GQ: The Case For Being A Cuck

According to GQ, women find submissive cucks highly desirable:

“If you are totally unfamiliar with the term cuck and are wondering why someone just ALL CAPS SHOUTED that you are one on Twitter, well, it’s the alt-right’s favorite insult for men who are not members of the alt-right. The term is derived from porn, wherein white husbands watch their wives or girlfriends have sex with (generally) black men. If you wonder why the prospect of your wife having sex with another man would be more humiliating if that man were black, well, congratulations; you’re not a racist. …

If you’re a cuck, that means you’re doing something that indicates you have basic human empathy. Maybe you suggested that women should be able to make reproductive choices for themselves. Maybe you stood up for a member of a religious minority. Maybe you helped make sure a kid got to a bathroom they felt comfortable in.

Any one of those is the action of a man who cares about people. The action of a cuck who also seems like he might be someone we’d have mutually satisfying sex with. And also maybe someone to marry and raise little cucks with, if interests align and things work out down the road.

You know what men described as cucks used to be called? Decent. Desirable. Thoughtful. Kind. If those qualities now qualify as an insult, then the problem isn’t with them. It’s with America.”

This is what they really want in romance novels though:

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  1. I was intrigued by the line from the quote that stated : “Maybe you stood up for a member of a religious minority”. Is that a religious minority, or a (((religious minority)))?
    On a side note, George Washington, George Rogers Clark, Stonewall Jackson, and Nathan Bedford Forrest were alpha males. Basically every numale in political office or the emdia in present day America would be intimidated to stand in the presence of the previously mentioned four great Amerikaners.

  2. Prefer BBW? as in big beautiful (morbidly obese) woman?

    Also “cuck” is from old English “cuckold” where a man would unknowingly (hey, no one in my or your family has red hair) raise a child from his wife’s adultery. It isn’t from the “porn” (at least not normally). The ACA was Obamacare’s brainchild, but Paul RINO and Mitch McCuckold kept funding it.

    If you’re a cuck, that means you’re doing something that indicates you have basic human empathy., no it means you are stupid or naive, and a good mark for any confidence artist that comes along.

    It also means you prefer to be beaten to a pulp by following the rules, against those who don’t follow any rules.

  3. Yeah, GQ forgot to mention exactly what cucks are desirable for.

    Hint: it ain’t sex.

    Buying their drinks in a bar.
    Watching the kid(s) while she goes out to find a guy to bang.
    Buying things for her, especially things for her to wear to go out and find a fuck buddy.

  4. Brad, I met a cuck who would literally pee sitting down! And he asked his male guest to sit while peeing. I told him that I refused and peed on his tires while standing.

  5. The type of woman who likes “cucks” is what Tom Leykis calls “Attention Whores” they love to collect a bunch of “cucks” and get them to lavish them with gifts and attention. But when these women are having sex, the “cuck” is no where to be found, instead “somehow” a “jerk” ends up in their beds. My sister told a story of this woman in her click of in laws who had some dude she had no interest in waste his whole inheritance on her. The story made it sound like the guy was the villain forcing all these gifts on that woman against her will, however, you know damn well she went out of her way to lead the poor fool on until every last penny was gone and then suddenly had no more use for the guy.

  6. I see the word “empathy” bandied about by such males. Invariably, it is used in reference to hostile groups: dysfunctional inner city demographics, invaders posing as refugees, and mobs chanting “Kill the Boer!” i.e., the very groups which will in the long run slaughter the emphatic males and thereby take possession of their females. The empathy lasts as long as the lives and/or freedom of such males, which often is not very long in historical terms.

    Behind the “empathy” is a sucking up to the latest trendy cause. “Religious minority” does not mean Christians being persecuted in Islamist lands (or for that matter, in secular Western countries). It means Muslims, who are a powerful force in much of the world, including cities such as London. The emphatic male is subordinating himself to the groups showing “alpha” qualities via terrorizing Whites on the streets, overrunning European frontiers, and burning cities such as Malmo. i.e., emphatic males place themselves quite low on the feeding chain. Perhaps they hope that by carrying water for assorted dominant invader demographics that females will, on occasion, notice them.

    At the same time, there is little to no empathy for the displaced
    White American working class, or Europeans cut down by alien terrorists in the
    streets of their ancestors, or Afrikaners who come to a grisly end at
    the hands of ANC minions.

    It’s a weird psychology.

    “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide” — James Burnham

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