment in the event of a clash on that congested flank. He had not followed Grant’s suggestion that he recruit able-bodied slaves as reinforcements, in part because he lacked missionary zeal and in part because he considered this a practice that would lead to future ills, both for the army and the country. “The South deserves all she has got from her injustice to the Ne g ro,” he would presently tell Halleck, “but that is no reason why we should go to the other extreme.” In any case, he was determined to do what he could to disencumber his threatened left of these “useless mouths.”

  4. Can we even ask if Atlanta is good for whites or are they doing their best to chase whites out of it?

  5. Unfortunately, blacks have moved out of the city and destroyed the suburbs, where most whites can actually afford to live. And there will still be enough blacks to make the schools awful in Atlanta.

    Gentrifying homosexuals, singles and childless couples will be able to enjoy their Sex in the City urban dream, but whites in the rest of the metro area, and what was quite recently surrounding countryside, have paid a huge price in standard of living and quality of life for those selfish SOBs to do have their cake and eat it too.

    I have to say that it was a better situation when the city was mostly black and the suburbs and countryside were overwhelmingly white. Add in the transplants and the immigrants, and the city and suburbs both suck, no matter who is governing over Atlanta.

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