Southerners are America’s Third Party

Forbes seems to get it. They use the term “Southern conservatives” but outside of university towns and retirement communities or other areas which are packed full of non-Southern transplants and foreigners we display incredible ethnic loyalty at the ballot box. That is how Trump was able to win States such as Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia despite their very large Black or Mexican Democratic populations. The native White people of Dixie are an enduring nation trapped within a political system which makes them a permanent minority.

Chris Ladd writes:

All the while, an unacknowledged and unofficial third party has survived inside these alignments. A party of Southern conservatives, aligned originally with Democrats, has remained a distinct political entity, complete with their own institutions, practices and values. Elsewhere in America, Democrats and Republicans dueled their way through a two-party democracy. By contrast, Southern states never tolerated partisan competition. Southern states have always been governed by a single, distinct local party, an arrangement that continues today.

Read the whole article. Ladd makes excellent points about our cultural conservatism and antipathy towards globalism and unrestrained capitalism:

Southern conservatism finds freedom and equality, by its unique definitions, through adherence to a social hierarchy based on race, Christianity, a male duty to protect women, and a commodity-driven economy. Though they have always been intensely hostile to government intervention in markets, this should never be interpreted as an affinity for capitalism, which they have always found to be grubby and low. Few forces are more disruptive of a perfect social order than the constant, churning creative destruction that accompanies capitalism.

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  1. In other words, Southerners refuse to adapt to the ever changing passage of time. Little wonder why states like Mississippi and Louisiana suffers from poverty and high abortion rate and utter breakdown of societal order. All that close minded Bible Thumping and Jeebus the Holy Bastard Child worshipping. Besides what’s up with the Confederate flag morons? You lost. Utterly and abjectly defeated. Try not to be a sore fucking loser.

      • Exactly. Because whites stay in their communist meetings all day on Sunday’s so they can discuss how to better hate themselves, kill their own children, and have IQs below 80.

      • I think this is the kind of thing the Southern people need to a lot of. It might change their minds on a few things.

      • Yeah wow indeed Mr.Cushman. Let me explain my stance and see if you can keep up.
        The poor, Bible thumping Southern dolts keeps on voting Republican even though trickle down economy doesn’t work. See what Bobby Jindal and Sam Brownback did to Louisiana and Kansas respectively. I hate their ignorance and bigotry.

        Your cultural symbol represents the rancid racism against people of color. Thankfully your ancestors got their Lily White butt kicked big time. Still, due to generations of inbreeding, their offspring (you) still cling to the loathsome losers that is the Confederacy. Not forgetting Hitler and his army of Aryan superman get vanquished to the benefit of mankind.

        Your religion is stupid. That is not hatred it is simple a fact. Tell me Mr.Cushman when is Jeebus coming back. You know throughout the ages, WHITE charlatans lied and misled their WHITE congregation on this issue. The Constitution clearly states there should be no religious test for holding office in USA. But you dumb as box of hammers conservatives only care about the 2nd Amendment.

      • LM is weak. Flailing it’s vitriolic insults from the keyboard without the wisdom to carry out a conversation. Interesting, as y’all poke it through the bars of it’s intellectual cage.

        It responds just like it has been trained to do by it’s master. Slinging slanderous vile low brow talk. We laugh at it, knowing all the while, great minds are breaking through decades of it masters controll of media.

        Keep up the good work Mr. Cushman.

    • What is it with Jews and Yankees forever demonizing people they fought wars against decades and centuries ago? The wars are over. Why continue the hatred if you feel the confederacy and national socialism are totally vanquished? It reeks of insecurity.

      • You have no racial identity, do you?

        The capture of Constantinople happened in 1453. The Orthodox are still waiting to get ‘their’ city back, and I agree with them. Filthy Turks.

        God’s enmity is forever.

        • And the Germans and southerners want their cities and nations back too. I fail to see your point. Even the Turks don’t constantly demonize their former Byzantine enemies the way the Jews and Yankees do. I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that I have no racial identity.

          • The turks havent defeated Europe (yet). I still don’t understand the phenomenon of demonizing a defeated enemy. It’s a Jewy thing to do.

          • Because the enemy is not defeated. The only time our enemies will be defeated, is at the end when Christ will have conquered and God will be all in all. If you were a true westerner, a true European, you would be a Christian, and you would understand that mindset. Because it pervades the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. And that is the reason why we will never stop ” from mental fight.” Ever read Blake?

          • This was meant to be rhetorical. But you took all the fun out of it. Stop calling me a nigger, you wouldn’t do that to my face.

          • Your view is pretty skewed. Germans and Southerners do have their cities and nations, and they support their politicians who continue the status quo…


          • I’ve heard that line, but I don’t believe it. It’s a way to take responsibility away from those groups; it’s a lie from the pit of Hell.


          • In your opinion, I don’t believe facts. But you’re wrong when you say that because you don’t know who you are talking to… Your style is to throw out labels and then retreat.

          • The south seceded. Fact. The north invaded. Fact. The north forced the south back into the union against their will. Fact. That is an occupation. The u.s. and soviet militaries invaded germany. Fact. Both countries occupied Germany. Fact. U.s. occupied Germany today, as evidenced by military bases. Fact. You are a delusional faggot or a jew.

          • No sodomite nor Talmudic activity over here, Dale. But you’re boring with the way you spit ad hominems constantly when you discuss, plus you ignored the other longer comment I wrote in your nauseating eagerness to get back on your dead-end civic nationalist hobby-horse. You’re a delusional faggot, faggot. The white way is the right way.


          • How the fuck could you think im a civic nationalist? I’m a southern nationalist/national socialist. What is your fucking problem? Nothing you say is consisent with your previous comments. Judging by your nonsensical name and lack of an avatar, I’m gonna call you what you are: a troll.

      • Despite their skill and gallantry, the C.S.A. was militarily defeated, but the soul of the people that formed the C.S.A. lived on. Unlike most brainwashed modern Americans, the Jews and Yankees understand that a people will endure even when their state/political entity fall. Thus they still fear Dixie and the Germans.
        If Americana rallied around the Three Principles, they could begin the process of restoring our birthright.

          • PERSONALLY I will always believe DER JUDE was setting up the CSA to fail from day one. Jeff Davis was constantly receiving horrible advice on waiting on our European Friends (ALL OF WHICH HATED SLAVERY BTW) to come to our rescue, until the South had gambled away its best chances to win militarily. Gettysburg was like a fighter whose been getting beat up really bad trying to land a knock out punch and missing. The fact that Dixie still almost beat off the Federal Army after 1863 was sheerly because of the Southern fighting man’s guts, and less because of the Officer Corp. A lesser people would have mutinied against their leaders ala Russia in 1917 which shows you what Southrons are made of

            Stonewall Jackson always knew that the war had to be over early for the South to win, his plan to march like Sherman into the North had it been okayed would have won the war. However certain (((FRIENDS))) close to Davis and certain others made sure Stonewall never got his wish


      • They’re sore winners. I think they’re pissed because Southerners don’t worship them as gods, or just F off and die.

      • Well, Mr Dale, people troll for their own pleasure, and it’s one of the main reasons for any society’s movement whether towards regeneration or degeneration. I personally do see an inconguency in the Southerner’s desire to live around whites and his insistence that his side was right during the Confederate Rebellion. After all, spreading around Afro.-plantations is a sure way to ensure the increase of multi-racial jurisdictions and that’s what the Southern leadership, the Afro.-plantation owners, tried to do in Kansas most notably as well as in other areas during the 19th Century. It’s worth talking about, in my opinion. Politics is all about insecurity, friend.

        Best regards,


      • What is it with Southern Christian Butthurt losers clinging to a stupid flag although losing the war like total tools. The wars over. Why continue waving the flag if you feel like the superior Christian race. It reeks of epic butthurt-ness.

    • There is poverty in MS and LA because of the extraordinarily high concentration of Negroes. Your vile and RETARDED Kikenvermin ilk are so pathologically twisted, and rotted with hatred of Beautiful Aryan Christians, that you are too depraved and STUPID to appreciate what YOU will deal with once Whitey’s Gone. Now report to the Oven, you sub moronic sodomite.

    • Normally i don’t respond to assholes on here, but fuck the hell off, you don’t understand anything, so, go somewhere else.

    • With enough preparation and finesse, I’m sure we can all figure out how to get your rectum to adapt to the varying circumference of a bowling pin. Whether you think of yourself as a winner or a loser in that scenario, you’re gonna be sore no matter how you look at it.

      Nationalists are slowly taking over. When we reach our own little event horizon, we’re gonna come looking for people like you. And we’re bringing bowling pins. Lots and lots of bowling pins.

    • Spoken like a Kike. Well if it smells like severed foreskins and rancid Chinese food it must be a Kike

    • Mississippi and Louisiana feature high in various index like Obesity, poverty, etc. because of their huge black population.

  2. Funny how he says “authoritarian Democratic/Republican rule”, while describing a peaceful and democratic political migration from one party to another. Some people just can’t help themselves.

  3. It’s important to understand the context of history and its meaning. Demonizing my ancestors because blacks are killling each over rep just makes me want fight and lose another civil war

  4. They are coming for you, Valiant Sons and Daughters of Dixie. The Heebs and their Golem are moving IN.

  5. Soooo…200,000 racist white supremacists in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio voted for Trump against Clinton tipping the electoral college because RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!

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