jew_goldstein Is a POW

This is ridiculous:

“WASHINGTON — When the journalist Kurt Eichenwald opened an animated image sent to him on Twitter in December, the message “You deserve a seizure for your posts” appeared in capital letters along with a blinding strobe light. Mr. Eichenwald, who has epilepsy, immediately suffered a seizure.

On Friday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had arrested John Rayne Rivello, 29, at his home in Salisbury, Md., and accused him of sending the electronic file. The agency charged Mr. Rivello with criminal cyberstalking with the intent to kill or cause bodily harm.

The charge could carry a prison sentence of up to 10 years, according to the United States district attorney in Dallas, who is prosecuting the case.

The unusual case has shown how online tools can be deployed as weapons capable of physical harm. The F.B.I. and the Dallas police led the investigation into Mr. Rivello, and the police said he sent the strobe light knowing that it was likely to lead Mr. Eichenwald, who has publicly discussed his epilepsy, into a seizure. …”

The Deep State has nothing better to do than charge jew_goldstein with assault by .gif on Twitter. Fortunately, WeSearchr has set up a legal defense fund for him.

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  1. This is horrific. Firstly – is there ANY evidence what-so-ever that this God DAMNED KIKE has any seizures at all? Secondly – I saw the GIF. I don’t think that type of a strobe can even trigger such a thing.

    • It’s all so much kabuki theater, Denise? As every single means of old fashion surveillance state tactics fail, they have to now start making thoughts crimes and electronic pieces of nothing crimes. They cannot stand the mindset of a free white man.

    • IMO, it’s a trumped up charge with an ulterior motive: Get the ball rolling for “Hate Speech” laws.

  2. So the kikenvermin admits he never opens videos, etc? Yet he suffered a “seizure” And he’s into Twinks?

  3. Does he realize his name sounds like something a screenwriter would come up with?
    Eichmann+Buchenwald=hollywood Nazi bad guy with a smug grin, hugo boss uniform, and a luger always pointed at the heroes while he lectures them in a heavy accent about his evil plan.

    Or anything with Wald always evil because it evokes images of dark forests. i.e. Grindelwald from Harry Potter.

  4. A backdoor attempt to shut down free speech on the internet. “Hate Speech”, aka any speech Jews don’t like, laws being the ultimate goal.

  5. Kurt
    also has mentioned in another tweet ( Or I saw such a tweet posted, do
    not know if it is real or not ) that he had been up DAYS drinking, and
    doing without SLEEP, BOTH of which can contribute to a seizure. The
    sender of the strobe may have a decent defense.

    is a stupid case. How can he PROVE that he HAD a seizure and other than
    his WIFE, who can PROVE that they saw him seizing? How do we know he
    just didn’t have it after DAYS of drinking and TWEETING? We don’t. And
    he says one time that he had his twitter fixed to where it would play on
    auto, but in another complaint, he claims he “accidentally hit start”
    on his I-pad. So does all the OTHER 40 people who sent him a similar
    “strobe” get arrested as copy cats?

    While I do not
    have epilepsy, I do have seizure disorder and have had 6 episodes in my
    life, 2 of which caused me to pass completely out. It is NOT fun. Not
    even Kurt would deserve it as much as a bop in the mouth.

    the guy has a great lawyer and this all falls apart! But it’s hilarious
    they have time to go after such frivolous shit, when they couldn’t find
    2,,000 IRS emails for 2 years, no one was charged in that, and 33,000
    Clinton emails haven’t been found and she is STILL FREE, and all the
    other stuff out there they should be looking for whomever is leaking
    secrets to the press about POTUS TRUMP.

    What a waste of time Hunter.

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