Thot Breana Talbott’s Gang Rape Was A Race Hoax

It turns out Breana Talbott is the White equivalent of Sharmeka Moffitt:

“An 18-year-old girl has admitted to faking her own kidnapping and gang-rape, just two weeks after she went missing and then bizarrely showed up at a church bloodied and barely clothed.

Denison, Texas Police released a statement on Wednesday, saying that Breana Harmon Talbott had confessed to officers that the whole ordeal was a hoax.

She has since been arrested and charged with making a false report to a peace officer, a misdemeanor. …

‘We believe the crime scene – from the initial “kidnapping” scene at the apartment complex to the point of Talbott’s condition when she walked into the church – were staged,’ Police Chief Jay Burch said.

On Tuesday, Talbott copped to police that she staged the hoax and that her wounds were self-inflicted. …”

We were duped by a race hoax!

Note: The full statement from the Denison Police Department can be found here.

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  1. So, why even put this on a White site? Is it to somehow show that this site or Whites in general try to be fair? I can’t ever remember a non-White site going against its particular type of non-Whites to be fair.

    • I personally appreciate it because it shows genuine integrity in reporting. Quite the opposite of someone like, say, Alex Jones, who I got tired of very quickly when I realized he had none.

      I can see though how it might potentially harm the brand if it happened too often. But one “oops” every so often shouldn’t mean a loss of credibility, if it was an honest mistake.

        • Never tell the truth if the truth helps our enemies against us. We need to be more cunning now that we have existential enemies trying to wipe us out. And, sometimes saying nothing is better than saying something.

          • Possibly the dumbest advice I’ve heard in a long time. So in your twisted mind other people will never know the truth unless you tell them?

            What helps “our enemies” even more than us telling the truth when it might help them is to tell a lie or withhold the truth and have it come out that your enemy was the only one telling the truth.

          • How about you go right into the Blackest neighborhood you can find and tell the truth about Blacks and how you feel about them. Let us know how it turns out.

            Telling the truth is not always a great virtue. If it can cause you or Whites to be in danger, why would you tell the truth?

            We simply have to get beyond the false morality that is helping us be destroyed. Ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

          • I lived in some the blackest neighborhoods in Memphis, smart guy. I was known as “the White boy” in a few neighborhoods, because I was pretty much the only White guy around. I didn’t hesitate to speak my mind, but I obviously was not completely as aware about the black propensity for crime as I am today. There was a time when I could watch some of the crime shows where Memphis was showcased, and I’d recognize more people than I’d like to admit.

            Lying is not good for White people. It’s about the only real powerful weapon we have to wield against anti-Whites. All it takes is one time to show how you’ve lied and manipulated to make that weapon almost useless.

          • One of the digs I’ve often heard about White people is that far too many of us are simply not clever and don’t put our own interests first. Such Whites will often take the side of non-Whites against Whites. I think this is often because such Whites don’t understand that the struggle we are in is not for niceness or “truth” or democracy or particular religious beliefs or cultural things–the stuggle we are in is biological. We are in a struggle for our very survival as White people. That’s what matters to me. That’s what informs me.

            A non-White may be a terrible person, but he or she is White and has White genes that can be passed on no matter how terrible he or she is. A non-White can be a great person, but does not have White genes and thus is a zero as far as making more Whites–which this planet needs desperately.

        • The difference between integrity and deceit: You own up to our embarrassments while our enemies flush theirs down the Memory Hole.

    • So you don’t cite the case in an argument and look like a retard when someone finds out it was a hoax.

  2. Thanks for the follow up. Honesty when we have been hoaxed is not something one ever gets from the (((MSM))). I cannot help but wonder what her bizarre motivation to stage this deal was. I felt really sorry for her back when I read the initial story.

  3. Perhaps she should use the Dan Rather defense and say, “Yes, but something like this certainly could have happened.”

  4. This is why we should’t have lynchings in a non-fronteir setting where we have capable investigators. Capable investigators also does not qualify the quacks in West Memphis who couldn’t solve a child murder case and blamed it all on some local Metallica High School fans in the quack cops bizarre “Satanic Conspiracy” view of the world. Took almost 20 years to get those kids out of jail and the murder went unsolved.

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