Alan Levinovitz: In Praise of Intolerance

H/T Rod Dreher

Over at Slate, Alan Levinovitz sounds like a cartoon character from the pages of Der Stürmer:

“In a somber speech to its board of trustees delivered on Feb. 21, Stanford University’s ex-provost John Etchemendy warned that intolerance is the greatest threat facing American universities today. Adding his voice to a growing bipartisan chorus, Etchemendy argued that liberal academics too often assume their opponents are evil or stupid, turning institutions of higher education into unproductive echo chambers instead of arenas for open debate. “Intellectual monocultures … have taken over certain disciplines,” he observed grimly. “The university is not a megaphone to amplify this or that political view, and when it does it violates a core mission.” …

Intolerant is an effective slur, but critics who deploy it fail to recognize that intolerance is often desirable. Something did go wrong at Middlebury, but it certainly wasn’t due to students’ intolerance. …

Accepting that intolerance is a force for good can be difficult. This is especially true for liberals, who now find themselves the target of a slur they were instrumental in weaponizing. …

White supremacists, creationists, and vaccine skeptics refer to their exclusion from higher education and mainstream media as a form of intolerance. And they’re right—academic institutions are intolerant of their views. Yet we can all agree that Stanford needn’t change its hiring practices. Those who strive to stamp out these dangerous views are intolerant, but justly so. …

Progress today depends, as it always has, on the refusal to tolerate falsehood and immorality. In certain circumstances proper intolerance will demand reasoned discourse; in others it will demand shouting and breaking the law. We may disagree about how to fight for what’s right, but that disagreement should come in the context of recognizing our proud participation in a long, necessary history of virtuous intolerance. Only then can we hope to defend truth unfettered by hypocrisy and self-contradiction.”

We’re willing to say all the things Rod Dreher is unwilling to say. I don’t care about the taboo on “anti-Semitism.” I’m willing to say that Alan Levinovitz is exactly the type of Jew that Kevin MacDonald was talking about in his book The Culture of Critique.

It’s simply true that every major culture producing institution in the United States – academia, the news and entertainment media, the judiciary – is under the sway of networks of Jewish activists who push certain narratives while repressing other ideas on the basis of ethnic self interest. Jews are massively overrepresented in these institutions and the effect of their presence is to refract our culture through a Jewish prism and distort it in ways the White majority finds undesirable.

Levinovitz goes on to say in another article that anti-Semites are basically correct:

“I won’t quit because my colleagues and I are part of a sacred order, bound to seek out and profess truth, no matter how complicated or unappealing that truth might be. …

Maybe you just don’t care. Having watched the presidential debates, I think it’s safe to say that proper argumentation isn’t the highest value for you and your colleagues. In fact, humanities professors like me work against many of your core values. Explaining the origin and persistence of creationist pseudoscience? Religion and philosophy. Shutting down racists and sexists who explain discrimination with “natural differences”? Anthropology and history. We can’t take all the credit, of course, but the fact that the arc of history seems to bend toward justice is due, at least in part, to the efforts of humanities scholars. …”

I will give Alan Levinovitz some credit for his testimony.

He’s making it easier for Daily Stormer to point out that Jews really are working against our core values. There really are these networks of Jewish zealots like Levinovitz in our universities who believe in “virtuous intolerance” and who are collectively poisoning our Christian culture.

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  1. “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”

    • Excellent summation of why these people were confined to ghettos for much of European history.

      • It paraphrases Hitler’s view of Equality and Struggle between groups in his Mein Kampf.

          • Quote from the Kampf…

            “The assumption of the equality of the races then becomes a basis for a similar way of viewing peoples and finally individual men. And hence international Marxism itself is only the transference, by the Jew, Karl Marx, of a philosophical attitude and conception, which had actually long been in existence, into the form of a definite political creed. Without the subsoil of such generally existing poisoning, the amazing success of this doctrine would never have been possible. Actually Karl Marx was only the one among millions who, with the sure eye of the prophet, recognized in the morass of a slowly decomposing world the most essential poisons, extracted them, and, like a wizard, prepared them into a concentrated solution for the swifter annihilation of the independent existence of free nations on this earth. And all this in the service of his race.”

  2. Levinowitz is just another jew engaging high verbal IQ gymnastics. One look at his ugly camel face reminds me of why I am proud to be fiercely anti-Semitic.

  3. Nice to see another one of our opponents cutting his throat with his own tongue.

    I also just want to say that when you’re talking with regular folks about the Jewish lobby, it’s often best to use stories like this one rather than drawn out intellectual arguments. All the stats in the world won’t stick in someone’s mind like a good story.

    That applies to all propaganda: always keep it simple, make sure it’s easy to understand, and make sure it invokes emotion. Political science is boring to most people. But a story they can tell their friends about? That’s a sure-fire hit.

    • After literal interpretations of creation stories in the Bible are abandoned and after Christian ethics are left behind these ignorant folks will adopt Social Darwinist views. Levinson will miss the kindler gentler whites.

  4. Progressive Immigration calls for Mass Migration of Enterprising Peoples to Poor Nations, Not to Rich Ones

    We are told that immigrants are a blessing for the national economy.

    In that case, progressive immigration should be like progressive taxation.

    Now, under progressive taxation, the lower classes pay little or nothing and instead receive much of the revenues.

    Likewise, under progressive immigration, poor nations should receive most of the blessing of immigration.

    We are told that more immigration will lead to more economic growth because immigrants are so hardworking, intelligent, motivated, and enterprising. They are wonders for any national economy.

    Well, rich nations don’t deserve such blessings since they are rich already. Why should they take in immigrants to make their big economies even bigger?

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    So, progressive immigration should bless the poorest nations with mass immigration. And since immigrants claim to be ‘progressive’ and ‘leftist’, they should want to help the poor than the rich. If immigrants say they want to go to nations that are already rich and help grow the economies, that’d be like helping the rich to become even richer. We don’t want that.

    We want all that immigrant energy and ingenuity to be used to help poor nations develop into richer ones.

    So, I think progressive immigration should be about sending most immigrants to the poorest nations where the new arrivals will use their skills and energy to grow their economies there. Why help rich nations grow richer? Why not help poor nations grow rich too?

    So, send all the Mexicans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and Africans to the poorest nations on Earth. Now, that is truly progressive in blessing the poorest nations with human capital of talent, spirit, and industry that will do wonders for the economies.

    And if the would-be immigrants are already in poor nations, they should summon their great spirit, intelligence, and skills to build their OWN economies. They should help expand the economy in their poor nations than go to rich nations to make the already rich even richer.


  5. and vaccine skeptics refer to their exclusion from higher education
    Note it isn’t a “denier”, but skeptics, and even if they bring scientific evidence to the table about problems they should still be denied a voice? (Vaccines that cause bad effects are limited to a vaccine kangaroo court – the only immunity is for big pharma).

    He didn’t mention climate skeptics.

    Whites defeat falsehoods with truth, bad ideas with good ideas, vice with virtue.

    By championing tolerance instead of truth or goodness, the left has opened itself up to unavoidable accusations of hypocrisy.

    But they don’t champion tolerance. See Milo @ Berkeley.

    Tolerance is championed in Christendom because we need to be sharpened by good arguments on “the other side” to determine what is true and good. At least at the margins.

    The left insists on acceptance – Tranny men with beards going into ladies rooms, forcing to cater to gay weddings, etc. This is the opposite of “tolerance”.

    But in any case, this guy is a bigot, if a high functioning one and one who engages in popular, politically correct bigotry.

  6. Initially I thought that Image was Gerry Adams crying about a dead Martin MacGuinness. How wrong I was.

  7. ‘It’s simply true that every major culture producing institution in the United States – academia, the news and entertainment media, the judiciary – is under the sway of networks of Jewish activists who push certain narratives while repressing other ideas on the basis of ethnic self interest. Jews are massively overrepresented in these institutions and the effect of their presence is to refract our culture through a Jewish prism and distort it in ways the White majority finds undesirable.’

    Nicely written.

    I will post this in an appropriate thread at Breitbart. Surprising how much they allow. Amren on the other hand…

  8. Doesn’t Levinovitz realize that huge numbers of ‘normies’ are sympathetic to Creationism, vaccine skepticism, and some minimal amount of white identity? It’s like he’s doing the red-pilling for us.

  9. Someone tell Dreher his rhetoric is lousy…. even when intended as irony you don’t refer to your side as Nazi, and that last bit about summoning demons from the right is tone deaf.

    Oh wait he’s cucking.

  10. Re the term “White Supremacist”:

    On one level this is an attempt by the other side to label various White, European and Nationalist movements as something which we are to assume is very, very bad, to wit, supremacy. This moves the discussion away from the real issue, which is the survival and flourishing of White peoples.

    Compare this to how the “mainstream” media and academia promote Black Lives Matter. Do they refer to BLM as a “black supremacist” organization? Consider all the mainstream hoopla over Spencer’s “Hail” salute at the NPI conference. In contrast, has there ever been any mainstream uproar over BLM leaders using the clenched fist of black power/communist revolutionaries?

    So there’s a double standard.

    But on another level this plays in favor of Nationalists. There are many people who will support the most extreme tendency in a movement. In a sense, the mainstream is doing the agitprop work for nationalism by broaching ideas which most Nationalists do not specifically promote. Many people out there will be attracted to Nationalist websites to see what the extremists are really like. And at this point, they will encounter some mighty fine articles, videos and satire which will rally them behind various Nationalist movements.

    There’s an opportunity here for some intellectual judo.

    • I m afraid the only Jew aware Pro White Christians are in Russia and Eastern Europe.

      There are none in Jerusalem or at the top of the American Catholic Church , Southetn Baptists or LDS Mormon Churches these days.

  11. I want my freedom from the people like him.

    That said I’m all for eugenics and the pro-choice idiots are my unwitting allies.

  12. “Proper intolerance” sounds just like something an anti-White Jew would come up with to justify White Genocide.

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