The Alt Right and the Pursuit of Truth

The term “red pill,” a well-known part of the alt-right vernacular, comes from the movie the Matrix, in which after choosing the red pill over the blue one, the protagonist learns that everything he had perceived to be reality was in fact only an elaborate deception. This term has become popular among alt-righters for a reason. We can relate.

Counter-factual ideas have been ingrained in us from our earliest years, reinforced in school, entertainment, and social policy. How often do you hear the following ideas expressed? There are no differences among races other than superficial physical characteristics. There are no differences in men and women other than reproductive organs. White people, white males especially, are uniquely evil and guilty of the exploitation of other races. Islam is a religion of peace. Diversity is our strength. All false.

Many in our society have absorbed these “facts,” and even those who know better only say so around carefully selected company. Anyone who suggests otherwise in public will face severe, possibly life-altering, social and financial consequences.

Cracks have slowly been forming in the veneer of societal lies for years. Problems inevitably arise when we base social policy on wishes rather than facts, and these problems have become more widespread and harder to deny. Donald Trump expedited the full collapse of the grand veneer by swinging his hefty sledgehammer against the narrative that was still being tenuously maintained by the media and political elite. Many more of us have been emboldened to chip away at its remains.

The knee-jerk tendency of leftists to declare words that they don’t like as proof of a character flaw on the part of the speaker reveals more about them than us. Most of us have noticed that leftists are quick to name-call and try to silence people who present them with information that makes them uncomfortable. (This is why we use of the tongue-in-cheek term “hate facts” to describe objectively factual information, such as demographically differentiated crime statistics, discussion of which inevitably evokes pointing, screeching, and accusations of “hate.”) The emotional reactions and denials occur because they are experiencing cognitive dissonance and a threat to their worldview. It’s human nature to protect oneself from these psychological threats.

Despite the constant accusations, I don’t believe most alt-righters are motivated by “hate,” “supremacy,” or any of the other common buzzwords. I believe they have realized that the stakes are too high to keep pretending that they don’t see what’s right in front of their eyes. When it becomes a matter of survival, truth is more important than etiquette.

For us, the necessity of free speech is written not just in the Constitution but in our DNA. The free flow of thoughts and ideas is vital for its own sake, but also essential for the pursuit of truth. For many leftists, it is anathema. Think of how often they try to control the expression of ideas they don’t like. “Ban hate speech!” “Jail climate deniers!” “Protest so the lecture will be cancelled!” It’s obvious that on some level, probably unconsciously, they know that they cannot defend the ideas they wish to believe.

As more members of our society become “red-pilled,” the social restraints on truth-telling are breaking down. We will sometimes embrace wrong ideas, get sidetracked, and make mistakes. The difference is that now, the exchange of thoughts and ideas is freer than it has been in decades. We can discover (or in some cases rediscover) the truth of the world around us, and maybe if we’re lucky, help each other discover ways to make things better.


  1. I imagine most of us here are somewhat exceptional in our ability to swallow the red pill whole. It’s important for us to remember that most can’t do this. We have to feed them tiny bits of the red pill, diluted with chunks of the blue stuff to make it go down more easily.

  2. I never had to swallow the red pill. I grew up in a home where SJWs and Trendy Lefties were objects of scorn and ridicule. Their ideology was considered foolish, destructive nonsense. I was warned about the dangers of consorting with negroes. My teachers in school reinforced what my parents taught me at home. My experiences with the few negroes we had in class, taught me that my parents’ warnings were right. Furthermore, I grew up in a society were Leftism didn’t exist, except on T.V. and in the papers. For which, the adults in my life supplied plenty of negative commentary.

    • Based on that avatar I am assuming you are from Texas, if that is the case I am curious why you don’t mention Mexicans. I don’t know how many blacks are in Texas, but Mexicans surely make up a large chunk of Texas and the mass migration of them seems endless. If the dangers of “consorting with negroes” was talked about, what about Mexicans ? Was an Aztec looking Mexican going out with a blonde accepted, more importantly, was the danger of having a majority population of Mexicans ever talked about ?

    • “I never had to swallow the red pill.”

      I feel the same way on the racial question. I’ve always been race-conscious and pro-White. For me, the red pill would be the realization, thanks to the internet, that the Jews are the main culprits for the race replacement program, and that it is a deliberate genocidal anti-White program. It isn’t the result of misguided well-meaning policies. The anti-White Jews are also responsible for the success of a whole lot of absurd and destructive “leftist” ideologies.

      White people understand more and more clearly that there is something wrong with the government and the media, and that many government policies are anti-White. But it doesn’t make sense until you learn the culprits are the Jews, driven by racial animus against White people.

      Those 2 elements of truth can only be learned together:
      – The government really wants to kill us.
      – It’s the Jews behind the government.

      Trump’s election has made a big change. He is not anti-White. So, the administration is now made of pro-Whites, anti-Whites, and cautious people who won’t take sides. That was already the case under Clinton, Bush and Obama, but now, the top position is no longer occupied by an anti-White or a NWO moron.

      Under Trump, it may be a little harder (or easier?) for those who still don’t know about the Jewish problem to figure out what’s going on.

      I made another similar comment on this thread, but Disqus thinks it’s spam.

  3. It’s all about memes. Our memes against theirs and no one makes better ones than Bob Whitaker.

  4. Now that the jew stranglehold on our mass media is loosening the flow of ideas and communication can once again flow a lot easier, like it used to before they took control of the narrative some 100 years ago.

  5. It will be interesting to see, if Merkel during her visit with Trump, brings up the fact that Obama bugged her communications.

  6. If I don’t love what the religion of pieces is doing, it makes me a ‘hater’.
    If I want whats best for my family and race with safe streets, no drugs, no rapes, no sharia law, stable employment and a community free of division…..I’m a hater.
    If I support anti white racism and white genocide……I’m progressive and filled with love.

  7. Our side need to articulate our position calmly and productively without appearing threatening, silly, rude or thuggish. The reward is watching lefties who lose the arguments become defensive, speechless and collapse in a heap. We have to appear to be above them.
    Remember we have the truth to back us up. The left….truth manipulatiers. Our message can appeal to the wider public if we appear truthful and in control.
    Isn’t the internet fantastic? We can now communicate and convey our messages to a far wider populace free of the constraints of lefty / Jew media of old.

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