Southern Nationalist Radio 033 – Jeffrey Tucker, Libertarianism & the Alt-Right

Editor’s Note: This podcast is a response to Jeffrey Tucker’s recent articles on the Alt-Right, his article on Taco Bell and never turning down money and the YouTube video below.


Harold Crews and Brad Griffin, Occidental Dissent &, discuss recent thoughts from the libertarian Jeffrey Tucker and his opposition to Nationalism and the Alt-Right in particular. Harold and Brad describe and critique Tucker’s understanding of the five principles making up the pre-history of the Alt-Right as he sees them. Those principles being Racialism, Nationalism, Protectionism, Historicism, and Statism. Harold and Brad go on to critique libertarianism in general as being a destructive force on nations, families, and society through it individualism.


  1. Grids faggot J. Tucker going full antifa against his nemesis R. Spencer was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen.

  2. KIKE FAGGOTS. The ovens can be built soon enough. As in YESTERDAY. Show this to ALL idiotic Christ Cuck Normies. THIS is what they pray to, worship, and fund.

  3. I do want EVERY-one to see this. That god damned heeb PHAG is mocking all the White intellectuals, for their foresight – yet EVERYTHING they saw is unfolding.

  4. These EFFING KIKES create the forces that make normal Humans want to oven them – and then screech and kvell about “Why? WHY WHY WHY?” FYI – Kunstler the foul Jude was on the Real Tucker Carlson show, about how the economy is gonna collapse, and Yell the Federal Debt Jude is going to raise “interest rates” to screw Trump. Of course the sodokikes blame Trump for what’s going to happen to the debt script. They’ve always been able to flee the mayhem they’ve wrought before…..where will they go now? China?

  5. (((Human Liberty and Freedom))) – translation from Jew – money money money, and unlimited sex with children.

  6. It’s actually a good discussion.

    But Tucker was too chickenshit to sit down across from Spencer when this Right-Hegelian was there to talk.

  7. If economic specialization creates wealth, should blacks be re enslaved? It was Ideal for everyone economically.

  8. Behind the veil of tuckers lolbertarian utopian bullshit lies the extreme anti-human, anti-Christ spirit of Ayn Rand Von Mises which seeks to turn all human life into a commodity. When you look into the cunning but soul-dead sodomite eyes of tucker, you have to say 110 and never again. These kikes have got to go.

  9. I finally got round to listening to both.

    Tucker appears to go with the Constantine’s Sword gambit. A teleological link he’s making between unrelated ideas and men.

    The Holocaust was the inevitable outcome of 2000 years of State Sponsored Christianity.

    He’s just selected a few top intellects like Hegel and Darwin and pulled the old, Perfect Storm of Anti-Semitism trick.

    He can’t admit that the Holocaust (accepted narrative TM) might have been Europeans striking back at a criminal conspiracy in their midst getting rid of a hostile elite.

    The Alt-Right is a spontaneous and multi-faceted reaction to Jewish hegemony Tucker.

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