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  1. I love it that the liberal media matrix is so butt-hurt because people no longer trust anything they say. There’s still a collective shock among reporters and news media personalities over the constant calling them out as liars and ‘fake news.’ They can’t handle it because they’ve been unchallenged and idolized for so long by the American people. They’ll lash out for a while but, eventually, they’ll implode.

    An awakening has started to occur, and a new order has started to replace the old one. Whites are beginning to wake up, and they’re being forced to make a choice between either nationalism -vs- globalism, multiculturalism -vs- White identity, and the blue-pilled old media -vs- the red-pilled new media comprised of many voices, sites, and different avenues for gaining knowledge and truth.

    • The pit fall of nationalism is the tricky way nations of the same race stab in back for minor national advantages over neighbors.

      Ideally the EU should be a white federation, confederation that confers an advantage to whites.

  2. And then Maddow’s stupid stunt. I have to ask will Tom Perez be able to get control of these crazy white females before they totally blow up the Left for a generation?

  3. Keeping up with the European media, you realise how much the U.S. media keep from the U.S. population. And how much they do let out, is propaganda designed to stir up hate for certain, things, classes of people and nations.


    Poland to seek extradition from United States of suspected Nazi commander

    Reuters, March 14, 2017

    WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland plans to seek the extradition of an American on suspicion of committing crimes against humanity in the World War Two deaths of 44 Polish villagers, Poland’s government-affiliated history institute said on Monday.

    The man, identified as Michael K., is suspected of ordering the killings in 1944 in eastern Poland when he was a commander in the Nazi’s SS-led Ukrainian Self Defence Legion, the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) said in a statement.

    As a result of that order, several villages – including Chlaniow and Wladyslawin – were set on fire and buildings destroyed, the IPN said.

    “In our investigation Michael K. is the main suspect. We are convinced that this person, living in the United States, was the person who carried out the pacification of (the villages),” Robert Janicki, a prosecutor with the IPN, told Reuters. “All the evidence we have gathered, mainly the documents we have collected, give us this certainty.”

    The IPN has asked a regional court in the Polish city of Lublin to issue an arrest warrant for Michael K. as the first step toward an extradition request.

    Janicki would not reveal Michael K.’s last name, due to privacy laws, but he was identified by the Associated Press as Michael Karkoc, who lives in Minnesota.

    The AP news agency reported Monday that Karkoc, now 98, is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, according to his family.

    Karkoc could not be reached for comment by Reuters.

    Karkoc’s age would not stop investigators, Janicki said

  5. The reason the media is not trusted is it’s run as a brain washing and propaganda outlet for the Jews. We need to pour on with all the strength we can muster that the Jews own the whole thing lock, stock and barrel and then let people draw conclusions from this. It could be a serious wedge to get people to realize that the Jews are at the center of an enormous amount of trends that are destroying the West. We must not let them slither out from owning the media. No, “well it was someone else” this time. They must intimately and solidly linked.

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