Alt-South: The Myth of American Democracy

Not that we are big fans of unfettered democracy, but American democracy is a standard talking point for US politicians and one of the pillars upon which rests the current regime. It matters not that the United States was founded as an inegalitarian federation of highly restricted republics. The myth that the average man on the streets believes is that the USA is a democracy. With that in mind…

  • Remember when we voted for gay marriage in all 50 States? Oh, that’s right. It was imposed upon the States – many of which had highly-popular laws forbidding it – by the US Supreme Court. And that court is not representative of Americans. For example, 3 of its 8 members are Jews, who make up only about 2% of the US people. White Protestants are unrepresented on the highest court, which is composed of only Catholics and Jews. So much for democracy.
  • Remember when we voted for racially integrated public schools? Oh, that’s right. We didn’t actually do that. Instead, the US Supreme Court imposed this decision upon us against the will of most of the people of lots of the States. In the process of imposing racial integration at the point of a gun the US courts destroyed local control of education. Very democratic.
  • Remember when we voted for interracial marriage? Oh, that’s right. Once again, it was imposed upon the States. In 1969 every Southern State forbade racially-mixed marriage – and all of those laws (which were highly popular) were thrown out by a few men on the US Supreme Court. Yup, that was democratic.
  • Remember when we voted to get rid of Christian prayer in schools? Oh, that’s right. The ban on prayer in school was imposed upon the States by the US Supreme Court. A Jewish family in New York sued the State and the Federal court found in the favor, even though the vast majority of the USA is Christian and prayer in school was a popular institution. Once again the will of the people was thrown out by a handful of unelected Federal judges.
  • Remember when we voted for abortion on demand? Oh, that’s right. The US Supreme Court imposed it upon the States, throwing out popular laws which made it illegal. Since then about 50 million babies have been aborted in the good ol’ USA.

These are just a few hot button issues where the US Supreme Court imposed decisions upon the entire USA, throwing out popular State laws. In the process, the Federal court entirely changed the social fabric of life in the USA. The people never voted for racially-integrated schools, interracial marriage, gay marriage, abortion on demand and a ban on prayer in school. But these things were forced upon us by a government allegedly “of, by and for the people.” Is the USA really a democratic society?

One more. Just recently the people (through the Electoral College) elected a president who campaigned on “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” President Trump enacted a travel ban after he was elected which prevented most people from a number of Muslim countries from coming to the USA. What happened? Two Federal judges threw out his travel ban. That is American democracy for you.

Finally, we should add that historically Southerners have been highly skeptical of un-restricted democracy. Southern Nationalists condemned it in no un-certain terms. Restricting the franchise remains highly popular in the South today, though Federal judges continually strike down laws which even hint of moving in that direction. There are a variety of opinions on the franchise within the Alt-South. However, one thing we can surely agree upon is that a few unelected, liberal US Supreme Court judges ought not be able to dictate law in Dixie.

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NOTE: As Hunter Wallace has explained, “[t]he Alt-South isn’t a membership organization. It is… a space for everyone in Dixie who isn’t some kind of leftist or mainstream conservative (i.e., nationalists, populists, reactionaries) to come together to discuss our past, present and common future. Southern Nationalists [are] at the core of the Alt-South.”

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  1. American democracy is government of the Jews, by the Jews, and for the Jews. To paraphrase Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the Jews know what they want, and the goyim deserve to get it good and hard.”

  2. The Constitutional United States which began in 1789 was like the Continental Congress and the Articles of Confederation a DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. The founding principle espoused in the Declaration of Independence was that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Now take this forward to General Washington’s first term, when in 1790 he ventures to Rhode Island and leaves a written address to the Touro Synagogue that states that in the United States, it would not be required to be a Christian to reside here we were in theory OPEN TO ALL FAITHS. Notice IN THEORY NOT IN FACT.

    The US Constitution established a Federal Citizenship, but Federal Citizenship was inferior to State Citizenship. The US Government could in theory declare a Jew or Muslim eligible for citizenship, but the states didn’t have to accept them as citizens. Of the Original 13 States, most excluded non-Christians from full citizenship but most of the new states ie Northwest Territory and the Louisiana Purchase had few restrictions.

    The basic problem with our system PRE 1860 was that it cut both ways. While North Carolina could bar Jews from holding office, Louisiana could elect a Jewish Senator. Because States decided who was eligible to vote in the original 13 Colonies 9 of them allowed Free Negroes under certain conditions to vote, and Kentucky and Tennessee did as well. Only the new states created out of Federal Territory not in existence in 1789 (KY was organized by VA and TN by NC and GA AL MS were considered 1 state and Vermont was its own nation) were not allowed to allow nonwhites to vote. Between 1800 and 1840 all of the original 13 states including KY and TN outlawed nonwhite voting altogether, except for Mass, VT, NH ME and RI and New York with conditions. Another example of how it cut both ways was Dred Scott. The Dred Scott Case had NO ENFORCEMENT POWER because before the 14th Amendment states could choose to affirm or deny a Supreme Court decision. The basic problem with Dred Scott was that while Taney could invalidate the idea of states conferring citizenship upon Negroes, he couldn’t invalidate Negro citizenship in states that had existed before the US Constitution and the Supreme Court were established not to mention the Northwest Territory which was established under the Articles.

    Thomas Jefferson thought this system was sublime, where states had the final say on everything. This worked alright until one or two states got around to tolerating ideas or races of people the other states found repugnant. This was why in the Confederate Constitution Citizenship was an agreed upon thing, no state in the CSA could make a man a citizen who wasnt a citizen in the other CSA states.

    Jeff Davis was largely hindered in his job by the extreme States Rights crowd and had to fight them till the last bitter days. Unfortunately their power was such that while Lee’s Army starved, ample Confederate supplies languished in warehouses in Wilmington, Atlanta, Savannah and elsewhere

      • Not really that I’ve found I just gleaned my research from the sources. Understanding that we had TWO Citizenship levels PRE 1868 and now one uniform CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP POST 1868 explains a lot about why things got so messed up. It also explains how the Jews were able to exploit states with less regulations, move in and set up shop.

        The Fourteenth Amendment is where we were completely enslaved, its just the thing was the true rammifications of the Amendment were not immediately seen. The Amendments powers were phased in over the decades. Without the 14th Amendment all our present woes wouldn’t be possible

        • You ever read Anna Von Ritz? Her and I have had many battles via email and some semi publics. Not a fan of her claim as a “last man standing judge” but she maintains we can reestablish our state Citizenship and also land jurisdiction courts, common law through filing of certain papers. I’ve been involved and studying these claims and “movements” for some time. Most are false opposition but some of Ritz’s law and legal claims ring very true. Just wondering your thoughts.


    • Good points Jenkins and more the reason I think we need go back and draft a New Constitution as is our right per the Declaration, our enacting clause. However, as all should know, this won’t be possible until we win the battle for America that’s about to go physical, and soon.

  3. America , and many Western nations are democracies in name only. Never kid yourselves that you’re getting a say on anything of real importance. We’re all dictatorships- and the unelected Jews and supreme courts are the dictators. Apparently they know whats best more than you do.
    In todays world, the system needs a good rework.
    Democracy should always serve the majority, not the noisy minorities. If not, its not a democracy.

  4. We have the same kind of democracy they had in USSR. Regardless of whoever is elected to hold the offices the same anti-White crowd always holds the power.

  5. Any room in the Alt South for Scandinavian American, Minnesota born, Arizona raised, Maine resident Neo Copperheads? If not, that’s ok. Just know that you have lots of support from all over America. People who identify with paleo Southern ways, culture, racial identity and politics.

  6. Nice piece, yet again. I will repost this on my Google profile. As I sit here, Fox News is blaring from a TV on the restaurant wall; it is covering the Gorsuch hearing. Neil Gorsuch referred to our country as a democracy. Sigh. Even the “conservative” candidates for the Supreme Court cannot get it right. Somebody in D.C. needs to go and read Madison’s Federalist #10.

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