Fred Reed’s Alt-Right Critique

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I just heard about Fred Reed’s critique of the Alt-Right:

“I have gotten many hundreds of emails–OK, three emails, but I am rounding up–asking me whether there is a super-race. There are different views on this matter, discussion being carried on with the manners of a hockey match. For people who have better things to do than study abnormal psychology, the players are briefly as follows: Something called the Alt-Right that believes the white race to be superior and wants to rid the country of of encroaching dark scum. The Human Biodiversity movement, HBD, more scientific and less surly but picking whites while conceding that yellow are smarter. Finally IQists, who believe that IQ is a reliable measure of genetic intelligence. They too put yellows as more intelligent.

The Alt-Right believes that the whites are innately–i.e., genetically–superior to all other races, that they have dominated the world through higher intelligence, and that their mastery is the result of Darwinian selection. Whites, they say, have a marvelous track record of achievement, and they don’t want to dilute it by intermarriage. …”

It is really a critique of white supremacy and the HBD movement.

I don’t write about the superiority of the White race on this website. I believe that racial differences exist, but I also believe that the various human races are adapted to different environments. In other words, a Northern European is more suited to Northern Europe’s barren landscape while a West African is more adapted to West Africa’s tropical climate and disease environment. The difference is always relative. I’ve often had to explain that the idea that a vertical racial hierarchy of superior and inferior human races exists stems from an archaic, pre-Darwinian racial discourse based on the Great Chain of Being. In my last interview on the subject, I told a woman making a documentary on the Alt-Right that my fair skin was adapted to Britain’s cloudy climate, not Dixie’s sunny climate.

As I told Professor Main in that interview, I suppose you could argue that some type of “supremacy” is inherent in nationalism, which is to say, nationalism involves one group staking a sovereign claim to some given territory. That’s not really the same thing as “white supremacy” though which is more the idea that whites are biologically superior to all other races. Are we American supremacists for believing American citizens should be “supreme” over other groups in America? Prez Davis, for example, conflates supremacy with sovereignty and endorses white supremacy.

The Alt-Right is far more interested in identity and nationalism than asserting white supremacy. I’ve written countless articles about the historical origins of Southern identity. I’m interested in white supremacy because I am an ethnonationalist and because historically it has played such an important role in the evolution of our identity, but it hardly follows that I believe in, say, the Curse of Ham, the Great Chain of Being or polygenesis. Racial discourse has continued to change over time as new information has come to light about biology and genetics. I don’t really believe in white supremacy anymore than chemists believe in phlogiston, biologists believe in spontaneous generation or astronomers believe in celestial spheres. It is not a mere “rebranding” either.

If Whites were “inferior” to all other races or were still on the same level of civilization as the most primitive tribes of Papua New Guinea, we would still be entitled to our own homelands because our claim is rooted in our separate identity and ethnic interests.

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  1. I remember this cuck Fred Reed writing a nasty farewell column at Takimag blasting the evil, racist Paleocon Commentariat at Takimag.

    • Because we let them in. Asians have higher average IQ’s and their societies are better than our based on some metrics but they don’t let anyone in, even other Asians.

      • Oriental societies are definitely NOT better than ours. They have poorly planned, overcrowded and heavily polluted cities where all the chinks have to wear masks just to go outside, while in the rural areas they have primitive mud villages with no electricity and still resort to cannibalism in times of famine.

        • Well there’s also Japan that has better infrastructure, healthcare, longer life expectancy, is working on robots just so they don’t have to import cheap labor, and still honors its WW2 dead.

          • Japan lacks many advantages to N. America and Europe.

            It is an intellectually stifling environment. It relies on adapting and perfecting western technologies, not developing our own.

          • I’m guessing their longer life expectancy is partly due to a monocultural society- where you have a feeling of unity and belonging, lack of division and ethnic crime plus the absence of excessive population growth and the pollution that goes with it. Japs don’t need to be racist, and don’t have an opinion about much- they don’t need to…..everyone around them are one of them.
            I would love to not have to be race concerned but every day I see things around me that make me that way- refugee crime, terrorism, ethnic drug syndicates, anti white violence, calls for Sharia law in MY country.
            All this stress will contribute to lower life expectancy of whites now and into the future.

        • The Chinese are big on bricks and tile. They live in villages with brick houses, fences and tile roofs. However, they have a communal brick shit house that dumps into the nearest convenient stream, and no electricity or plumbing. Only medium sized towns and larger have electricity and water supplies. I have a video on Chinese steam locomotives, and you can see it. Even power lines running past villages that have no electric light, to big towns that do.

    • Superior races are conductive to superior cultures. Inferior races invade those superior cultures, then ironically claim that they are equal to us. If they really were equal, they never would have had the need to leave their own culture as their equal race would have meant an equal culture and standard of living in their own country. So they enjoy OUR superior nations without admitting we’re a superior race to them.
      They want it both ways.

  2. Lev 20:11 And the man that lieth wit his father wife hath uncovered his father nakedness…THIS IS WHY CANAAN WAS CURSED

    • In no way should Bible curses be dissembled. It seems that Mr Wallace, may be a liberal, in the original sense, that is to say a little more generous and forgiving than might be expected… At least in one such example, “Formally…”

  3. Whites are clearly and demonstrably superior to the other races. And we had better start to reassert that superiority, else we shall be consumed by the rising brownish-yellow tide of subhumanity

  4. Mr Black of Stormfront, who is a Southern white person, states that he is against white supremacy much for the same reasons I repeatedly bring up here. “White supremacy,” if it means segregation would only be half-way there, and like Mr Black and I point out, if non-whites are in a majority white state, there is increased likeliness that during outbreaks of empathy or political turmoil—or simply plain old Nationalism, in which all groups within one state’s borders are pulled together—segregation may be once again ended.

    Most of the time, though, “white supremacy” is nothing more than an anti-white codeword, and I don’t think anti-whites should be taken seriously when they’re applying the term as a label…


    • I disagree, I like “Colonialism” and anyone who truly wants to see the world become a better place would have to agree that letting white nations divide up and administer the globe was far better for the natives than letting their own leopard skin capped despots run the places back into the jungle. Tell me, how is Burma, the former rice basket of SE Asia, better off under local crackpot kleptocrats than under the British? Would El Salvador have so much unlawfulness if Spain still ran the show? All the “white separatist homeland” stuff spouted is unrealistic. What needs to be done is get rid of so-called “democracy” an basically let tough, smart white men run the show, and when tit comes for tat, we get first dibs.

      • Sorry, but not interested. So-called White “supremacy” where we take up The White Man’s Burden is how we got ourselves into the mess we currently are in. One would think that, in surrendering our colonies, we of European stock would be allowed to drop The White Man’s Burden and kick it to the curb. Not so lucky. The colonized ended up following us back to our homelands, demanding to be “oppressed” with welfare benefits and endless coddling.

        Even in the United States, which had no colonies, White Flight left so-called people of color a completed turn-key First World infrastructure. And what happens? You have Black author, Rich Benjamin chasing every last White person down to find out where he is “In Search of Whiteopia.”

        I have spent many years wishing the thirteen colonies had made a point of sinking every slave ship in our harbors before ever allowing them to unload their cargoes on our shores. Now I wish that the Europeans had just stayed in Europe unless they were willing to exterminate the natives completely before settling in any land to which they ventured. Much easier that way.

  5. Asians are well known to be equal or above us in terms of intelligence and academic achievement. But they’re way beneath us with morality and compassion for say animals or homeless people. They’re disregard for animal suffering is shocking. Its only ever about them.
    Will they accept us as refugees if our nation’s are taken over by blacks or Muhammads? Nup. They only think of themselves.
    Whites are the superior race to others in more ways than one.

    • Asia is like a classroom of entirely A- B+ students. Absent are the Isaac Newtons that pop up amongst whites every now and come up with totally original solutions. I have the misfortune to work with Mainland reared Chinese, these men absolutely refuse to listen to anyone, total feudal mindset still.

    • East Asians are very good students of White culture, at least outwardly. But without our example their cultures would still be atrophying, pretty much the same as they were 1000 years ago or more.

    • They are not very creative. They are good at fine-tuning other’s creation. Lack of abstract, big picture thinking. Very technical, detail oriented.

      • Very well stated. When you factor in the White man’s powers of creativity, imagination and individuality we are superior to the Orientals.

    • You’re absolutely right, John. Asians might be equipped with equal IQ but they have no compassion with animals, a fact that degrades them in my eyes. I actually do not buy the myth about the Chinese standing “above us in terms of intelligence”. Having worked for many years as a university teacher in Sweden, where foreigners (many Chinese among them) could until 2005 study tuition free, I was able to get acquainted with the Chinese kind of IQ, morality and attitude towards animals. (This “human right” for foreigners in Sweden was revoked in 2004.)

      • The ching dings are buying up every farm, mansion and business in Australia and changing our culture. Chinese billionaire nationals are buying investment properties in our cities….out bidding the locals…..and then the homes sit empty as they’re so rich they don’t need rent money from tenents. They’re part of the reason todays young Australians- unlike previous generations- will never own their own homes in their own cities. The Chinese price them out.
        Does your average billionaire in China care about young Australians? Nup.

  6. The whole issue of racial superiority is a red herring. I don’t favour my family because I think they are superior in every way to any other family, I favour them because they are my family. Of course there are differences between different races because of the different environments we evolved in, but even if I viewed other races as superior to ours in every way I wouldn’t change my loyalty to my own.

  7. “White supremacy” is a derogatory jewish term. And we should never allow our enemies to define us. The alt-right is really more about White IDENTITY and PRIDE than any notions of supremacy. Unlike jews and Mohammedans alt-righters have no desire to conquer and enslave other people, we just want to live with other Whites in White-ruled societies.

    • “White supremacist” is an anti-White hate slur, notwithstanding the fact that our race is undeniably superior to all the others. Decades of anti-White propaganda and psychological warfare have cowed us into guilt, shame and self hatred, preventing us from asserting the truth.

  8. Whole Australian suburbs have been sent to welfare ques as a result of our manufacturing being offshored to Asia due to free trade agreements that were somehow meant to benefit us…all it did was help the Asians. They have no sense of whats right and wrong. They just aren’t like European people. They’re responsible for Africas wildlife becoming extinct, they skin dogs and cats alive, eat everything with wings except planes and anything with legs except tables. Also, China is now so polluted and over developed its hard to find a living creature anywhere…..except in the local zoo for the tourists to gawk at.
    They’re an intelligent, but heartless people who are not compatible with us.
    It certainly shouldn’t mean they have a right to invade us.

    • David Hines argument is that the broader definition is beneficial. Which is why I like the realism/iconoclasm/identity description of the alt-right.

  9. Outside the egalitarian context, “white supremacy,” liberally contrived, IS NOT EQUAL to white Supremacy as absolutely conceived.

    There is a Master Race BECAUSE “universal equality” IS FALSE

  10. ask a jew why is it that they always want to settle in great white civilizations: Romans, Prussians, British. . . . .it’s because jews are parasites and they can’t leech off Chinese or Africans.

  11. I think Reed is a doped up, drunked up pinhead. Anybody that doesn’t understand race in culture understands very little. But it does offer the chance to do the same phony moralizing that the left is so fond of.

  12. Wasted away again in Margaritaville,
    Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt.
    Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame,
    But I know it’s nobody’s fault.

    Don’t know the reason,
    Stayed here all season
    With nothing to show but this brand new tattoo.
    But it’s a real beauty,
    A Mexican cutie, how it got here
    I haven’t a clue.

  13. I consider Fred to be a friend of mine. He is very intelligent and perceptive and no lefty, but he is wrong about this. BTW, Fred’s natural daughters are both white. He is one of those guys who went through the kind of bitter divorce that one reads about on the Men’s Rights sites. He married a nice and intelligent middle aged Mexican woman with an equally nice and intelligent daughter, both of whom are Mexican, live in Mexico and intend to remain there. Fred lives in Mexico because he despises the modern United States.

    Fred is not Alt Right but he is pro Southern to the bone and strongly in favor of an independent South. I suspect he doesn’t think it is possible this late in the day.

  14. My mild defense of Fred appears to have been deleted by the Moderator, but I hope he will allow this: Fred’s natural daughters are both white, his grand daughter is white. His middle aged wife and her daughter are Mexican, live in Mexico and intend to remain there. Fred is not Alt Right, doesn’t think much of Richard Spencer and didn’t think much of Pres. Reagan, but he is not a Republicrat, lefty or cuckservative.

  15. Here is a question: when was the last time any journalist asked BLM if they believed in Black Supremacy? Or La Raza if they believed in Chicano/a Supremacy? Or…etc?

    The White Supremacy issue is something of a canard. It’s an attempt to divert the issue away from the real questions of White nationalism and White survival. But it also makes you ask, why are they so afraid of White Supremacy? Could it be that if enough White people are red pilled, there would be a revolution which would reclaim the Western world for the White race?

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