USA’s Potential Population at 7.5 Billion

According to mainstream conservative icon US President Ronald Reagan Americans are “people from every corner of the world” who love freedom. They “Leave their own land, leave their friends and countrymen” and come to this land of magic dirt, a “great land” of “mysticism.”

Another mainstream conservative Jeb Bush echoed those globalist ideas in explaining, “We should be a welcoming nation. Our identity is not based on race or ethnicity. It’s based on a set of shared ideas. That is the essence of American citizenship.”

This same concept was recently proclaimed by CNN host and New York liberal Chris Cuomo in his attack upon Rep. Steve King. Cuomo argued that King’s statement that Western Civilization can not be maintained with other people’s babies was racist and went against the basic values of American universalism. He invoked Reagan’s magic dirt theory that anyone who lives in the borders of the USA is transformed into an American. Cuomo insisted that all groups people are the same and argued emotionally that objecting to the replacement of Whites with non-Whites is anti-American.


In light of this, I looked at the numbers today and found that the human population on earth is roughly 7.5 billion people. This has to be exciting to Cuomo and Bush. It means that the potential American population is 7.5 billion people. In fact, China and India both have around 1.3 billion people just waiting to become Americans. Millions of Indians and Chinese already live in the USA and their numbers are growing quickly. All we have to do is find a way to get the rest of them here and think of the amazing economic growth and cultural diversity benefits we would experience here in the Melting Pot. They just want a better life, after all. Nigeria has 190 million and Turkey has over 80 million who would surely love to become Americans. They could come here to do the jobs we won’t do. Of course, we might have to compete with other liberal, universalist regimes such as Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom for the billions of potential Americans around the globe. But we have a lot more magic dirt than they do so that gives us a big advantage.

Aren’t you ready to welcome the billions of soon-to-be Americans? If not, you’re a racist.

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  1. If all these third worlders love freedom so much, then why are White countries becoming less free? We see a massive increase in censorship under hatespeech laws. And indoctrination under “diversity” programs. And an expansion of big government welfare to deal with third worlders. Not to mention the massive violence in the form of crime, rioting and Cologne style assaults, all of which cede control of the streets to invaders. All covered up by even more censorship and Rotherham style silence.

    Clearly, we are becoming less free as a result of third world mass migration.

    The struggle by nationalists for their homelands is also a struggle for White freedom.

    • “If all these third worlders love freedom so much, then why are White countries becoming less free? ”

      More importantly, why is it always white men who have to fight for their freedom, when they can’t or won’t do it for themselves? Maybe they don’t really love Freedom, because they don’t really know what it is. Besides, I fail to see how one could be less free wandering around in a jungle, than in America®.

  2. Ronald Reagan faithfully supported Kennedy 1965 immigration act of non white Maybe there’s something to John Hinckley real motivation.

  3. Cuomo popped up with that old trope (tripe) that “diversity” built the USA. How so? Really they just say whatever.

  4. You need to understand that Chinese, Indians, Muslim’s, Jews and blacks love diversity, multiculturalism and enrichment……in the West. Just as long as its not in their own nations.
    ‘But the evil whites colonized everyone’.
    As if China was ever under threat from a few Brit colonizers.

    • Reagan made no impact on me with compassionate conservative and Russia an evil empire. Actor at best and a governor of Cali as worst.

      • I was twelve when Reagan was elected. I came off of four years of my parents bashing Carter, and a literal lifetime of hearing them speak ill of Hippies, Leftists, Dr Spock, Sixties Radicals and Communists. They had been Dixiecrats and had felt betrayed. They supported Sam Rayburn, or “Mr Sam,” as they called him. But Johnson and the others had been backstabbers and cutthroats. Reagan held promise because they saw him as being Western /Southern in political orientation.

  5. BRAs for the Best Negroes

    The BRA (Black Reel Awards) is an annual awards ceremony hosted by the Foundation for the Augmentation of African-Americans in Film (FAAAF) to recognize excellence in Congoloid-American, as well as dusky folks of the African negrispora’s cinematic achievements around the world.

    The awards were awarded online for the first two years, before the first live show in 2002. Because of White Privilege this negrotic award show has since 2014 been limited to broadcast via radio. A total of 315 Black Reel Awards have been presented since the inception of the award through the 16th.

    The BRAs benefit FAAAF, whose mission is to “provide educational opportunities to future minority film executives,” even though minorities control almost all US media.

    The first three Outstanding Actor BRAs were given to Denzel Washington, for his performances in The Hurricane, Remember the Titans, and Training Day. However, there are actually other Negro actors in the US of A.

    There have been no Mudshark BRAs so far.

    Nkechi Amare Diallo (Rachel Anne Dolezal) has never been given a BRA.

    Shamefully, The Planet of the Apes has been consistently shut out from all awards.

  6. What’s wrong with White folks being racists? The jews, blacks and mestizos who want to kill us are racists.

  7. We should start a special program where all these people in other countries can be Americans but they stay in their countries and never actually move to America or vote in our elections or take our jobs. We could sell our magic dirt to them for say a dollar a pop. They could rub it all over themselves and hang their “I’m a magic dirt American” certified diploma on the wall of their house.

  8. The Preamble doesn’t say anything about welcoming all races and ethnicities from anywhere on earth. It establishes the constitution to “Secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and for our posterity”. The first immigration law (1790’s) allows for White immigrants ONLY. The immigration law of 1924 followed suit. This is/was a White country for White people, the existing black population notwithstanding.

  9. Hi Wolves

    You are scheduled to be about 10% of the population on this landmass. Just like you are worldwide. Here’s one WW1 flying ace that hopes you don’t wait until than to start to do something to stop it.

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