Yesterday’s Radicalism Is Today’s Mainstream

Owen Strachan has a new article in The Federalist on how White men are flocking to the Alt-Right:

“Various journalists have helped form a narrative of sorts about the identity of this shadowy, boisterous alt-right movement. The alt-right is childish and vicious, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing other than the message-board histrionics of aggrieved young men in their parents’ basement. …

I do wonder, however, if the media has missed at least one true thing regarding the “alt-right.” The movement (if we can call it that) may often prove inchoate and even inarticulate, but behind the memes and coded language, there seems to be a massed sentiment. It is this: men feel left behind. …

Others see men struggling, observe them falling precipitously behind in earning college degrees and other achievements such as earnings for unmarrieds, watch them leaving their wives and children then violently lashing out, and begin to wonder if men need something besides elaborate gender theory or a dismissive long-form hot-take. Maybe men, particularly young men, need help. …

Because it is not friendly to them, many men do not like postmodern society. They have been taught they have no innate call to leadership of home and church, and accordingly have lost the script for their lives. They have been encouraged to step back from being a breadwinner, and do not know what they are supposed to do with their lives.

They have been told that they talk too loudly and spread their legs too wide, and thus do not fit in with a feminized society. They may be the product of a divorced home, and may have grown up without an engaged father, so possess both pent-up rage and a disappearing instinct. They did nothing to choose their biological manliness, but are instructed to attend sensitivity training by virtue of it. They recognize—rightly—that politically correct culture constrains free thought and free speech, and so they opt out from it. …

But here is where the common narrative of the alt-right and related groups makes a major mistake. Men are disappearing, but they are not vanishing. They are moving out of the mainstream, and into the shadows. …

But men need a deeper solution than this. They need something more than a message-board movement to join. They need a call to maturity, to repentance, to greatness, to leadership, to courage, to self-sacrifice on behalf of women and children. They need a hero: not a political performance-artist, but a true hero, a savior who, unlike a fallen culture, leaves no repentant man—or woman—behind.”

Here are a few thoughts:

1.) Just to clarify, we’re really talking about cisgendered, straight non-Hispanic White men here. Jewish men, Hispanic men, Asian men, black men and homosexual men aren’t facing the same situation. These people have greater opportunities than they enjoyed in the past.

2.) I’ve reviewed Marilyn Yalom’s A History of The Wife, Stephanie Coontz’s Marriage, a History and Andrew Cherlin’s The Marriage-Go-Round. To put this in perspective, there have been more sweeping changes in marriage, sex, the family, the status of women and gender identity in the last fifty years than in the previous two thousand years of Western history.

3.) The mass immigration of non-Whites into Europe and North America is similarly an unprecedented phenomenon. It can only be compared to the incursions of the Arabs, Turks and Mongols and even those invasions don’t do justice to the magnitude of the cultural and demographic changes sweeping across the West. Unlike the predicament we are facing today, those invasions were bitterly resisted by premodern Europeans. They weren’t welcomed and encouraged by a feminized leadership.

4.) There was no such thing as the “mainstream” until around 1960. In order to be “mainstream,” your behavior has to conform to a moral code which didn’t exist a century ago. It is a secular catechism created by radicals and propagated by a cartel of mass media outlets.

5.) Christianity has been twisted in all sorts of ways to conform to the dominant narratives of the “mainstream.” We live in a country where Lutherans denounce Martin Luther!

6.) Around the mid-20th century, the people who had previously been identified as radicals and who were confined to the margins of our culture began to break into the elite and succeeded in hijacking culture producing institutions. In many cases, they were at the forefront of pioneering new forms of media like film. Eventually, what used to be known as the counter-culture became “mainstream” culture, and what used be normal, healthy attitudes were stigmatized as “fringe.”

7.) As Thomas Carlyle would say, the White male is now invited to observe the ruins of his own culture which has been reduced to “mere mountains of anarchic rubbish.” We’re invited “to sing Fraternity, &c. over it, and rejoice in the now remarkable era of human progress we have arrived at.” If you dare to hold a contrary view on these developments and deny any of the new sacred -isms and -phobias, you are excommunicated from the “mainstream.”

8.) The Alt-Right doesn’t consider any of this progress. On the contrary, we see it as a decline. The family unit has been demolished. It has been replaced by abortion, divorce and ugly women with loose morals wearing pink pussy hats. We’re being invaded by millions of foreigners because our elites want to dissolve our borders. We have a culture that is collapsing because it is being pulverized by networks of subversive elements who have infested our media and universities.

9.) There are millions of White males who want nothing more than to live a quiet, peaceful, normal, healthy life. You can’t do that and expect to be “mainstream” these days. The costs of the catastrophic breakdown we experienced in the mid-20th century are mounting by the day. A crisis is looming.

10.) Finally, I will just say that I am trying to cut the “mainstream” out of my life and recommend that others do the same. It took me a long time, but I found a nationalist wife who shares my values. We have a family now. I have used social media to network with likeminded people who reject the “mainstream.” I now have lots of friends who share my values. I use social media to attack the “mainstream” and so many people appreciate my voice on these issues that I am gradually becoming economically independent of the “mainstream.” Whether it is compromised churches, public schools, politicians or the fake news media, we are rejecting the “mainstream” in favor of alternatives.

The “mainstream” is dying from a thousand cuts. Good riddance!

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  1. When you exile white hetero-cis-men, even virtually, don’t expect them to just sit in refugee camps. They will join the resistance and insurrection.

  2. “It took me a long time, but I found a nationalist wife who shares my values. We have a family now.”

    Good for you man but not everyone can be so lucky. In one of the previous posts everyone’s bashing Fred Reed for being a race traitor while ignoring the fact that in 2017 there’s like 5 good, single white girls left. It doesn’t help that many of us were born in liberal parts of the country and have no way to assimilate into the kind of culture that exists in Alabama.

    • Just find a girl that doesn’t really follow politics. They will generally mirror whatever your political ideas are. Most white girls that aren’t liberals are racist as f*#k too, not philosophically racist like the alt-right, but rather something more primal.

    • It sounds like you’re in a difficult position, but don’t give up just yet. There are always other options:

      1. If I remember correctly, you’re an ethnic Russian, right? If so, you could always start working on moving to Eastern Europe. I know a second generation American who did this and he seems to be way happier.

      2. Go with what Chadwick said and find a politically neutral girl.

      • I am, I’ll be going to Russia for the first time ever in May. I’ll see how things are there. Better late than never.

    • What “culture”? White hating ~ you should be ashamed and on your knees begging forgiveness for being born white? Oh and the ultimate PE no. 1 a MAN too? Wow, did you realize you’re a pos? Is it THAT culture?

  3. The mainstream is after all just a culvert with a left bank and a right bank artificially designed to push water through an area at maximum speed. It can only accept so much water before it bursts and flows elsewhere.

  4. there have been more sweeping changes in marriage, sex, the family, the status of women and gender identity in the last fifty years than in the previous two thousand years of Western history.

    A related issue is that the constant promotion of LGBTQYZ nonsense has caused a lot of young men to feel uncomfortable developing emotional ties to other men. Straight men are worried that, if they do care about other men, they’ll be thought of as gay.

    This is an immense problem for two reasons: 1) Comradery breeds victory 2) Comradery is immensely rewarding. Loving someone as a friend – not because you are sexually interested in them or were born in the same family – is a wonderful life experience. It can very often feel like finding a long lost family member.

  5. Why does Owen Strachan think the “Alt-Right” is wrong? He says the “Alt-Right” is a result of the rejection of a substantial section of the population of men, but his “solution” is to tell them to stop complaining on the internet and to be saintly men. That is the distillation of “conservative” hypocrisy. Men are raised as Christians, rejected by the mainstream for adhering to their upbringing, and then attacked for having the temerity to go online and point out that the “conservative” movement has been more or less fraudulent. Aspiration to heroic virtue is a fine thing, let’s never forget that victory means more than going out in a “blaze of glory.” It means bringing these people down, permanently.

  6. They won’t be flocking here if you let these strange “jew baiting” articles filled with cartoon character money lenders straight from the basest 3rd Reich pamphlets get posted here. I know you want to increase your content, but quality still needs to come first. A corporation releasing one bad product can kill a slowly earned good reputation in an instant. (phones that catch fire) No one in America is going to be converted from seeing cartoon character Jews, unlike the blacks, Americans are pretty unfamiliar with Jews and their baggage and just don’t get it unless they are already in the choir.

  7. 1.) Just to clarify, we’re really talking about cisgendered, straight non-Hispanic White men here. Jewish men, Hispanic men, Asian men, black men and homosexual men aren’t facing the same situation. These people have greater opportunities than they enjoyed in the past.

    Brilliant Analysis Hunter but I would insert here that all Non-Straight Non-White Christian males supposedly INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES are merely faccets of Jewish Supremacism. If there were NO JEWS ON PLANET EARTH, the Negroes would be back to where they were in 1860 in a couple years.

    Often overlooked by many Southern Nationalists was Sam Houston’s speech in 1860 where he laid out the facts that the entire Abolition Movement was actually being funded from (((ENGLAND))) old Sam didn’t really know it was (((Chosenites))) living in England doing it. Thus although British foreign policy and economic policy in and of itself was more supportive of the Confederacy, the Elders of Zion in the CITY were using the conflict for their own aims. I actually believe the Elders of Zion selected Lincoln because he was cartoonishly buffoonish as an embarrassment to the USA just like they selected Obama, only they killed Lincoln once they were through with him so that they could avoid prosecutions or investigations into the conduct of the war

    We see the same thing going on these days.

    • As a pro-Southern jew, I call b.s. on your post. In his wisdom, Jeff Davis included Judah Benjamin as a member of his inner circle/cabinet. It was only *after* the War btw the States that Benjamin’s suggestion that the blacks be emancipated in order to *fight* for the South. Instead as Sec. of State Eli Evans would recall: :“The South chose to go down in defeat with the institution of slavery intact.” Maybe if they *had* emancipated the slaves, *WE* would have won. But that’s water under the bridge.

  8. Thanks for posting the link to Owen’s article, I left a short rejoinder to the cuckness that it is.

    And no I did not wander off into the weeds of essaydom about my brilliant ideology that all must agree with or you must be a joooooooo.

    Join the alt-right and be a man.

  9. A picture of White men pledging allegiance to the flag that brought them to this low point is not really inspiring.

  10. One of the many reasons I’ve read OD for so many years. You find and fisk these things and add insightful commentary. Typical Churchian heresy and a point-by-point take down. Thank you for your work.

  11. Radical:

    Heterosexual / pro-family
    Chivalrous & Patriotic
    STD free
    Proud of one’s heritage and concerned for one’s progeny
    Pro Christian west
    Not a whiny little bitch victim

    A world in which these things are radical and extremist is really screwed up.

  12. To break Jewish power you have to break Jewish money. I believe Hilaire Belloc made this point. He said something along the lines that when their money runs out that people grow tired of them quickly.

  13. I’ve been talking to normies at work about point 10 in this article, and everyone seems to have gotten on board with the fact that they can’t trust mainstream news outlets, commercials and sitcoms are anti-white, anti-straight male propaganda, and that it’s best to use trusted internet sites along with social media to get actual non-fake news. These people aren’t even alt-lite but they get it. The mainstream is thankfully dying.

  14. The cis gender phrasing shit really lost you all cred. You are the past. A failed idelogy of a fake world outlook.

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