Sam Dickson: 100th Anniversary of US Entry into WWI

Sam Dickson, the keynote speaker of the first Atlanta Forum, was recently interviewed on Red Ice Radio to discuss how the USA was lured into World War I and the disastrous consequnces of that war. He talked about the promising situation for the West prior to the war, the Balfour Declaration, how American interests were sold out, the transition from a European republic to a proposition nation, how the UK lost its empire, how US and UK leaders helped create the Soviet Union, etc.

Click here for the Red Ice Interview

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  1. Getting the US involved in the Great War was a catastrophe. The jews dragged us into that conflict on Britain’s side after the British agreed to capture Palestine from the Turks and hand it over to the Zionists. If the US stayed out of WWI it would have ended in a truce or a stalemate and there never would have been a Second World War. Millions of lives would have been saved and Imperial Germany would not have fallen. But the jews certainly would not have wanted that!

  2. For getting the United States into World War One, and for erecting the jury-rig small-F fascist apparatus to force that decision down the country’s collective throat, Woorow Wilson is the worst President this country has ever had.

  3. “The Unnecessary War”, IMO Pat Buchanan’s best book, offers the very believable thesis that both of these genocidal wars could have been avoided. This centennial should be one of mourning and resolve never to make war again on fellow White populations.

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