Erdogan Urges Turks To Wage Demographic Warfare Against Europe

Unlike the West, the Turks haven’t lost their old imperialist ambitions:

“Calling Turks the “future of Europe,” Turkey’s president on Friday implored his compatriots living on the Continent to have multiple children as an act of revenge against the West’s “injustices.”

“Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday in the city of Eskisehir, while campaigning for a referendum that would solidify his power. “Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.”

The remarks come at a time of increasingly fraught relations between Europe and Turkey in the wake of the migrant crisis, the concurrent rise of Islamic terrorism and right-wing nationalism in Europe, and a crackdown on civil liberties in Turkey. …”

Liberals thought it was a great idea to let millions of Turks into Europe.

Europe was threatened for centuries by the Saracens, the Mongols and the Turks. What does our history with these people matter though? What could go wrong? It is 2017 and we are so beyond and anyone who would discriminate is an Islamophobic bigot.

Note: The Hungarians and Serbs certainly have fewer illusions about the Turks.

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    British troops join showdown against Vladimir Putin as they travel to the frontline in Russia

    Chris Hughes, The Mirror, 18 Mar 2017

    Britain is sending 800 assault troops to Europe’s border with Russia in the UK’s largest military deployment against Moscow since the Cold War. An advance spearhead of more than 120 soldiers flew to Estonia to bolster the nation’s defences against the military might of Vladimir Putin. Backed by 300 armoured vehicles including Challenger 2 tanks, the force will swell to 800 within weeks.

    We must stand up to this bully

    By Chris Hughes

    Britain is playing a crucial role in restraining Vladimir Putin’s ruthless and often violent ambitions abroad.

    It is a calculated preventative move along with NATO to show him the West has had enough, and that his relentless bid to expand Russia’s hold on its neighbours must stop.

    UK troops are prepared to open fire as they are now at the sharp end of a confrontation that has been brewing in eastern Europe and beyond throughout the Putin years.

    He has stormed Georgia, annexed Crimea and infiltrated East Ukraine. His forces are suspected of atrocities against civilians and western-friendly rebels in Syria.

    The Baltic states are extremely vulnerable to Russian interference. Putin’s spooks are suspected of meddling in foreign elections and his cyber attacks have done incalculable damage throughout eastern Europe.

    Moscow has kept our own GCHQ and MI5 on their toes with cyber attacks on our infrastructure, banking and security systems.

    Sanctions have not worked in efforts to hold back Putin’s greed for power, influence, resources, and the fear of other nations. So the pressure has to be ramped up.

    Our military presence is the next step in trying to stop war since, with Putin, non-intervention has not worked.

    As I witnessed in 2014, he annexed Crimea almost overnight and triggered civil war in East Ukraine, while lying to the world about having troops there.

    Putin respects strength and action. That is what our troops are exporting to Estonia.

  2. Never forget.

    Always assume our racial adversaries are telling one another things like this.

    We should be doing the same among ourselves.

    • Simple fact, Joe, NATO and American® and British troops are on German soil to make sure that the Germans don’t make Germany a White country again.

      • They want the troops there because it allows them to put their budget-money elsewhere.


      • Against Arabs, yes, but if you have a Turk problem, you should go with Aleksander Suvorov.

        • Yes!, Thank you. I couldn’t
          think of Suvorov’s name.
          I also wanted to say Sviatoslav I of Kiev. But he didn’t fight the Turks. According to one of my books, the armies of Saladin were mostly Persian and Turkic in racial makeup.

  3. “Erdogan Urges Turks To Wage Demographic Warfare Against Europe”

    They already have been, since the 1970’s.

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