CNN’s Jeff Zucker – “MSM Never Better”

President Trump, (Alt Lite) Gavin McInnes and CNN’s #1 Jeff Zucker were all in Israel last week doing… well, President Trump and Gavin were mostly trying to shore up their Jewish support, trying to counter the media/political blitz that Trump and Trump supporters are all evil racist NAZIs promoting anti Jewish hate crimes, grave desecrations. President Trump and Gavin McInnes were pleading their/our case that the United States should be allowed Israeli style border walls, sensible immigration polices to keep out Islamic terrorists, M13 Gang members with bad facial tattoos etc. Gavin McInnes seems to be getting “black pilled” in Israel. Even the most nationalist, anti Islam Israeli Jews don’t want to show Gavin Israeli’s effective border walls. Instead, they want to drag Gavin to endless anti European Holocaust propaganda places. Why was CNN’s Jeff Zucker in Israel? Zucker was explaining to the international Jewish community how President Trump is bad mouthing the “American” MSM – Mainstream Media.

Jeff Zucker stated:

“Trump’s declarations of fake news and his labeling of journalists as “enemies of the people” has helped usher in a golden age for CNN.” (Link)

Yep, CNN’s Zucker reassured his Israeli Jewish audience that CNN and the American MSM – Mainstream Media are doing just great, better than ever – “CNN’s viewership has never been higher. CNN’s digital traffic has never been higher, CNN’s place in the world has never been more important, our journalism has never been better, so whatever they (the Trump Administration) want to do, that’s fine.”

Maybe Jeff Zucker missed his true calling in life – that of the spokesman for a Zimbabwe/North Korea/Venezuela economic alliance – I could imagine him saying:

“Our economies are doing great, never better – anybody who says different is a Neo Colonialist, RACIST NAZI”.

attends Tribeca Talks After the Movie: “Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent” at BMCC in New York City, New York on April 16, 2016.

Hey Jeff Zucker – CNN’s ratings are tanking. Belief in the MSM political coverage is at recored lows.

President Trump won a landslide victory opposing CNN and the MSM – that’s why Donald Trump won.

But, just to clarify a point:

I – Jack Ryan and Occidental Dissent are not “anti Semitic”, Jew obsessed, Jew hating folks. I spend way more time exposing and beating down idiot, traitor Libertarians, open border immigration Constitutionalist loons like Glen Beck, Ron Paul, or the CINO – Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis. This CINO Pope Francis wants to be a Rolling Stone Magazine pop rock star and enable the Black/Muslim conquest of Western Europe and the Mexifornia transformation of North America.

But, I do notice certain things about the Jewish ethnic group.

First, The Jews are not a religious group. The Jews are an ethnic group – race is too strong a word.

This Jewish ethnic group dominates the “American” MSM, the American mass media. At the top – it’s a Jewish ethnic, media mafia.

“Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon”
Joel Stein LA Times (link)

This ethnic Jewish media mafia has also intermarried, mated with White American gentiles, mostly Jewish male, beautiful White Nordic females. Jewesses tend to get left out and thus go in for the worst forms of feminism. Virtually all the Hollywood/US Jewish media, Jewish actors and Jewish pop star male big shots from Billy Joel, Roman Polanski, Stephen Spielberg, Howard Stern have beautiful White, Nordic wives, girl friends mistresses etc. The Jewish Billy Joels of North America prefer to mate with the likes of Christie Brinkley instead of matting with Jewesses like Bella Abzug, Elena Kagan or Ruth Bader Ginzburg.

Can you blame them?

So, we’re now getting lot of half Jews, 1/4 Jews etc. Some of these half Jews like Howard Stern often take decent, pro White, or race neutral positions, but it’s usually a mess and American Jews vote and campaign finance anti White Lib Leftist candidates and causes by around 70% – 30%.

So how does this Jewish media mafia relate to President Trump and the Trump Administration which has named CNN and the MSM as liars – “enemies of the American people”? President Trump hasn’t “named the Jew” and up until last year, Donald Trump never had many/any problems with the Jewish people…

Now he does.


Remember, in our times an “anti Semite” is not someone who hates Jews, it’s someone the Jews hate.

And yeah, the Jewish media mafia, the Jews at the top of CNN, the Jew York Times, the Washington Post, Rob “the Meathead” Reiner, The Weinstein Brothers, Roman Polanski (wherever he is hiding) pretty much hate President Trump, hate us Trump supporters.

These Jews hate us.

That’s life.

What do we do?

I recommend treating CNN, the MSM and the Jewish media mafia elite like we should handle the worst forms of hard core pornography. If we had a White, Southern country – this wouldn’t be allowed, or else it would be strongly contained away from public life, certainly kept away from our children and teens. Up until the late 1960s we had sensible rules and more importantly cultural norms against pornography in public.

Hollywood has always been very, very Jewish – but we had restraints like “the Hayes Code” (link). And also remember Jewish Hollywood has produced so many great American films under talented jewish Americans that loved our country the same as we do. Check out the best movies directed, produced and acted by talented great Jewish Americans like Louie B Mayer, Jack Warner, Woody Allen, Danny Kaye.

Gone With the Wind was produced by David O. Selznick

My favorite 1970s movie “Breaking Away” was directed by Peter Yates (link)

“The Secret Life of Walter Middy” lead actor Danny Kaye/Kaminsky (Link)

We need our own media. We can not let the likes of CNN’s Jeff Zucker monopolize…

our media.

President Trump is sadly right – CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the Jew York Times and Hollywood are pretty much…

“Enemies of the American people”.

Perhaps Mr. Zucker should simply stay in Jerusalem Israel. Israel is the Homeland of the Jews.

There’s no place like home.

Jeff Zucker is home.

Wish we had a homeland.

Maybe someday.


  1. Leftists have a harder row to hoe than the Jew worshiping, evangelical Christian sects do. Leftists have to worship Jews, hate Israel, and love the dusky hordes of North Africa and Southwest and Central Asia, all at the same time.

    I’ve seen them on HuffPo. Lenin’s useful idiots denouncing Southern Christians and Israel, while defending Jews to the last breath. Talk about convoluted, hypocritical duplicity.

    • Disagree

      The Left just hates all things healthy White male. So Muslims and LGBT Trannies are on the same team

      As for Evangelical Christians worshipping all things Jewish…

      How do you sell the Academy Awards and hard core porn to them?

      • As for Evangelical Christians worshipping all things Jewish…

        They don’t. They worship Jews themselves. Some even believe that they themselves are a kind of honourary Jew.

        Friend of mine across the river in Oklahoma, worships at a church that mixes Christianity with Judaism. He even says shalom to people. This, in spite of being raised a Southern Methodist. I don’t have the heart to tell him to give up the Jew worship.

          • He doesn’t. He barely pays any attention to anything outside of Caney, Oklahoma. He drives to Durant, for church, and Texas for work. That’s it..

          • He sounds like kind of a dumb ass

            The kind that elected George Dubya Bush Presude twice

            Have him come hang out in my Chicago SS neighborhoods

            He need some real world experience


          • Don’t take any of this for inexperience or lack of knowledge. It’s just that most people here have better things to do, than worry about Ginzberg, Kagan, Lady Gaga, SJWs, or the Vagina Hat Ladies. Or what perturbs or animates these people. What would you rather do? Spend time on sour, old New England SJW Ladies, or party at the lake with almost naked girls? Or go to a hot rod show, or a rodeo? Or a cookout?

          • Lame excuses.

            Too busy partying with naked girls at some lake in OK to see the obvious that we live in an occupied country and we’re being constantly insulted, abused and dispossessed by the nastiest, ugliest creatures on planet earth.

            My 95 year old Russian grandmother could see all this stuff. She lived in Paris France from around 1928- until 2002.

            She stil had time to party – she was smoking a cigarette and drinking a whiskey right up to her death. Why can’t partying folks in Oklahoma just wake up and smell the dead bodies?

            Plus, you said your friend was some super strict Bible belt guy. How much partying with naked women at the Lake do these types do?

            Jeees – excuses, excuses, excuses.

          • He doesn’t, but most people, as I’ve said before, have other things to do, besides keep up with pop culture.

          • The US Supreme Court, Federal/International powers mandating the destruction of the Southern people isn’t exactly “pop culture” – too many excuses.

        • Tell him what Jesus Christ said about the Jews.

          JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

          See what he says about that.

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