AUDIO: Suidlanders Contact Occidental Dissent

As I said on Twitter, I got a disturbing phone call this morning about the situation of Whites in South Africa. I had just got off the phone with The Washington Post which interviewed me for story on Occidental Dissent and the Sleeping Giants campaign to censor Disqus.

In light of all these recent inquires from journalists, I downloaded an app to record my phone interviews. Fortunately, I forgot to turn the app off and it recorded my entire conversation with the Suidlanders. Listen to our brief conservation below.

What do you think?

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    • In regards to the situation with whites and blacks there, such a conflict is real but takes second place between the regular whites and insane white anti-whites there lurking in the shadows of South African society. They have Clintonian white traitors who support anti-white policies as part of their evil religion of Political Correctness. The worst anti-whites are the ones guilty of racial treason against their own white race.


      • I just hope the white lefties of Zimbabwe are still there now, enjoying the fruits of their labor under the rule of the blacks they admired so much….or did they migrate to another wealthy white nation post – 1980?
        With S.A. now, its a choice of flight or fight for the whites andno doubt internally there will be opposing opinions as to the best long term strategy.
        My view is why fight to stay just to grow food for ungrateful nigpigs who don’t want you there in the first place? For me the answer would be flight. They can go with dignity and without embarrassment – but most importantly…..alive.
        US , Australian, Canadian and European leaders need to offer these genuine refugees residency now.

    • Originally, the cape was uninhibited. The Dutch moved north, and the Zulus move south, and they eventually clashed on the Orange river.

  1. Give them weapons or allow them to settle in some areas in order to stack the force back to that of White America.

  2. I also heard this South African guy doing a podcast interview with Jared Taylor.

    He s a solid, sincere guy of our folk in a brutal place.

    The problem is that both Amren and OD here are well read blogs

    But we re not great sources for fund raisers

    These embattled South Africans need $s

    Who gave $s to Trump or even Romney ?

    • I heard that interview with Jared Taylor. I think it’s the same one. For some reason, my browser won’t play this one. One Simon Roche, was it?

      He is not a “sincere guy of our folk”! How could you think that? He’s a Jew who worked for the ANC, for Pete’s sake. He’s one of the termites who destroyed my homeland. A pox on him, and any organization he represents. I would not trust these bastards as far as I could throw them.

      I’ll go further: this puts a very big question mark over Jared Taylor. I’d hate to think that Hunter Wallace, or any OD representative, knowingly supported this guy.

      • Sorry

        I didn t know he was/is a Jew (You sure?)

        I found his personal story about trying to make the best of a bad situation very believable

          • That’s not any proof.

            Lots of Bible believing White Christians in South Africa and the United States try to do things with Biblical Israel.

            Plus, the situation for minority White South Africans looks very rough, whatever their religious beliefs.

            What are the young people supposed to do?

            Go to a communal Odinist agricultural community in Malmo Sweden?

            If they tried to do that, they would probably be raped and killed by Somalian, Paki Islamists.

          • You’re not paying attention. It’s got nothing to do with religious beliefs. A Bible believing White Christian would not go to work for the ANC, with all the corruption and theft that he describes, and in which he freely participated. He was a true believer, and I’ll guarantee he spent his student years demonstrating against Apartheid. He actively worked against White interests.

            Now he claims there was no other option (like partition, for example) “on the table”. He’s lying. Apartheid was on the table. That’s what Apartheid means. We could have negotiated a more generous division of territory. I’d have supported that – the proposed map didn’t give any black nation a viable territory. If they refused that, we could go back to the guns. We could have just carved out a homeland of our own, maybe in the Western Cape, where there were hardly any blacks. We didn’t have to give them everything, and hope for the best.

            I watched the whole process of decolonization, from Ghana (1958) through the Congo, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe – every one ended the same way. What on earth would persuade anyone that South Africa would be different?

            I know this type. Believe me, he’s a Jew.

          • Disagree.

            The Brit Christian Church was overwhelmingly for the hand over to Black majority rule in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

            The latest CINO (Catholic in Name Only) Pope Francis is heavily 3rd world, Liberation Theology – it’s not just Jews.

  3. If the South African guy reads this try getting in contact with these people who all have Youtube channels. Hopefully you can get some interviews. Oh and these are just a few names, there are many more, but these ones interview people as well as soing solo shows. Im sure they could also help with passing you on to other Vloggers.
    And hopeully Hunter will be able to help you with direct contacts which lead to interviews.

    Stefan Molyneux (Philosopher – race realist)

    Tara McCarthy also under the name Reality Calls (race realist)
    Brittany {ettibone (race realist)

    Alex Jones (doesnt matter what you think of him, still worth doing an interview)
    Getting a few interviews under your belt would hopefully start the ball rolling. I dont personally know any of these people – sorry I cant forward direct contact details.

  4. It’s a good idea to support the South Africans every now and then, because their situation is truly bad, but it’s even more important to discuss the crime of White Genocide happening in every white country right now through policies of massive third-world immigration combined with “assimilation,” ie. racial intermarriage which destroys the white genotype.


  5. White people in SA are killed in the most gruesome manner. Basically everyday there is another story in the newspapers about whites that were tortured,raped and killed by blacks. If it was the other way round,the international MSM would have moved in permanently to report on it. Now, crickets. Even the English media in SA is quiet about it. Mandela himself said that if you want to know what is going on is SA ,then read the Afrikaans news. Sadly even they are starting to succumb to PC behaviour. The ANC are out of tricks and the only thing that remains is open racism on whites. That is always guaranteed to get a couple of black votes

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